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Can You Be Best Friends With Your Children?

“Mommy, pleeeease let me stay in bed with you?”

It was past 10pm and she needed to get into her own bed, it was already so late. But those eyes and that smile and these moments, I want to live in them because I know they’ll go before I know it.

Besides, she was wide awake.

“Okay, come on, get in.”

We snuggle and giggle; she’s a ham and she makes me laugh out loud. We talk and pray, and I hold her soft, little hand. She tells me the best parts of her day, and the worst parts. I listen. She asks me questions about life and God. She’s a thinker, and I love it. I love discussing faith with her, and I love how she challenges me (I’m pretty sure children ask harder questions than atheists). I’m so glad I let her stay with me.

Read my thoughts on whether or not parents and children can be best friends over at (in)courage today

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  • Sbelle

    I can so relate!  I love snuggling up with my daughter in the evening or in the morning when she comes to my room upon wakening.  It is such a beautiful time that I treasure, because, like you said, these moments don’t last forever.

    My children are like my little best friends, and I pray that we can be best friends like my mother and I are when they become adults.

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