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Do You Struggle With LBS? (The Reboot Day 10)

Are your clothes wrinkled from sitting in the basket after coming out of the dryer? Do you have a hard time getting your clothes from the basket to the closet and drawers? Has your laundry basket become the go-to place for clean clothes?

If so, my friend, you may be suffering from what I call LBS – Laundry Basket Syndrome.

And girl, you’ve got to get a hold of this problem and nip it in the bud!

I know, because this is what I do. I put the laundry in, get it clean and dry, and then I put it in the laundry basket saying, “I’ll get that later.” But I never do. A few days go by and we’re living out of the laundry basket, but the shirt I want to wear is wrinkled. Since I don’t like to iron, I just find something else and the cycle continues. I usually just end up washing all the clothes again because they get dumped out and I don’t know what’s clean or dirty anymore.

Clearly, this is a super bad habit, and I’d really like to quit it. I want to kick LBS to the curb! How about you?

If so, read on…

Today’s Challenges

Mary Challenge: Read Galatians 6:9 – what is the reward for persevering? As you’re doing laundry today, think about this verse.

Martha Challenge: See how many loads of laundry you can do today, but do not move on to the next load until the first is put away!

What is your biggest laundry challenge?

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  • ShoppingTipsAndTricks

    Definitely folding! Washing & Drying are easy! 😉 

  • Juli

    Thank goodness someone else does this.  A full basket of clean laundry has become a permanent fixture in my back hallway.  I put it there as a REMINDER that I need to fold it, but then I just step over it.  You’re right.  It’s a simple matter of self-discipline and I need to break the habit.

    With regard to ironing, I can’t stand it, either, but I figured out a way to coax myself to do it.  I set up the board in my bedroom, turn on some music, light a scented candle and I iron/sing/bop around every Wednesday.  I almost actually look forward to it.  Almost. 

    Thanks for the post!

  • Lisa

    Oh No!!! I have LBS. Right now I have three baskets full of clean clothes. I will be taking care of those first thing this morning.

  • Nicole Salmons

    I hang up most of our clothes, b/c of this problem. I have no issues with washing, drying, folding..its the putting away part that I detest. 

  • thecoffeecottage

    I am also in the process of accepting that, with six children, it is not possible to have the traditional “wash day”. This is a cycle that never ends, and will not wait for one day a week (unless I like the smell of soiled stuff in a basket, which I do not). Leaving laundry in the baskets most definitely DOES happen here,  but I have found a somewhat decent solution: Hanging wash out on the line, just like the many Amish ladies living around me do. Not only is it economical, but the clothes will wait while drying without wrinkles, it smells so good and while it takes a little more work on the uptake, I find it completely worth it.

  • Samantha LaFountain

    We do sometimes end up in this rut.  With six people worth of clothes I do a lot of laundry but if I stay on my system it’s all good.  I wash and dry and pile up 4-6 loads of clean laundry, then I fold it all at once, takes about an hour – while I watch an episode of a favorite tv show after the kids are in bed, then we put it away in the morning, each child putting their own things away.  I do need to get better about hanging my husband’s work clothes for him.  It only takes a min but for some reason it is the one part of laundry I procrastinate on.

  • Jeri

    I sometimes suffer from lSS- Love Seat syndrome, which is pretty much like LBS except it is on the love seat. I have been doing good lately though. 

    • Sarah Mae

      Haha! Me, too!

  • Hilda

    I definitely have LBS!  It always feels like I’m getting things done when I get the laundry clean but then it’s so discouraging the next several days when I’m picking through the baskets of clean clothes to find things for everyone to wear.  I must kick this habit!!  Glad I’m not the only one though 🙂

  • Pamela

    I hate laundry.   I try not to put them in a basket.  I try to divide my clothes into small sections so it is easier to fold when getting out of the dryer.   I also put a shower curtain rod above my washer and dryer to hang hangers on so I can have hangers there to hang up clothes out of the dryer.   
    Emphasis on the try part.  Sometimes, I will have one lingering basket with all the left over clothes that I didn’t fold or got knocked down by a little one.   Last Aug. after my little man was born I couldn’t seem to catch up on laundry.   When life gets to busy, life gets crazy it seems like laundry is the first thing that I get behind on, but I try to get back on track fast because my husband doesn’t like wrinkled up clothes. 

  • Jane

    definitely have three baskets of clean laundry sitting in the clean living room. everything else is clean…and they sit…i’ll do it today! 

