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Live Cleaning Today! (Reboot Day 11)

Don’t be afraid to get your babes involved, Oreos are yummy! 😉

Good morning!

I’m going to make this short and sweet (emphasis on the sweet): today I’m going to do a live clean AND I have a giveaway for you!

First up is the live clean. It will be today at 10am EST. You can tune in right here at my blog, so just come on back at 10! I’ll be cleaning out my dining room buffet drawers…can’t wait to see what treasures I find!

The giveaway today is Cravings, the Devotional. “Cravings is a collection of card-size devotionals based on the Psalms. They are written to help mothers develop their relationship with God in the midst of motherhood. Each card contains a scripture for the day, a “thoughtlet,” and an action idea. As moms crave the sweet morsels from God’s Word, they can draw a card from a delectable Cravings holder—a pink cupcake!—that also displays the daily card for hands-free viewing.”

Three of you will win one!

Read more about these sweet devotions here!

You will be able to enter the giveaway using the form below (if you get this in your email, click here and scroll down to find the form).

Todays Challenges!

Mary Challenge: How is your heart today? You doing okay? Where do you need the most encouragement? Would you let me know in the comments?

Martha Challenge: Dining room time! What task do you need to get done in your dining room? Pick one that fits your time schedule today and get it done (or get it started)! I’m going to clean out my buffet, and I hope you’ll join me in the live clean and clean along with me!

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. How much laundry did you get done yesterday?

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  • Alison Hoyle

    I thing i need the most encouragement with is washing up, I really struggle with hand washing dishes so we end up with stacks of dishes needing washing up.

  • Harrisbunch2006

    Thanks for your always encouraging words. I seriously need some prayer please! I am an over-achiever who is so TIRED. 3 years ago I worked so very hard and lost 150 pounds on my own going from a size 24 to a size 4. I became extremely obsessive compulsive after that. My body has to be perfect, my home has to be perfect, my 4 children have to be perfect….the list goes on and on. I struggle to keep up this life of perfection and some days I just want to get in my car and drive for days away. I’m not sure how to overcome this. I have prayed and prayed. I don’t know how to keep things clean/done and not be obsessive about it. If I’m away from home, all I can think about is what I need to do once I get back home. If I don’t get my 3 mile walk in per day, I panic and just don’t eat for the rest of the day. I know this standard of life cannot keep going. It’s driving myself, my husband, and my children insane. I hope I’m not the only mom and wife that’s like this! I feel alone in it all. Sorry for dumping this on you but I hope maybe you can have some insight on how I can take back my home and life and come to some sort of normalcy again. I think it all started with the weightloss. 🙁
    P.S. The laundry gets done as soon as a basket gets full in my home.  Sometimes I wish I’d just let it pile up and pile up.  :/

  • Jamie

    Right now, I need “white
    space” on my calendar. I have been SO busy the last few months and I desire some
    downtime before we get back to homeschooling in August. But I am understanding
    that when I’m not comfortable or always “happy” it is just a reminder that this
    world is not my home.

  • Laura

    I could use some encouragement in a certain friendship.  I think adult friendships are so hard!  It was so easy as a teenager!  I know, not many people actually say they enjoyed being a teenager, but I did! 🙂  Thanks for your post, the Cravings Devotionals are really cute!

  • Katrina Morgan

    Thank you for encouraging me!

  • Dusty @To the Moon and Back

    That devotional looks so cute! 

    I need encouragement with not becoming so overwhelmed when things get messy that I start getting snippy with my husband and children!  We live in a very small space so even the slightest bit of clutter makes the place look like a tornado whipped through and I have trouble reignnig in my Type A personality when that happens!

    I finished ALL of my laundry yesterda!  Woot!

  • Lisa

    The area I need encouragement in is training up my girls to be “Keepers at home”  while I am still trying to learn the very skills I am trying to teach.

    • Jen C.

      I feel the exact same way!  My oldest will be 8 in a couple of months and I feel as though time is slipping away.  Each week I think of how I am going to start doing this and that with them and then by the end of the week I did nothing I planned on.  

