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Join me in keeping on and beginning again!

Live cleaning! Is this thing on?


Can’t see the video? Click here. Reading this in an email and can’t see it? Click here to come to the blog.
Oh, and I do turn the music off at 33:44, if the music annoys you,
just fast forward!

So, should I do this again sometime?

Print this!

  • Christin

    Can’t hear you because the music’s too loud. 🙁

    • Sarah Mae

      I know, I botched it up! Now I know for next time!

  • Jen

    The music overpowers your voice.  I can tell you’re talking but can’t make out most of the words.  The room is looking great though!

  • Heather

    My son is napping, so I’m feeling totally lazy, watching you cleaning, but this is extremely motivating! I will clean as soon as he’s up…I promise! :p

    • Sarah Mae

      Do it!!!! 🙂

  • Christin

    It was fun, but I got the itch to clean watching you clean. Ha ha! Thankfully that only lasted a second. 😉 (j/k…sorta)

  • Stacey

    I keep reading this as LIVE cleaning. Like alive. ha! NOT what you are going for, I know, but it makes me giggle each time i read it. 🙂

  • Trina Holden

    I LOVE that you let me visit you – even in your mess!
    You have been inspiring me to vlog. It’s such an authentic way to connect. 🙂 Thanks for this.

    • Sarah Mae

      Trina, you are such an encourager. Love you!

  • Vanessa

    Yes! We have “Little Fur Family”! 🙂 

    I just recently organized the kids’ toys and I put all the stuffed animals in a small laundry basket and keep it in their closet:

  • Elizabeth Sadosky

    This was fun! I, of course, just ate my lunch while watching you clean…but…I would join in again with you in the future!

    • Sarah Mae

      Ha! Oh yes, please do!

  • QueenLos

    The sarah I know and LOVE! 🙂

  • QueenLos

    seriously I am watching this and laughing hysterically.. not going to lie kind of jealous your sis is coming into town for two weeks cause I wanna hangout soon!  and thanks for the shot out on this video. Now I am totally in the IN crowd haha 🙂

    • Sarah Mae

      Hahahahahaha!! You can come and hang out with us 😉 Love you!

  • Maggie

    I would totally clean with you!

  • Alexis

    Oh I so enjoyed it!  At first I just sat and watched you and giggled at how cute you were and how much I could relate to you… then that felt a bit creepy so I got off my butt and started cleaning- so motivating!!!  I kept wanting to get distracted… go to FB, grab a snack, sit down.. .ect but I could hear you cleaning away so I kept moving.  We couldn’t hear you perfectly but if we sat down we could make out what you were saying so it wasn’t completely botched!  I loved the music you were listening too- was it a CD or internet radio?  Please share, I would love to do house work to those tunes.  Yes please do that again, you are very cute and very brave to share all that with us 🙂  It was a fun afternoon!

    • Sarah Mae

      Thank you! 🙂

      The music was my Jack Johnson station on Pandora. 

  • Mayen Handy

    I missed this “live”! My daughter’s had a worse room (they are both out of our home since March) at 19! More clothes than any 2 people needed! When my daughter left in May I gave away 2 bags of clothes and stored the rest for her return to U.S. next year. I fixed the room up for our youngest 2 boys to share! They like organization, so toys are organized in an IKEA shelf (2 high, 4 wide) and toys on shelf in closet! I can’t imagine cleaning our teen boys’ room again, ugh! It took 3 8 hour days last year when they went to football camp! Yuk! It lasted for almost 2 weeks (clean)… 

  • Lanette Huffman Depew

    You are so cute!  Thank you for showing us that we are not the only ones with children with messy rooms.

  • Jackie Paulson

    I’d rather clean with you than without you…

    • Sarah Mae


  • Beccidee

    I liked this! I got some ideas for cleaning my kids rooms and I had the video on while I was cleaning my computer/play room and it made me feel like I was not alone in my cleaning! Thank you!

  • Katrina

    Yes please please do this again and soon! Like next week lol! I will clean along with you!

    • Sarah Mae

      Okay, for sure!

  • Jessica

    Watching you clean and feeling really lazy.

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