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For Those Who Are Hurting Today

“You know your grandfather is dead, right?”

That’s how she told me that my grandfather, the one who hung the moon in my world, had died. It was March 7, 1988. I was eight years old. A ball of flames had swallowed my grandfather up when his P51 Mustang “Dolly” crashed in the mountains.

“I know.” I said, but I didn’t really know. I knew he had been missing and my grandmother had been crying, but he was fine. He wasn’t in a thousand pieces on some mountain where he stayed undiscovered for days.

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  • Beth W

    It is often hard to admit that a loved one has died & is no longer with us–that we will never ssee them again until we reach Heaven!  They may be missing, not around, but we make up lies to tell ourselves.

    The honesty of children can be brutal, but sometimes it’s just what we need to hear & tell ourselves!

    Praying for you & all those hurting today!

  • Katrina M

    Hugs to you today, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing this and for your heart for the little ones hurting today. May they especially feel the peace of Jesus.

  • Us2walls

    So sad, Sarah.  Grandpa’s who “hung the moon” are not easy to find.  I’m thankful you have memories.  

  • Rachel

    So sorry about the loss of your grandfather, how hard that must have been…

    All I could think about the picture is how much your oldest daughter looks like you!!! How precious that is!

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