    • Sarah Mae

      {fist bump}

  • Pamela

    I only have one basket of clean shirts that I cleaned late last night.  I am going to go get started 🙂

    • Sarah Mae


  • Doughiedeb

    SOCKS! We have the dreaded sock basket. Just can’t get past the sock basket, no matter what I try!

    • Sarah Mae

      Oh yes, socks! I know!

    • Sara Dunn

       Try sock bags!!! I wrote a blog post about it- and it has seriously changed my hate for washing socks!!

    • Pamela

      I hate socks, I try to get my kids to wear sandles in the summer so they won’t have to wear socks.  I know I am awful.     I always seem to loose some to the sock monster living in the dryer. 

  • Jenifer Harrod

    I’m trying something new here. Since we have a large family of 9 I have been having the children put away their clothes everyday but that gets really old really fast so I am trying to do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Already though the baskets are overloaded. Hmm. I don’t leave them in the baskets unfolded I fold and put them into the baskets as I get them out of the dryer. Its the only way.  Come visit us on the web.

    • Pamela

      We are a medium family of 7.   My oldest three help with putting clothes away.  They also like to help fold sometimes.  I just got to get past the fact that they don’t fold very well.   Most of the time I let them fold their own clothes and towels 🙂 

  • Stampinfanatic

    I thought I was the only one with this problem. Nice to know there is a name for it and I am not alone. Now to go fold some laundry. 

  • Jennifer

    This makes me feel so much better! Glad I’m not the only laundry slacker out there. I often get it all folded, but not to the dressers/closets. Drives hubby nuts! May LBS be cured in our home TODAY!

  • Diane Shiffer

    The best thing that ever happened to my laundry pile was getting a clothesline! I love love love hanging out the clothes, so the laundry all gets done very efficiently, lol. Sadly, I still end up with LBS issues… right now each one of the kids has a laundry basket of their clean clothing sitting on their bed waiting to be put away, I have *two* baskets, and there is yet another basket of table linens and aprons that need to be ironed…. ummm, I guess I should get on that, instead of flitting around the internet, huh?


  • Lori

    The only thing that works for me is doing a load of laundry every single day.  I can manage the amount of laundry we produce in a day without feeling super overwhelmed by it.  It takes me maybe 10-15 minutes, at most, to fold and put away that much laundry, and I can handle that.

    If I let too much laundry pile up, I become paralyzed at the thought of folding and putting away all of it.  That certainly happens, though.  When it does, I usually wait until a weekend day to catch up, and just run laundry all day, and then and my husband and I watch a movie at night and fold together.  It’s still way easier if I manage to keep up on a load a day, though.

    The problem I have is putting away the folded clothes.  For some reason, I just hate that part.  I make it as easy for myself as possible–I put everything that needs to go in the same room together, and everything that goes in the same drawer together–but I still put off doing it.  But, if I put off doing it, it is guaranteed that one of my children will get to the basket and start playing with the clothes or dump it over or otherwise un-fold all of my folded clothes.  So I guess that’s an incentive to get them put away quickly. 😉

    • Karole Borntreger Hernandez

      Enlist your kiddos in helping you put the clothes away.   I know my 2yo loves to help me with laundry and that is definitely one thing she can do.   Then I don’t have to 🙂

    • Simplyhomepsunyarn

       I find it much easier if the drawers are organized beforehand.  What I dread is when the drawers are stuffed full and I know that it is going to be a chore in itself putting more clothes in there.  In the kid’s room, usually their clothes are pulled out in disarray on the floor.  I really hate going in there with more clothes that I know will be on the floor tomorrow!  It’s a matter of discipline of myself and my children. 

  • Karole Borntreger Hernandez

    I try to pull my hubby’s and my clothes that need to get hung up out as I’m putting the clothes in the basket after the dryer.    That way I go hang those right away and they don’t get wrinkled.  Then the rest of the clothes can go in the basket.   I don’t always get them folded the same day but at least by the next day.    I’ve also started washing one load the night before then I get up when my hubby leaves for work to switch it over and start another one washing.   while the second load is drying I fold the first and it goes pretty smoothly.  

  • Megan

    I should start a support group for moms with LBS.  🙂 Something that has helped me tackle this challenge that stares at my each time I walk down the hallway is I have started praying Ephesians 6:10-17 as I fold laundry…praying that my family would wear these clothes as the armor of God. Prepared for each day as life throws the unexpected at them. May seem silly, but it really works.  Not only does it change my heart as I do another chore, it gives me another opportunity to pray for my family through out the day.

