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How To Clean When You Would Rather Be Outside (The Reboot Day 7)

Good morning sleepy heads, we’re going to clean your bedroom today!

It’s summer (nearly) and the last thing I want to do is stay inside on these beautiful days.

Not to mention the fact that my kids are ready to hit the dirt the minute they get up. How am I supposed to get any heavy cleaning done in the summer? And it’s not just finding the time, it’s finding the motivation. I want to be out and about on these inviting days, not stuck cleaning out my cabinets. I know many of you are feeling the same way.

So what are we to do?

Well, we first need to keep our “why” at the forefront, because that will help to keep us going. The second thing is that love doesn’t choose seasons, and so if we are going to love well by keeping a place of order and peace, we need to maintain that even in the summer (however, next go-round we’ll do the heavy cleaning before summer!). The third thing? We need to choose our own tasks. What I mean is, instead of telling you what to do, I’m going to let you choose your tasks for each section of the home we work on, but I’ll share mine just in case you want to use what I’m doing as a guide. This week, for example, we’re cleaning the other bedrooms in our homes. I asked you to pick five tasks you could reasonably do this week to get those bedrooms in order. For some of you, that will mean an entire overall and “spring” clean of all the kids rooms and/or guest bedrooms. For others, this might mean catching up on the laundry, putting clothes away, making the beds, and finding a new system to keep toys at bay. We’re all in different places, so our needs are going to be vastly different, as well as our capacities.

My capacity is pretty limited right now. My sister is coming in town on Wednesday (squee!) and she’s bringing her one year old (translation: “I walk now so watch out I’m going to get into everything. Bwhahahahahaha!) and her dog, a chihuahua. She’ll be here for two weeks, and so I’m going to give myself a break and work slowly through my cleaning tasks instead of spending hours a day on them.

Which reminds me, I’m going to have a live clean where you can clean along with me! I tried this the other day and it was really fun, until I realized that I had the broadcast locked AND I forgot to record it. Yea, I botched it. But this time, I know what I’m doing! Keep an eye on my FB page and I’ll let you know when the live cleaning will begin (probably this afternoon).

Okay, let’s get on with the day!

Mary Challenge: Be realistic with your limitations and set reasonable goals, especially if you have little ones. In fact, before you get on with cleaning today, sit down with your babes and play with them – a card game, dollies, read them a book, or whatever you know they would love to do with you. Give them your time first. If you don’t have babes, make sure to do something that brings peace to your soul before you get to work.

Martha Challenge: Tackle the second task on your list (assuming you did the first yesterday). I will be cleaning my daughters bedroom today and getting rid of clothes and toys we don’t need anymore. My girls will help me, and for each thing they do I will give them a ticket that will earn them treats and a movie at the end of the week (I’ll move on to my sons room tomorrow).


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How do you get cleaning done in the summer?

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  • Monica

    I don’t need much motivation to stay inside today.  It’s raining buckets here!  But that doesn’t give me much motivation to clean either:(

  • Kristine McGuire

    My place is pretty small so it doesn’t take much to get it cleaned up but this is definitely providing inspiration to keep my home tidy. 🙂

  • Eyvonne

    This post was worth it for this one line:  “love doesn’t choose seasons”.  Amen sister.

  • these_precious_days

    I’m going to post a tutorial on organizing toy clutter either today or tomorrow. Let me just tell you that I am NOT a cleaner/organizer!! I am still working on MY bedroom from last week! LOL Thanks soooo much for this series Sarah Mae. I’m new to your blog, but I feel like we have a lot in common. I’ll let you know when I get the Operation Toy Clutter post done. I did it with my kids toys at the first of the year and they still look pretty great! 🙂


  • Pamela

    My youngest two are 2 3/4 years old and 9 mnths old.  They are both diggers, but my 9 mnth. old is the worse.  He gets into everything, he opens drawers and gets into anything that he can.   He is so  cute but messy 🙂   
    I want to go through their close and get rid of what don’t fit and what is tore up.   I already went through my two year old’s clothes.  Now I have to get the other four children’s clothes done.  I will also go through toys and shoes 🙂   Oh my, how fun!!!

  • Shelly @ Frugal Family Home

    Today will be an easy day to work insid,e it is raining again here.  We will be working on purging my daugters closet of items she doesn’t need anymore. Yesterday was an easy day I chose to get all of our items to donate out of the house and donated.  My spare bedroom is ready for guests now.

  • Jenny Nicolicchia

    For some reason I didn’t get this article in my email….am I the only one?

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