  • Jen

    My greatest source of discouragement is doing the same thing over and over 0- in the same day, week, with 5 little ones, they seem to love to play the nicest where it is the cleanest….. sign, I Know totally normal, but still, it is so nice to see something stay clean! 

  • Heather Apgar

    I have an extremely clingy child… i feel like I can’t get 3 seconds to myself!  and I am a person who needs a little alone time to recharge….  I love her dearly, but at 6 she should be able to do a few things by herself!!  I’m trying to remember this is a season, and because she’s not always this way there must be some reason!

  • April

    There has been no cleaning in my house this week because we are in the middle of vacation Bible school.  🙂  Thanks for the encouragement to get back in the routine this weekend!

  • Jana

    I definitely need some prayer & encouragement as I pack up our apartment to live. We have a week left & I am so overwhelmed. Hubby lost his job & is doing handyman work for a family member, out-of-town. So I need to get all the packing done while he’s away. Pray for my sanity!

  • Beth Williams

    I need encouragement to keep on going/trusting God when things aren’t going as you would like.  I can get in ugly unChristian moods and often times bring that home.

    Job duties changed drastically last fall and let’s just say I’m not doing what I went to school and trained for–I’m back being a secretary.  Didn’t need any schooling for that. 

    Help me Lord–encourage me to keep on keepin’ on!

  • Beth

    I have a husband who works A LOT and many evenings and so even though I have a husband, I don’t (if that makes sense!).  My encouragement is just needed in some days believing that God has something bigger and better in store for us and my family!

  • Tina

    Learning to rest in Him during silence and seemingly stillness

  • Angel Buck

    I’ve been eye balling these devotions for a while… they would go absolutely perfect on my desk here at work! 

  • Debbie Robson

    I am thankfully feeling pretty calm this week, despite a couple of weeks of crazy.  Phew!   ..but now I need the downtime.   I have so much to clean and declutter…SO MUCH.   I have a 2 year old (2 on Saturday) and a 9 week old… I need the encouragement to clean, and declutter…even when I’m super tired!  (your Frumps to Pumps ebook, and the Tell your Time ebook you mentioned before have both been super helpful lately!)

  • Lori

    I have no motivation.  I have so much I need/want to get done around our house, but before I know it, it is time for my husband to come home and I haven’t accomplished anything.

  • Ymeaser88

    Thank you so much for 31 Days Reboot.  You have really been challenging me to have the right heart attitude.  I get excited each day to see what you have me working on.

  • Holly Vanderkamp Gordon

    I could use some encouragement with disciplining my children (being consistent with an aggressive data collector. . .strong willed child), and being more disciplined in my own daily activities.

  • joyouschris

    I need encouragement in my parenting and in my heart regarding fear.

  • Diane Shiffer

    Looking forward to the Live Clean! My dining room needs some work. eek.

  • Katie

    I am needing the most encouragement for time management.  I work outside the home and I have two little ones (1 & 4).  There never seems to be enough time for the laundry, the kids, the cleaning, the cooking, the me time, the hubby time, and most importantly (and often the most ignored) God time.  

  • CCtrustsinHim

    Right now I need encouragement to keep trusting God for new friends and for our purpose in our new home. We moved three months ago and we moved 800 miles away from our close friends and church we had known for 17 years.  We felt God moved us but it has been very difficult on our flesh missing our friends and familiar places.

  • Blueiiz77

    I home school a highschooler and a 5th grader with a 3 yr old running around……all while trying to run the household, family life, and etc.  Right now……I seriously need some time for me!  I really tend to put that on the back burner……heck……most of the time, it’s not even on the stove.

  • Amy Schaffner

    I wanted to catch up on my laundry, the SATAN reached out and broke my dryer!!!  Well, maybe not satan, but it sure feels that way….

    • Grannymomdiana

      I can relate…both the washer and dryer got fried this week !!

