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Holding My Dreams With An Open Hand


“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

I wonder if sometimes God’s dreams for us are “lower” than we think.

“God-sized dreams” might be small, and tucked in, and quiet. Sometimes it’s easier to think that “God-sized dreams” mean big dreams, our dreams, the things that are exciting and appealing and out “there.”

I’ve often wrestled with the phrase, “God-sized dreams” because I don’t understand what it means. God-sized? Dreams? What does that even mean?

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  • Pablo

    God can do abundantly more than we can imagine but usually does what we need which in our eyes can appear at first unimportant and very basic..

  • Beth Williams

    God-sized dreams can be anything He chooses.  We just need to be open-handed and hearted to doing or going where He leads us!

    I’m ready for just about anything He can throw at us.

  • http://staceydaze.blogspot.com/ Stacey

    I think so many people go with the idea that “God-sized” dreams are ginormous and huge and impacting lots and lots of people. Maybe… myabe a God-sized dream is US. Right where we are doing the best we can? So, if that means changing diapers for a season, or speaking to groups of women, writing a book or writing a blog… we just do what He sets in front of us? I do know this has been something I have struggled with in both directions, to be quite honest.

  • http://profiles.google.com/csigler7 Michelle Sigler

    I struggle with the opposite sometimes. I feel like I’m inadequate because I don’t have a dream. I have no lifetime goal or big dream I want to do. My main goal in life is just to raise my four children to love and serve the Lord with all their hearts. Beyond that, is just not important. I honestly just have nothing else I want to do. That is “big enough” for me. But is it “big enough” for God? It’s definitely not “big enough” for the world’s view (not that I care). Even though I know in my heart of hearts that being a mom is THE most important job and it’s what I was born to be, I still sometimes feel kind of “lowly” and lazy, like I should have a dream…. I should be wanting more. Maybe someday, He will reveal something more in His plan for me… but for now, I will just strive to do the ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

  • Robin

    Oh Sarah, what a beautiful heart you have.  Precious you are living the dream right now.  Living in the land and allowing God to bring and subtract from your life.  What a beautiful heart you have!!

  • Michelle

    I am right there with you Sarah. I think this is a wonderful and beautiful season, being hidden and tucked in, allowing the “seeds” we’ve planted to germinate. Our families need us and we need them. And if we are so blessed to have a choice to spend more time with them, then choose on! And may we be gracious enough to live fully in the present, with them, with Jesus.

  • Beret

    I’ve been dealing with the same thing, although my kids are a few years older than yours, they are all still at home. God has gradually given me more opportunities for expanding my horizons outside of home, (I recently launched a quilt pattern website) but I’m constantly trying not to get ahead of Him. Sometimes it’s just a matter of pacing ourselves when the kids are young, it’s not a matter of “if” we should pursue our dreams, but “when”. The world definitely tempts us to put our “dreams” ahead of our families, but that time really does go by so quickly, there will be plenty of time later. My opportunites have come sooner than I would have expected, for which I am grateful, but realize this also puts some responsibility on me to pace myself…

  • Danae Doyle

    Sarah Mae, I can hardly tell you how your post impacted me today. My heart has been heavy asking these same questions, but I was so discouraged, left in a mixture of conviction and condemnation. Your post has encouraged me so very much, you spoke truth where I was lost in confusion.
    You are not alone in these questions, I’ve wondered and pondered on these things to a point of obsession. Yesterday I sat down to read my Bible and pray, aching for God to still my thoughts and speak to me, to focus my heart on Him. I turned to Psalm 37 and soaked in these verses. Your post today confirmed what is in my heart, to be faithful in the small things, delighting myself in the Lord, trusting that He gives and will give the desire of my heart as I find joy and peace in His steadfastness, His sovereign grace governing each day of my life, his love directing and ordering each step.
    Thank you for sharing your questions, struggle, and processing as well as God’s truth that you have been pointed to and cling to. So thankful that I read this today!!!

  • http://beautifuljourneyblog.com/ Arielle Elise

    just found your blog not to long ago and i truly love it! i am so excited to have found it and i can’t wait to read more….your writing is a blessing!

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