    • Simplyhomespunyarn

       That is a great idea!

  • Piper

    This made me chuckle!! Laundry is like the never ending black hole! I try to do a couple loads every evening and a lot on Saturday. The past month or so, that has not happened. Between, ballgames, end of school activities, helping my parents move, and then last week the straw that broke the camels back was VBS!! I could not even set foot in my laundry room. Sooooo, Friday night I filled(jam  packed) 7 baskets, and headed to the laundry mat where my daughter and I proceeded to do 13 loads in 2 1/2 hours!!! (Thank You Jesus there wasn’t another soul there!!) Whew!!I was tired  but  what a feeling of relief when we got home, put it all away, and walked into the laundry room to actually see the bottom of the hampers!! Can you see me do the happy dance?? I know it will be short lived, for some reason, my family takes  baths, wears pajamas, and even puts on clean clothes in the mornings!!

  • Sam

    This post is SO what I needed today…Tuesdays are my “Laundry Day,” and I SO struggle with LBS! Maybe it’s that I feel once I’ve actually washed the laundry I’ve done my duty and someone else can handle putting it away? What a horrible mindset!
    I did read somewhere that it’s easier to handle LBS if you only have one basket…then you have to clean, fold, and put away your clothes so you can use the basket for clean loads! I’ve been trying this out and it seems to work pretty well for our family.
    Thanks for the motivation today!

  • Angel Buck

    I have to be honest. I thought LBS was going to stand for Lazy Butt Syndrome!

    I struggle so much with this LBS… right now I probably have four baskets of clean clothes all atop a table of clean clothes in my laundry room. The table was put there to aid in me folding and sorting clothes, but is actually used as a pile holder. 

    This is one of my biggest problems in keeping my home clean… the clothes. With four kids it’s a constant struggle, one that I lose on a daily basis. 

    Thank you for the knowledge that we are not alone in this never ending struggle! 🙂 

    • Aprile

      Haha! I thought the same thing! Sadly, it’s my “lazy butt syndrome” that causes the “laundry basket syndrome.” A vicious cycle! 🙂

  • Sharon O

    Just this last two days I have rewashed two baskets full of things and also cleaned a corner in our room, had no idea what was in it, surprises awaited me. My goal is to declutter the master bedroom and give it a fall redo. Hubby has had a rose colored comforter too long. Poor man. Even with two of us, laundry can be an issue.

  • Simplyhomespunyarn

    I just told my 7 year old that mommy has LBS.  He looked all worried and said “how do you know?”  I said “I just read about it on the internet.”  Then I explained what it was and he agreed!  Poor family!  I don’t actually put my laundry in the laundry basket, I put it on my bed to fold and put away.  Then night time comes and I move it to the floor.  Then daytime comes and I put it back on the bed.  Then night time comes and I put it on the floor…until eventually, like SarahMae said, I wind up washing it all, because my husband’s dirty clothes wind up getting in with these cloths, so I wash them all.  Yikes!

    • JackieS

      ah yes – the “i’ll put the laundry away later tonite – will just put it on the bed for now” “really, really tired, on the floor it goes!”  

  • Rebecca Holland

    I have such a hard time with the folding and putting it all away that I made a slide of how I conquer my laundry mountain

  • Renee Payne

    My mother taught the “laundry rule” :  fold and/or hang as you take it out of the dryer.  I resisted this “rule” for a long time, only to finally give in and follow it.  My husband now lovingly calls me the laundry queen.  Yes, I do use my wrinkle release button.  As I hang clothes on the rod above my w/d they are sorted into each family members “section” on the rod.  I also have a small basket for each person (labeled with name) for the folded items.  It is the childrens responsibility to put away their own clean laundry.  I put away for myself and for my husband – this is how I keep my title – haha.  It really does only take maybe 5 minutes to deal with it straight out of the dryer.   I do allow myself a “pass” on the loads of towels.  These I put in a basket or throw on the bed and fold while I turn on a tv program.  I find that 5 to 10 minutes in front of the dryer to be a time the Lord speaks to my heart.  As I deal with each persons items, I am reminded of a need or concern to bring to the throne on their behalf.  I sometimes find myself on my knees in front of the dryer, but no longer out of frustration, now out of reverence.  

