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Need Some Head Shots?

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a sweet photographer interested in photographing me. I thought, “sure, why not!” and we got together and she took these beautiful pictures:

If you need some head shots or other photography (family, engagement) and you live in the Harrisburg or Lancaster area, you should check out Michelle Walls. She’s wonderful and so easy to work with – friendly and funny and calming. You can find Michelle’s website here and her Facebook here.

Thanks Michelle!

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  • Rosann

    Just stunning!!  Love how the black and white photo brings out your beautiful highlights.  I had some professional pics taken of me and my girls a while back and just loved the results.  Now I’ve added photography to my many passions!  Especially when it comes to capturing my gorgeous little girls.  🙂  {yep, I’m a proud mama!}


  • Kristine McGuire

    All the pics are gorgeous but the third one is my favorite. 😀

  • Michelle

    Thanks for letting me capture your fun and sweet spirit. It was much fun to spend the morning with you! 🙂

  • Jess

    Love the last photo!!

  • Jessica @ Muthering Heights

    You are so gorgeous!!

  • Ann Voskamp

    You are so soulbeautiful!  And He makes everything about you just. radiate. I loved the time we shared together last week — taking about things of the Lord with you and Jesse…and the time with your children… and reading with your Cade.

    Have I told you lately what you mean to me? I love you!

  • Mary Bonner

    The pictures are beautiful. But that is no surprise because the subject is lovely…inside and out!

  • Traci Michele

    cute! <3

  • Mama Eagle

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Busymomof10

    I do have to say that You are BEAUTIFUL!

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