  • Faieza

    Right now I need the most encouragement in dealing with my dear husband’s financial stress. It is having a devastating effect on his mood and is spilling over onto the children and making me feel quite depressed. I have no idea how to encourage me and keep his spirits lifted, as he has taken to “hide in his cave” and when it does come out, he is no very nice to be around. Please pray for us

  • Lanette Huffman Depew

    My hampers are empty!  My clothes are folded!
    I guess I need the most encouragement in the area of organizing for 11 people in a small house with an almost non-existent budget.

  • Tara Hollingsworth

    Today is full of stress & some worry.  I feel the weight on me today of keeping up with my full time job outside of the house, as well as trying to keep up with the demands of housework, children & husband.  So, today my heart needs rest, calm & peace.  

  • Holly

    Right now I need encouragement to meet with the Lord consistently despite a very, very full calendar. We are expecting our first child in November, and it won’t get any easier. While I can’t spend luxurious hours in the Word like I used to, I must become more diligent to redeem the time I do have.

  • bizymomof6

    Well, being the mother of 6 I could really use some encouragement as a mom. There is so much to do, so many to serve, that it’s really overwhelming sometimes.

    • Pamela


  • Helen Purdon

    I need help with the Mary issues.  I love to clean (when I have the time) and my mother has given me the cleanhouse disease which I know I’m passing on to my daughters so that’s not the problem.  The problem is making time for God in between doing dishes, laundry, washing floors and mothering two children 4 and 2.  I need encouragement in keeping things in perspective.  God first, Husband second, Children/Family/Friends third, and pride in clean home – last.

  • Pamela

    I got my devos done all week.  When I do not get enought sleep, I am a cranky momma.  I already gave this issue to God, looked up as many verses I could in this area and marked them down.  I am trying to hide them in my heart, so when I get cranky or short God can bring these verses to mind and work on my heart.   

  • Joy

    You’re giving the right kind of encouragment!  I LOVE getting these emails daily that are encouraging me to go through my junk!  Some prayers would be appreciated for some depression that I’m struggling out of…but your posts are definitely helping!

    • Joy

      P.S. I got 5 loads of laundry COMPLETELY done AND put away yesterday – thanks for that encouragement too!

  • Pamela

    I got 95% of the clothes done.  I got them washed, dryed, folded and putaway.  Woohoo…..

  • Jessica Shea

    Right now, I could use encouragement in my own room. Haven’t gotten as far as I would like in there because there are years of things piled up in the corner, unfortunately. Kind of a distraction and discouraging at times, because I don’t feel like any progress is being made. I did empty that darn laundry basket yesterday, though! As far as the heart goes, it’s a similar thing – to see progress in myself and relationship with God. I’ve been doing the 1 Peter study and feel like I don’t long after Him the way I should (the way it talks about in 1 Peter 2:3)

  • DeeAnn

    I need encouragement with my kids today….my littles and I are not seeing eye to eye and it is getting me a bit frustrated!!! Thanks for your great blog, it is often an encouragement and blessing to me!!

    • Vanessa

      Oh, I know what you mean!  Our 5 year old just finished school last week and our 3 year old knows just how to push his buttons!

      I don’t know how old your children are, but I’ve noticed that if I turn on kids worship music or even any type of quiet music while they are playing they seem to play really well together.  I also picked up a few beginner chapter books at the library and if we’re having a really bad day, I will distract them by reading to them or suggest that the older read to the younger.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I also like this idea of play stations especially on rainy days:

  • Alicia Stelling.

    I love your website!!!

  • KE

    Most days I need encouragement to keep going when it seems impossible and I’m doing it (keeping up on the house) by myself.  With four little ones (5,4,3,1) and no family around (my husband is wonderful but is at work 6 days of the week 🙂 ) I feel alone at times and like the house is never going to look nice anyways.

  • Heather

    I need encouragement in getting ouabound the house during the day. I have become a homebody and have trouble finding motivation to leave even when my kids are begging to go do something. I don’t like doing things by myself. We just moved to a new neighborhood and I don’t have any good friends, just some aquaintances, and I’m also very shy so I think that may have a lot to do with it.

