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Reboot Day 2 – Sitting Before Doing (Distractions Part 2)

“Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving.” Luke 10:38-40 ESV (bold mine)

If Jesus was in my home, would I be distracted with serving Him instead of sitting with Him?

I’m not even entirely sure I’d invite Him to dinner. I’d like to say I would, and of course if He was in the flesh I’m sure I would. But I have the opportunity every day to invite Him in, and I don’t.

I have the opportunity to sit at His feet every day and listen. If He is the bread of life, He should be first at my breakfast table. I need Him. Without His Word I am starved. 

I’ve been starving lately.

The thing is, I know that Jesus will not force feed me. I need to choose to sit and feast.

I need to lay down my busyness and the distraction of my own agenda. I need to remember that His Word is not dead or boring or lacking; His Word is alive and piercing, and He speaks to me directly, personally. And on the days I feel like He doesn’t, then I choose to sit with Him as an act of worship; an act of sacrifice.

He is God and I have access to Him. Being able to sit with Jesus and have Him speak directly to my spirit? That is awesome.

Friends, before we get on with our day, before we get taken up with all our tasks and the stuff of life, let’s fill our souls; let’s feast with the King.

In the morning when I rise
Help me to prioritize
All the thoughts that fill my day

Before my schedule
Tells me that my day is full
Before I’m off and on my way

I want to praise you
I need to praise you
Let the first song that I sing
Be praises to my God and King

Before I fill my cup, I’ll lift you up,
I’ll lift you up
Before I start my day, I’ll sing Your praise,
I’ll sing Your praise
Before I start my car, before I get too far….

I want to praise You

A portion of First Song That I Sing, by Sara Groves (Listen here)

“For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12, NASB

Today’s Challenges

Mary Challenge: Get alone with Jesus today. Don’t put it off. Curl up and take in Psalm 119 today. Find a specific verse in Psalm 119 that speaks to you and meditate on it; perhaps even memorize it. Make a plan to spend a portion of each day with God. Maybe this?

Martha Challenge: Clean your dresser drawers – the inside and the top. Go through your clothes, sort, get rid of, organize, and make the top of your dresser look pretty (put everything away!).

My before and after pics will be here.

What keeps you from His Word?

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Photo Credit: ‘Christ in the House of Martha and Mary’, Henryk Siemiradzki, 1886

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  • Sonja Maas

    I’ve been reading Psalm 119 before bed for about a week and plan to do it for the whole month of June. So much good stuff in there! Thanks for these challenges.

    • Sarah Mae

      It is so rich!

  • Kristine McGuire

    This is an excellent post. If I’m honest with myself, I’d have to admit to being more of a Martha (not only if Jesus were to come to my home in the physical today, but how I treat my relationship with Him now). I spend a lot of time writing about being a Christian or spiritual topics—but am I making the effort to sit with Jesus at His feet? Not really. Not enough. Not enough.

    • Sarah Mae

      I can relate.

  • Sonya McCllough

    Clutter is currently my number one distraction … mentally & physically … which reminds me of a very important task I just let & let GOD cause it was just too much for me … I gave this one task to HIM and yes & AMEN … all is well. Thanks for this Day 2 reminder.

  • Jennifer L Nilsson

    Another ‘hit home’ post, Sarah Mae!
    I am often jump right into my day with all the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and sadly, rarely take time to just have this quiet time sitting at His feet.
    So thankful to share this with others today:

    • Sarah Mae

      It’s so easy to bypass God. Sad. I feel sad about it. 

  • Ljdroll

    I love these posts, but being a working Mom, I a not able to clean my closet, cook dinner, and take care of my family in one evening.  I’ll have to spread these reboots over a few weekends.

    • Sarah Mae

      And that is totally fine! Take your time! 🙂

  • Sharon Leavitt

    I should have known you are a Sara Groves fan…
    Thanks for the encouragmetnt to continue my prayer for God to create in me a desire to be more a Mary than a Martha…God is so good…

  • Jennifer Kurz

    I so needed to hear this today! I have been a little starved lately as we just moved, death in the family, and starting a new business…….. Crazy, right? Sitting at my fathers feet must be first priority for me to even handle all these things. Thank you so much for the great post!

  • Lizzie

    I particularly enjoy your Scripture choices: I memorized your verses from yesterday with my little ones, and today we plan to memorize Psalm 119:33-38.  I can not adequately express how much I enjoy being reminded that tending to my soul makes it much more peaceful when I tend to my home.  Thank you, Sarah Mae, for doing this for us.  Already I have been so blessed.

    • Sarah Mae

      I am so, so glad. Thank you for your encouragement! 

  • Leann

    Wow, I actually woke up singing this song this morning. And I just checked out the Allume Bible study. It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been needing lately and just haven’t been able to find anything that digs in like this. LOVE IT. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I’ve been craving the Word so much lately, as my life has gotten beyond hectic and has just turned into pure craziness. It’s time to make room for Jesus.

    • Sarah Mae

      Leann, that’s so cool! So glad you’re joining in!

  • Vanilla Housewife

    So true – sometimes, the busier I get the less I do,  and I find it tougher to set priorities and easier to do nothing!   A good reminder to get back to basics.

  • Rosann

    Words so true, Sarah.  My problem lately.  I sit with Jesus every morning, or at least that’s what I’m attempting to do.  Yet for some reason I feel lately like my spiritual tank is bone dry.  How can that be?  My nose is in the Bible every single day.  I don’t get it… but I keep showing up and seeking Him.  Maybe I need a good Bible study… 

  • Dan Busenitz

    Psalm 119 was exactly what I needed today. Haven’t read it in a long time. Did my girls’ dresser instead of my own, since it was already done. Loving the challenge. Thanks Sarah!

  • Jarmila V. Del Boccio

    Such wise advice, Sarah Mae…I’ve been feeling dry lately. Thanks for the nudge!

  • Beth Williams

    Reading through the Psalms right now on my “read-the-Bible in a year” trek I do every year.
    I try different versions of the Bible and enjoy them all.

    I do the Marth Challenge pretty often at my house.  I go through my clothes, and other items and see what I wear & use often & what I don’t.  That which isn’t used/worn much goes to Goodwill or some other charity.

    I love to declutter my house!

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