    • Kelly

      wow, what an incredibly simple but powerful testimony your comment was to me today…thank you.

    • Rebecca Pelka

      What a WONDERFUL idea!!!!!!  I have my w/d in the basement and i cant watch the kids from there, but SOMEHOW, i am going to make this great suggestion work for me…love everything about it!!  Thanks for sharing this Renee 🙂

    • Lanette Huffman Depew

       Renee, I, too, found it is easier to fold right out of the dryer.  I even went a step further and moved my younger children’s dressers to the laundry room so that I can fold and place the clothes right into their drawers.  As for praying while folding, I have thought about that, but haven’t seriously committed to it, yet.  Thanks for the reminder.

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      My husband does the same, needless the say he’s the laundry king.

    • Melissa H

      I LOVE the thought of praying for them as I fold their clothes!  Seems so simple and yet it has never crossed my mind.  Thank you so much!

    • Eva

      Oh wow!!! You just ministered to my heart as well as many, many others. God Bless you and your journey with Him…

  • Christa

     I do laundry everyday but wait until the kids naptimes to fold it and put it away.  It has become my guilty pleasure me time.  I make myself a yummy iced coffee and put on some totally ridiculous show.  Something like Ugly Betty or Gossip Girl.  I actually get upset if I don’t have any laundry t fold!

  • Amyluvrick71

    I once heard someone say  “we can complain about doing laundry or we can be thankful we have clothes to wear”   Seeing as many people have so little or nothing we are blessed.. And to have a washer and dryer – we dont have to do our laundry in a kettle, at the creek, or on a washboard!  Of all the things I own I am most thankful for my washer and dryer!   So I keep these things in mind and my attitude concerning laundry has become a positive one!!!

    • Becca

      Thank you for pointing that out, Amy… How quickly we forget! My husband even grew up in a third world country, and we still neglect to count our blessings at times. I just found my quiet time topic for the day 🙂

    • Jennifer

      I have to agree, I am ever so grateful for my washer & dryer.  My A/C unit comes first, though and my dishwasher comes in a not so distant 4th 🙂

  • skottydog

    Love today’s post, Sarah, mostly because Galatians 6:9 is my life verse (and blog title)!   I must recite that verse about 50-100 times each day.  It helps me through every situation.

    In this case, “we shall reap” a path in which to walk through our mud room without climbing over clean AND dirty laundry piles!   Funny, we are actually in the process of RE-washing the CLEAN whites, as they are wrinkle-infested!   (But at least they smell good!)

  • Heather

    oooh,I’ll be doing this today! I have about 5 loads to fold and put away, overflowing from onlu 3 baskets, cause thats all we own. -_- and I have to wash bedsheets. Hhaha, I take ONE day off after a busy Father’s Day, and it just collects!

  • Dawn Walton

    We have a large family (11) all together….so we do laundry, 2-3 loads a day, each week a certain child has the duty of washing & drying, and it rotates each week.  Another is in charge of folding, with a crew, and putting it in each persons room.  Can’t say they get put away into drawers and closets….that’s still a struggle around here too!  Also they don’t have a lot of clothes per individual, so that really limits the enormous amount we do already….so I guess you can say we struggle with PLA (Putting Laundry Away)!  Don’t see how I can get them to put their clothes away into drawers and the closet!  Anyone have any suggestions?!

    • Jennifer

      I’ve heard a lot of large families use a “family closet” so that everyone’s clothes get put in the same place, just sorted by size.  I have a small family (we will be 4 in November) and I am even considering a family closet.

      • Dawn Walton

        That’s a great idea Jennifer, but the type of home we live in now (renting) couldn’t accomodate such a wonderful thing as that! We did consider that when we were building a home once, but then we had to move before it got completed 🙁 We live in a 4 bedroom home with 4 girls in one room, 4 boys in another, and our eldest in a small room of his own, he’s 21, and our room. If you are able to do it, I say go for it!! As we’ve been looking around to buy, we’ve found most homes do not accomodate large families.

  • Michelle

    😀 When I saw this in my e-mail box, I thought it meant Lazy Bones Syndrome! But, yes, the laundry can be a challenge since it is upstairs and unless I keep my kitchen timer humming along throughout the day, I completely forget about the laundry. I blame it on Fibro fog-can be very forgetful!

