Live cleaning! Is this thing on?


Can’t see the video? Click here. Reading this in an email and can’t see it? Click here to come to the blog.
Oh, and I do turn the music off at 33:44, if the music annoys you,
just fast forward!

So, should I do this again sometime?

Print this!

  • Christin

    Can’t hear you because the music’s too loud. :(

    • Sarah Mae

      I know, I botched it up! Now I know for next time!

  • Jen

    The music overpowers your voice.  I can tell you’re talking but can’t make out most of the words.  The room is looking great though!

  • Heather

    My son is napping, so I’m feeling totally lazy, watching you cleaning, but this is extremely motivating! I will clean as soon as he’s up…I promise! :p

    • Sarah Mae

      Do it!!!! :)

  • Christin

    It was fun, but I got the itch to clean watching you clean. Ha ha! Thankfully that only lasted a second. ;) (j/k…sorta)

  • Stacey

    I keep reading this as LIVE cleaning. Like alive. ha! NOT what you are going for, I know, but it makes me giggle each time i read it. :)

  • Trina Holden

    I LOVE that you let me visit you – even in your mess!
    You have been inspiring me to vlog. It’s such an authentic way to connect. :) Thanks for this.

    • Sarah Mae

      Trina, you are such an encourager. Love you!

  • Vanessa

    Yes! We have “Little Fur Family”! :) 

    I just recently organized the kids’ toys and I put all the stuffed animals in a small laundry basket and keep it in their closet:

  • Elizabeth Sadosky

    This was fun! I, of course, just ate my lunch while watching you clean…but…I would join in again with you in the future!

    • Sarah Mae

      Ha! Oh yes, please do!

  • QueenLos

    The sarah I know and LOVE! :)

  • QueenLos

    seriously I am watching this and laughing hysterically.. not going to lie kind of jealous your sis is coming into town for two weeks cause I wanna hangout soon!  and thanks for the shot out on this video. Now I am totally in the IN crowd haha :)

    • Sarah Mae

      Hahahahahaha!! You can come and hang out with us ;) Love you!

  • Maggie

    I would totally clean with you!

  • Alexis

    Oh I so enjoyed it!  At first I just sat and watched you and giggled at how cute you were and how much I could relate to you… then that felt a bit creepy so I got off my butt and started cleaning- so motivating!!!  I kept wanting to get distracted… go to FB, grab a snack, sit down.. .ect but I could hear you cleaning away so I kept moving.  We couldn’t hear you perfectly but if we sat down we could make out what you were saying so it wasn’t completely botched!  I loved the music you were listening too- was it a CD or internet radio?  Please share, I would love to do house work to those tunes.  Yes please do that again, you are very cute and very brave to share all that with us :)  It was a fun afternoon!

    • Sarah Mae

      Thank you! :)

      The music was my Jack Johnson station on Pandora. 

  • Mayen Handy

    I missed this “live”! My daughter’s had a worse room (they are both out of our home since March) at 19! More clothes than any 2 people needed! When my daughter left in May I gave away 2 bags of clothes and stored the rest for her return to U.S. next year. I fixed the room up for our youngest 2 boys to share! They like organization, so toys are organized in an IKEA shelf (2 high, 4 wide) and toys on shelf in closet! I can’t imagine cleaning our teen boys’ room again, ugh! It took 3 8 hour days last year when they went to football camp! Yuk! It lasted for almost 2 weeks (clean)… 

  • Lanette Huffman Depew

    You are so cute!  Thank you for showing us that we are not the only ones with children with messy rooms.

  • Jackie Paulson

    I’d rather clean with you than without you…

    • Sarah Mae


  • Beccidee

    I liked this! I got some ideas for cleaning my kids rooms and I had the video on while I was cleaning my computer/play room and it made me feel like I was not alone in my cleaning! Thank you!

  • Katrina

    Yes please please do this again and soon! Like next week lol! I will clean along with you!

    • Sarah Mae

      Okay, for sure!

  • Jessica

    Watching you clean and feeling really lazy.