  • Margaret

    Very brave to do a live clean. 

  • Emilytyler30

    I need to do better all around. …especially the laundry!

  • Twinkleamy

    I struggle with discouragement regarding clutter in the living room and worry about missing the fun opportunities that present themselves each day.  But I did finish folding and organizing 6 baskets of laundry; one for each member of our household!  🙂

  • Lisa Suit

    Right now I need the most encouragement in scheduling my day so that I am able to work from home and take care of  my two year old, baby who is going to be born any day now, and my home, all without succumbing to exhaustion!

  • Jessica Samuels

    love the reboot. i’m using it when my girls get home (they’ve been at grandma’s) and i love previewing to know what we’re doing. the cravings look amazing, and can be a fantastic lesson tool throughout the summer. 

  • Jen Hasseld

    I am needing encouragement to be consistent with discipline. I always cave at their cute little faces and don’t discipline when they honestly, really and truly deserve it. I know it will lead to “peaceable fruit of righteousness” (or something like that) but I just get lazy. 

  • Grannymomdiana

    I am needing encouragement for weight loss.I’m older and can not seem to lose weight or really I am not trying enough.Love your blog , your old one and your new one. I no longer have little ones and my grandchildren are older than your children but I still get a lot out of your blogs.If I only had your blog back when I was young !! I feel my whole life would have been different.

  • jeanne

    just feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done as well as just enjoying the summer with my 3 kids. sometimes I just want to curl up on the couch and read a book and pretend that I’m the only one in house and the cleaning lady is on her way.

  • Vanessa

    I only got one load of laundry done yesterday, BUT I do have another load in the washer as I am typing. 🙂  It is a hot, sunny day today so I might even lug them out to the clothes line to dry.

    The dining room….well, the dining room floor needs a major cleaning.  That wasn’t anywhere near my to-do list today {or this week}, but I’ll see if I can get some motivation to get that done before hubby comes home. 🙂 

  • Catherine

    Live cleaning…you’re a brave woman!  Have fun with it 🙂

    My encouragement need seems to be in keeping my calm even when there’s a storm brewing around here.   I seem to let other peoples’ moods affect my mood rather than looking to my Savior to set my tone.

  • Sharmin

    I live in the shadow of a mother who never let anything get dirty.  I struggle every day thinking my house has to be as clean as hers.  It’s hard because we have 2 boys & live on a farm.  (which translates as dirt and other stuff tracked in seveal times a day).   Things are very strained around our house right now, too, which just adds to the feelings of inadequacy I’m feeling now. 

  • Ballycastle

    I’m a mother of 3 whose children are all grown and married-now I’m a grandma and the caregiver for two of my grandchildren.  I need ENERGY!!! And time for myself.  When I pictured having grandkids, I didn’t picture taking care of them while their mommas worked!  This devotional would be for my daughter-in-law who needs LOTS of encouragement in lots of areas.

  • TT

    Encouragement… Wow… Where DON’T I need it?! 
    #1 In my walk with God… I find myself holding up the “Give me just 1 minute and I’ll be right with you” hand signal to my Lord and Savior all day long.
    #2 In my marriage… hubby and I are not so close right now, and my heart aches for him </3
    #3 Home-making…. I feel like I'm always running around doing too much and accomplishing very little… I feel defeated because of my lack of organization and planning, eventhough I strive for it and desire it with my whole being… I think I'm just incapable in this area 🙁
    #4 Home-Schooling… pretty-much the same as #3
    #5 My weight and body-tone… I'm always trying… _AL WAYS_!  It's exhausting to work so hard to attain a goal that has elluded me in my 36 years of life. I've gotten close a few times… only to then have a life-altering experience that changes my body completely (4 C-sections, 2 orthopaedic accidents requiring surgery).
    #6 Church & friendships… I feel lonely… It's all a bit too superficial for me… I want to change.  I think it would be easier to make myself not feel the need for fellowship as much.
    OK, there you have it… You asked for it…  heh heh… Sorry if you got more than you bargained for :PThanks for being a blessing.  Just sharing made my heart feel lighter 🙂
    God bless you!