  • Ashmckbrown

    I always had piles and piles of laundry waiting to wash, then waiting to fold. Then we moved into a new house and the ONE thing I really was unhappy about was where the laundry facility was- in the main bathroom! That means any guest had to walk past my asher and dryer- it isn’t even behind doors or in a closet. Just right there. 

    Four years later- I love it. It has forced me to stay on top of the laundry- about one load a day. (sometimes 2) I wash/dry a load, and fold them straight out of the dryer, lining them up along the bathroom counter. Knowing that I can’t leave them there because they block the way for anyone needing to use the sink, so I put them away right then! Amazing to always have clean clothes, and a clean bathroom.

  • Misty

    I so thought LBS was “lazy ‘bottom’ syndrome” because that would be me this last little bit. With forgetting to make laundry detergent(it just so happens I made some this morning, yay), I am a good 10 loads behind. I am in it with you today!!!!!! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I actually did all my laundry yesterday.  I washed 2 loads and folded/put away 4 loads.  Yes, I had clothes sitting over the weekend.  I do pull hanging clothes out and hang them immediately out of the dryer, so the stuff in the basket can stay in the basket…though obviously would be better if I would fold and put them away immediately.

  • Beret

    I’m with Renee, I don’t take it out of the dryer without folding it. If it sits in there too long, it gets wrinkled too, but then you can just “fluff it up” for a few minutes. Sometimes I have to fluff it up a couple of times before I remember, but I can’t put the next load in until I get it out, and if there are wet clothes in the washer, I don’t want them to mildew…so there’s a little extra incentive…:-)

  • Alison

    I had this same problem. I would wash, dry and even fold my clothes but then leave them in the basket. If my husband or I wanted something from it we would just reach in and pull out — eventually all the clothes would be wrinkled. And I would have no basket free when it was time to do the next load!
    My solution was to fold all our clothes in the bedroom and put the clothes away as I fold them. They don’t make it back into the basket. Sure I’d rather do my folding while watching TV, but this works so much better! The only clothes that go into the basket are my girls’ but I only have to put away the baby’s, my 4 year old has taken over her own.

  • Sarah

    This is for sure my biggest cleaning struggle. Sometimes I have to make small goals to get it done like : “Ok. You must fold/hang ten things each hour until it is all put away. For some reason, this works a lot of times for me. Another thing that can help is as soon as it is dry separate everyones clothes: so same idea as the certain number of items an hour, I’ll say “ok, I”ll put all husbands clothes away first.” Silly? Yes. But whatever it takes!

  • Sara Dunn

    Mine used to be the putting away- but now my big kids earn Wii playing time by folding and putting away ALL laundry- not just their own. For each basket they earn 15 min. Works great- now if i could get the laundry from the washer into the dryer before having to re-wash i would be perfect on the laundry!!

  • Jessica Wolstenholm

    Oh Sarah Mae. . .you have read my mail. I struggle with this every day. Part of me feels better knowing I’m not the only one but I know I need to get better about this. A few years back before I had kids, I did a home life practicum at my church. One of the principles they taught was based on Genesis 24 when Abraham’s servant was asked to get a wife for Isaac. The prayer he prayed at the well for the woman God would choose to offer to draw him water and water for his camels, also. It is called the “also” principle.  As I clean my home, I often say to myself. . .”Clean the floors. . .and the baseboards also.” or “Wash the laundry. . .and put it away also.” I’ve gotten out of this habit so I thank you for the reminder that going above and beyond is part of our worship to the Lord, especially as wives and mothers.

  • ShellyRichardson

    I am jumping in the 31 days, I know I am late, but I have had a migraine for two weeks straight, so I have been out of the loop. When I saw your post today about LBS, I knew it was meant just for me! Our laundry never makes it back into their little homes. And most weeks, it all gets washed again, because it has been pulled through, dumped out, stepped on and just like you said I have no idea what is clean or dirty. So, yup, it gets washed again! And the cycle starts over again. I am taking the Mary/Martha challenge today. I love how you gave scripture to focus on, and a task. I have written out the scripture and taped it to the mirror, the washing machine and the refrigerator. I just downloaded the book and I am debating starting from day one, or just picking up from here. I am the worst housekeeper, it is just not in my genes 🙂 so I am really excited about this! Thank you Sarah Mae!

