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A Story About My Husband, a Truck, and Saying No to Pizza

The night he came home with the truck

My husband has been dreaming of having a truck since I married him nine years ago. He not only loves the idea of having a truck, but it is actually quite practical for a handyman like my man.

But alas, we had no money to spare for a truck. We shared our used van and a motorcycle my dad gave to him as a gift early in our marriage. We lived on about $300 a month for groceries for our growing family of five, and every spare penny went to paying off school loans and collecting homeschooling supplies.

Did I mention my husband cut up all my credit cards when we got married? Oh, yes he did.

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  • http://www.indueseason.net skottydog

    I love this story!   We are debt-free but the home as well, and hope to be able to do these sorts of things in the coming years!

    We paid cash for a 1999 Buick LeSabre a couple of years ago because we had to replace our existing car at the time.  But that’s not nearly as exciting as your wife tapping you on the shoulder and handing you the keys to a vehicle that you actually WANT to own!

    What a fantastic “We Paid Cash” story!

  • Mrs. C

    Awesome story!  My hubby is much the same, keeping us on track, paying everything off as fast as possible.  No credit cards!  The hours he worked in overtime, the penny pinching, frugal choices, it’s all been worth it.  Way to go…blessing your hard-working husband like that!  That’s incredible, what a tremendous gift!!!

  • Beth Williams

    Great story!  My parents never had much money and they taught me the value of saving and budgeting.  When we married I kinda took over the money issues.  He was used to buying whatever grocery wise and not thinking about how much he spent.  I cured that!

    For a while we used the COD method for all payments: groceries, gas, etc.  We ha envelopes in a safe box and when we wanted some money we took it out of that category.  Through diligence we paid off our house, bought me a car with cash and trade-ins. 

    Now we use credit cards for everything, but don’t buy anything big until we have the money in savings to allow a certain amount left over. 

  • http://danisejurado.com/ Danise Jurado

    Beautiful story! It is truly amazing what God can do when we are self disciplined… sounds like you are very blessed to have a wonderful man who knows that.  I think it is so awesome that you were able to give him one of his heart’s desires, his truck.  Blessings!

  • http://www.astoryofgrace.com/ Janelle

    God’s blessings abound.

    God bless,

  • ShellyB

    I love this story and can totally relate to it now being married only 3 months this week 🙂

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