  • Lauracwolff

    I guess my biggest hurdle right now is I am struggling with grace and time management. This past year my brother in law and mother in law have come to live with us. My hubby and I have two girls 2 and 6. Most days things are great. Everyone has their own room because the lord made sure we had extra when we lost our last home. I have had a migraine going on four days now and seem to be complaint about everything more than usual. I felt badly as yesterday I vented for 30 minutes to my mother in law about her sons. So I was able to get one finished load of laundry as my brother in law had his one load in the washer an dryer all afternoon.

    Because of all these people in my house I feel like I am the only one doing anything I.e. cleaning, helping with cooking or children. But this is my home and I should be able to do everything without them. Right? I did (somewhat) before they came so I don’t understand why it seems like nothing ever looks clean now. So grace for my feelings and stresses of everyday living and time management to stay focused on what needs to be done and why!

    I love your blog and am so blessed to have found it! Thank you for the constant encouragement!

  • Jessica

    I am a Mom to 5.  3 have special needs.  It can be a little overwhelming sometimes when dealing with behaviors, trying to make sure they all get positive attention from me, trying to make sure to keep them busy on summer break, and making sure we all get needed down-time too as well as keeping the house clean and picked up as well.

  • CMama

    Children are totally like Oreos — addictive and sweet! 😉

  • CMama

    I need encouragement in my marriage.

  • Julie

    I need to spend more time in God’s word.  I need to figure out what is the most important tasks to accomplish each day.  There just never seems to be enough time.  I have many projects that need to be completed.  But cannot even get started on one.

  • Wifebigelow

    I think the area I need the most encouragement is in my own personal walk. It feels like with summer and full time child care I am just short on time and grace. I feel like my well is empty and its hard to give when the emotional well I’d dry. Just scraping by everyday with no real down time.

  • Tabbycat792006

    Thank you so much for showing me I’m not alone.  I have four lovely little ones, and many times feel like because I homeschool I have no “me” time!

    I could use some encouragement/prayer for motivation.  I want to have more time to do what I enjoy doing.  That means I need the motivation to do the things I need to do first!

    Today we are not inside.  It’s sunny out so I’m going to show my girls how to start taking care of their tomato plants and I need to get the outside cleaned up and mowed/weeded!

  • Christa

    I need the most encouragement in the fact that I am SO TIRED all the time, there is no medical reason for it, and I just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING because of it! 🙁  It’s been such a struggle…I pray…I read God’s word…I work through it…

  • Sheila H

    I just struggle with never being ‘done’.  with housework, laundry, lawn & garden obligations & then trying to spend time with my children in a way thats meaningful to them & my husband – just need to Breathe!

  • Cassie Jean

    These posts have been so encouraging….and challenging! Thank you, Sarah Mae. (PS, I have an extreme case of LBS as well…workin’ on that.)

  • Jeannette Mulligan

    My children and I are living with another family.  Between us, there are 4 boys, under 9, 1-12 yr old princess & 4 dogs.  Of the 8 people living here, 5 are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (2 of us adults & quite possibly 2 of the dogs. lol)  Trying to stay on top of things & train the children to be responsible home keepers who can enjoy the life God has given us is our priority.  It is exhausting but worth it.  Us 3 adults have our own physical limitations that we battle daily but God keeps us strong…. & laughing.  🙂

  • Sharon

    I need encouragement that all is going to work out okay.  We are expecting and haven’t figured out who will watch our daughter when I go into labor.  My #1 choice (and really the only one I’m okay with) is my Mom.  But, she lives an hour away and doesn’t have a car.  And she also cares for my Dad.  And I found out yesterday that the only bus that goes between our cities won’t be running anymore.