  • Shelly R

    Jumping in on day 10! I have been down with a migraine for 2 weeks, so I have been out of the loop! I read your post and knew this was for me! I was not born with the housekeeping gene 🙂 And laundry, it is a perpetual full basket, the clothes never seem to make it back to their little homes. It gets pulled through, dumped out, stepped on, and eventually, like you said, all washed again! It never ends. I love how you gave a scripture to focus on… I have written it out and taped it to the mirror, the fridge and the washing machine! I just downloaded your book and am so excited to get started! Thank you Sarah Mae!

  • Sbelle

    I can so relate to this!!  Putting away all of the laundry is such a challenge for me.  I do feel a bit better about it knowing that I’m not alone.  I had gotten good with it at one time, folding it straight out of the dryer, but I’m back to letting it sit in the basket for a few days. 🙁

  • Amanda Friddle

    I love this post! Thank you for being so real. 🙂 My rule is the all laundry done in one day. I lay mine out all over my couch, and fold it all over a movie of my choice. My problem isn’t the wrinkled clothes in the basket… its the folded laundry that stays stacked all week on top of my dressers.  I gotta get this butt in gear an FINISH the laundry task! Put that stuff away! lol

  • Graceforyou2

    The link to your book “31 days to clean” is not loading?  Anyone have any ideas?? I’d love to have this book!  I’m sooo domestically CHALLENGED!! 

    Thanks for these “Re-boot” blogs… I’ve been collecting them… not working as diligently as you are… but every little bit helps! 🙂

  • JackieS

    obviously this post was written with me in mind (ha!) – massive pile of receipts in one laundry basket (it’s been that kind of a year)…clean clothes hanging in the laundry room, dirty clothes from vacation still in the laundry bag from the car, clean clothes in my suitcase – with a large pile sitting beside it, as i flung clothes everywhere today to find something to wear to work.  tomorrow – LAUNDRy!!

  • Beth Williams

    My biggest challenge is remembering that I/hubby put laundry in washer/dryer.   We have gone to basement to do laundry only to find laundry still in washer/dryer from who knows when.

  • Victoria Huizinga

    I have come up with the perfect solution to LBS its called assigning my now older children the job of folding the laundry at the end of every day! LOL I have totally been there with the mountain of clothes that every one is picking their outfit from, till finally one day a friend pointed out my kids were really old enough to help me with this task, and then eventually with a bit of training, they took over it. 

  • MoniqueDG

    I’m glad I’m not alone. It sounded like you had stepped into my house and watched my laundry habit. I have washed many loads over again just becase they were too wrinkled. Not something I am proud of. I have been telling myself that I HAVE to get this bad habit solved!

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, I have LBS! And LC(couch)S and another LB(bed)S. Oh, and also LS(suitcase)S. Thanks for helping me not feel alone and for the encouragement and idea to move past it! 

  • GPZ

    Biggest laundry challenge is to put away the clean laundry.

    I stay in a 2 storey house (bedrooms all on 2nd floor) with 2 dogs and lots of daddy long legged spiders (no matter how i tidy up or clean the house, they never fail to turn up the next day at the same spot). One of the dogs has got real stubborn fur and wouldn’t come off no matter how I rub or try to clean/dust them away. The house is also always dusty because the dogs are allowed to roam the house (garden, now a jungle due to lack of maintenance, and then back indoor esp bedrooms). Ticks are spottable every now and then 🙁 It’s my agony to try and have the clean laundry put away immediately without bf’s mum randomly ‘dump’ all the clean laundry onto the sofa (full of dog’s stubborn fur). BF’s mum knows I’m a neat/clean freak but she still does it because it’s convenient. Because of that, I always personally put away and carry the load of clean laundry, without them touching the floor, (it’s just 3 of us, but the load of laundry is madness) up to the room myself, dump on the bed and fold them later. There was once the clean laundry landed on the house outdoor pathway where the dogs always poop (area is cleaned once in away by splashing water only). BF’s mum was fine with it but I couldn’t get over it, I redo all the laundry. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 2 dogs. It’s a love hate relationship. My mentality is that if it’s cleaned, it should stay clean till the next use.

    Given my situation, I would definitely not place the clean laundry on the floor. When I moved in, I realised the tiles indoor are probably full of bacterial because the area the dogs poop are not properly cleaned/they used to use the same mop in the entire house. I figured I could use another laundry basket (adopted in my own house but it’s so much easier because only 1 storey) to put away the clean clothes. But it would probably be heavier to carry them up the room. I wish I find an easier way to deal with all that. Argh.

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