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Prayer Covering for Colorado

I received this today…

“Can you please put out a prayer request for my city – Colorado Springs?  Our area is going up in smoke due to large forest fires spreading everywhere.  It’s so hot and dry our town is like a matchbox. We really need your prayers! Please pray for the safety of our firefighters. Please also pray for the safety of our citizens and their homes. Please pray God’s mercy and that He helps to put the fires out. People are losing homes and businesses and we’ve lost some beautiful places to camp and hike. We truly need your prayer covering.”

Friends, let’s cover this city in prayer.

More info:

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  • Kate

    Amen! Praying fervently for God’s intervention and mercy.

  • Jen

    Wow.  I’ll be praying. 

  • Jules Rothacher

    Praying for the Florida Floods AND Colorado Fires! {}

    • Prettywoman

      I am Also Praying For God To Stop The Flooding In Flordia and For The People Involved in the floods. Blessings To You All.  I have visisted and vacationed in your beautiful state of Flordia and I am sad to see what is currently happening.
      Remember To Join Together In Prayer.
      A Colorado Mountain Resident.

  • Kelly @ohthatmomagain

    Praying. 🙁

  • Christa

    Definitely praying. We were fortunate to spend January there with my husband for work. He called today and said they are sending him there tomorrow because his company is evacuated as well. I am saddened for the devastation to your city and surrounding areas.

  • Shelly R

    Absolutely, I have been praying! My heart is breaking for them.

  • Christian SuperMom

    Have been praying.  It’s so awful.  We had crazy wildfires like that when I lived in Southern California.  So heartbreaking.   

  • sonyamacdesigns

    PRAYing … Matthew 6:9-13

  • Prettywoman

    I have been and am continuing to Pray for Our Beautiful State of Colorado.  I Ask All To Join with me In Prayer and As God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit and The Holy Virgin Mary To Send Rain Without Lightening To Colorado, Especially Wildfire Areas to Assist in Putting Out Wildfires. I Ask All To Join With Me In Prayer and As That All Involved in Wildfires be protected and All Animals and Property Be Protected.  I Ask All To Join With Me In Prayer For Anyone who Lost Their Life In One of These Wildfires and for God To Bring Peace and Confort To Their Family Members. I Ask All To Join with me in Prayer and Ask For Protection and Safety For All Brave Fire Fighters who are fightening these HOrrific Wild fire.
    REMEMBER –  The HOly Bible States – If Two Or More Are Gathered In My Name – They Will Be Done.  So – If We All Join In Prayer Together – Our Prayers Will Be Answered.
    Blessings To All – A Colorado Mountain Resident

  • Yigsen/GA

    We are praying and will ask for mercy on America. None of  us are very far from disaster. We survived the ’64 earth quake in Alaska by the grace of God so we know fear and pain. It  behooves all of us to pray for forgiveness and seek The Lord while He may be found. God be with you all our hearts are breaking for you.

  • Mariel

    This happened to me twice here in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  Cerro Grande in 2000, Las Conchas in 2011.  Now, will it come here again this year?  Pray for them, pray for us here in New Mexico. Also pray for Utah and Montana fire victims, as fires are now burning there too.

  • Nate

    I am praying for all of you in Colorado as well.   This news coming in is just devastating to hear and to see.  My heart goes out to all of you there.

  • Sharon

    I’m not the one who sent the prayer request, but I live in Colorado Springs and have just returned home.  We were so blessed to have a home to come back to as so many were not as fortunate.  We lost a rental property to the fire, but I really can’t complain, seeing as we still have so much more than others.  Thank you so much for your prayers!  They were felt.

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