  • Belinda Waltrip Smith

    I have been working 2 jobs and am burned out!  I want to used the summer, while only working one job to refresh and reorganize!

  • Kim

    Need the most encouragement in a general cleaning routine to keep dusting/bathrooms and floors clean

  • Tabitha Garcia

    My life probably – Lots happening… 🙂

  • DebbiesDigest

    My husband has been unemployed for 2+ years. We have been totally without income, unemployment ended, months ago. God supplied all our needs so far in June but our car insurance bill is due tomorrow and if we can’t pay it we will have to sell the car. It’s our only vehicle and the bills for July are coming up soon. We don’t know where the $$ will come from. Our church has not been very helpful so far. I am worried. Please pray for us.

    • Shawna

      Praying for you Debbie!

  • Melissa

    Encouragement….need A LOT lately as I strive to build a new business, make my way through several different courses, and be the best wife and mommy possible! But, my most intense need is the encouragement to just keep sweeping the floor even though I just swept it and it will get dirty again in 3 seconds. xo

  • Carly

    I need encouragement in so many things! I think I most need encouragement with helping my kids to want to be good intrinsically as opposed to by getting rewards/punishments. 

  • Sara Jane Cornell

    I need encouragement on being a better mom & wife. More present w/my kids & hubby. More energy to get things done!

  • Courtney

    slipping on my bible reading…my heart needs it, my mind finds many excuses.

  • Lisa May

    Not stressing over the small things and enjoying my time at home. 

  • Teish

    I’m struggling with constantly feeling like I don’t “measure up”. I have no idea whose standard I’m trying to meet though! I need to refocus on God’s standards and let go of the man-made ones.

  • stephanie

    I am a stay at home and am self-employed, so balancing the all the different tasks I have, sometimes I feel guilty about if I’m spending enough time with my kids, husband or my clients.

  • HappyAndBlessedHome

    I just try to keep up with dishes and laundry – not sure when I will be able to so other rooms.  That’s my struggle.

  • RG

    I feel like even those closest to me are fighting against my efforts to train my children for God. 

  • Shawnaheidenreich

    Right now my family of 5, plus 2 cats and a dog, are living with my parents, BLESS THEIR HEARTS! We have already had to do some downsizing, and when we are able to have our own place again, it will be much smaller than our previous house.  God is teaching us so much about what we really need in our lives and minimizing the “stuff”.  I am sure there are many others in my place especially in this economy.  I love your blog and have been so blessed by your words of encouragement and honesty (especially the laundry, I am so there!)
     Thank you,

  • Tanya

    I think my biggest need for encouragement right now is choosing how/where to school my kids next year.  God has made it abundantly clear that our school is no longer the place for us to be.

  • Lizziemangum

    As a single mother I always need some kind of encouragement. Whether it is cleaning or getting through a rough bed time. Your blog always inspires me. Right now I need help with getting my house finalized after our move. And the patience to deal with my daughters new idea of how many times she needs to get out of bed before she actually goes to sleep.

  • HappyAndBlessedHome

    All this talk about cleaning – I’m beginning to think I may need to join you on your quest.

  • daisymom

    This is a season of struggle for me. I need encouragement to trust the Lord more. Two little girls in my life have passed from this life to the presence of the Lord in the past two weeks.  I am empty and although my head knows the Lord will see me through, my heart is heavy.  Your site is a welcome place in a weary world.  thank you

  • Krfunk

    loving this reboot series! thank you! all the encouragement you’re offering is perfect for me right now

  • Natasha d

    patience with my children and remembering to slow down and soak up this moment, now!

  • Adriannageorge

    How I’m doing: I’m struggling to be disciplined .. To wake up early, before my kids wake up, to go to bed on time, to have structure in my day… get a workout,.. all these things a mother “has to” do.. I try to get things done but I’m always busy with 10 things at the same time.. a bit hear, a bit there ..  and at the end of the day.. when the house is still a mess, it’s all my fault.. I mean, it’s my responsibility..
    I try hard to make a home.. but sometimes it’s so frustrating when you get the opposite of what you want to achieve..  Then I just think I’m doing it all wrong.. and there’s nobody to guide me ..  Don’t get me wrong.. I love being a mom.. but I’d also enjoy some time for myself once and a while but it’s always such a hassle ..
    I do enjoy your messages , it encourages me ! I’m looking forward to read your new book.. Thanks for being you.

