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Have You Had Any Cringe-Worthy Moments?

My friend had just given birth to her first baby, and a tiny one at that.

Little Viv was a preemie, but such a cutie, and was finally home in the arms of her mama. I took a meal over to the family, chili and some fresh baked bread. I had no children at this point, and was so excited for my friend, I had a million questions. And I wanted to see the baby room! We sat down in her living room and she was trying to nurse, but was having a difficult time. I kept blabbering on about who-knows-what, asking questions, and looking around, while she was being polite and gracious but trying to focus on getting her baby to eat – which the baby would not do. I don’t know when I finally stopped talking and left, but looking back, I can’t believe my friend didn’t say to me, “Sarah, can we chat later? I need to nurse Viv now.” But she didn’t do that; her kindness covered my poor etiquette.

I really had no idea how inconsiderate I was being that day. I would never do that to a mama now unless she asked me to stay and chat.

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  • Piper

    Beautiful necklace!!

  • Laura

    I’m guessing that the tiny Viv was mine?? It took MONTHS for the two of us to get that nursing thing down. That’s how I know it must have been me. 😉 I wouldn’t have known it from the rest of the story though! All I remember is feeling so great that you stopped by to visit. And I remember that you complimented me on looking so good so soon after her birth. I felt like a million bucks. As far as I was concerned, you could have stayed and chatted all day if that’s what you were chattin’ about! 😉  I think the grace was coming my way that day. Thanks for being you.

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