  • Arabahjoy

    I always find encouragment in the scriptures. Little scripture cards would be well used 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Stay at home mom with a baby on the way… I feel super blessed and a bit overwhelmed anticipating how life will change.   I’m sure it’ll be for the better, though.

  • A4petz

    These would be great encouragement for me!  I appreciate all your encouragement!  You are greatly used by our Father in my life!

    • A4petz

       I meant to write more…but pressed enter too soon! 🙂  As a homeschooling mom of 6 kids 9 and under, leading 2 Bible studies for women and preparing for a purity event for girls in our area, and just being a godly woman and wife, I could use encouragment!  It is easy to feel overwhelmed…however, I have found Psalms to be some of the places I go to for encouragement.  My favorite right now is Ps. 5!

  • Jennym_7

    I tend to get lost in the summer time.I do not really have a schedule.i know i need to stick to one.Also some things going on with my two older boys.They keep me on my knees.I desire to be in the word daily and hear from the Lord:)

  • MomsMustardSeeds

    I would LOVE to win this!

  • JackieS

    where is my heart?  it’s in a good place with God, but am sad that i’ve been so tired lately.  fighting fibromyalgia + not enough sleep = tired.  making a list of all of your blog posts and plan to put into action each day in July (am gone for 4 days, but I can do this!)  thanks for all of the great ideas.

  • Kyra

    My son has special needs, and I just feel overwhelmed, like he would be better off with someone else

    • Charlotte

      Your son needs his momma, Kyra.  He would NOT be better off with someone else!  Check out to see if there is a support group in your area for caregivers of children with special needs similar to your son.  Try to get someone to stay with him for a day so that you can regroup and reenergize.  It’s hard to take one thing at a time with kids, but try it.  Are you a single parent?  God bless and take care of you and your son.

  • A55

    Enjoying the Mary & Martha challenges though I haven’t been faithful in doing them. Taking baby steps in both areas though. THANKS.

  • kristen

    where do i need the most encouragement?  good question.  i have five little guys – 2-8 years and am in the middle of potty training the youngest two (15 mos apart).  seems like whenever i get a chance to sit down i am either bombarded with all of them clamoring for my lap or climbing all over me like a jungle gym.  someone always needs something and when they are finally all in bed, i feel like i have run a marathon.  guess my answer would be, how do i find time to regroup in the middle of all the chaos?  sometimes i just need 5 minutes to breathe and that seems to be when they all need me even more!!  thanks for the giveaway and the encouraging posts about cleaning.  have really been enjoying them!!

  • Carli

    I need the most help in staying focused on God and helping to discern his desires for me and the desires that are really just of this world.

  • Mls624

    I sooo want to win one of these!

  • agodlyhomemaker

    i need help in organizing my thoughts! lol

  • Jennifer Lamb

    Right now, I could really use encouragement in my walk with the Lord.  It seems like the days fly by and I’m barely checking in with Him – I know that’s why everything else is crazy around here – I just need to get my priorities straight and I know he’ll order everything else in my life.  With 4 littles (age 6 and  under), I need to be a good example of our faith to them in everything I do.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mom22

    It is very encouraging to connect with others and know “I’m not alone in feeling this way!”  It is also VERY good to laugh at the situations we find ourselves in and to have empathy for those who are hurting.  So very thankful for God and the way He uses people, like you Sarah Mae and your blog, as well as the many women who read it, to reach out and encourage one another.  Thank you all for sharing and building up! 

  • Kat Sojka

    I need encouragment in not getting so focused on one thing(TTC) that I let everything…and everyone else just fall to the way side.

  • bellahygiene

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