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Share Your Why (The Reboot Day 6) - Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?

Today you have it easy.

All I want you to do is tell me your why.

Why do you want to clean? Why do you choose to clean? Why does it matter if you clean? Who are you cleaning for?

What is your why?

Leave a comment below.

P.S. Not that easy:

Martha Challenge: Survey the other bedrooms in your home – what do you want to get done in them this week? Make a plan before you start pulling everything out of closets and drawers with the good intentions of organizing them all. Come up with five tasks (one for each day) you want to/can reasonably accomplish this week. If your babes are old enough, get them involved. Here’s a fun idea on how to do that.

P.P.S. You can read my “why” here.

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  • Charity

    My why is because having a clean home gives me peace of mind. I truly feel that I can rest and focus on my family when my home is clean. Otherwise I tend to wind up with what feels like a nervous tick because I think I should be cleaning instead of whatever I am doing.  Really enjoying the challege thus far!

  • Mary Kemister

    Why I want my house Clean is because I feel stressed and unsettled in my home. I love when my husband comes home to some order but I am failing at the moment

  • Joy

    My why is because I am always more productive when my surroundings are straight, clean and in order. However, what usually kicks off a good cleaning is stress or something that is out of my control. I need to keep my hands busy. I think that’s why I love vacuuming, I can see immediate results. 🙂  

  • Hayley @ HappyHouseWifey

    So we can enjoy our home.

  • Melissa Hendrix

    I would like to say that my “why” is because I can’t handle the mess and I want it to be clean and all of that but it really boils down to feel guilty that my house isn’t as clean as it should be for people to see it. Having a 16 month old doesn’t help either. I can organize till I’m blue in the face for someone else but I’m not so great at home because I struggle with getting rid of things. My husband picks on my and tells me I am borderline hoarder. I am not that bad I promise. 🙂 I am praying that God changes my “why” into wanting to please him by serving my family.  It does help to be set free of the “perfect” expectations. I feel like it is all or nothing sometimes. I also compare myself to other women who have super clean homes AT ALL TIMES. This isn’t fair to me or my family. Another are of prayer…

  • Kristine McGuire

    I want my home to be inviting and peaceful for my husband and anyone who steps through the door. 

  • Pink Dryer Lint

    I’m able to breathe and think more easily when the environment around me as (at least) somewhat ordered.

  • Lisa Mather

    My “why” isn’t as easy to put down in words.  I know it should be to bring honor to God by being a good steward of what He’s given me.  Right now, though, I’m in a personal funk.  As a mother to six kids, I feel like when I try to clean that it is unfruitful as I have  tazmanian devils behind me undoing it all.  He is still working on changing my heart’s perspective.  He’s still leading me away from my distractions, I failed in that last week! I’ll be looking to actually complete my room this week.  I know that my kids function better in an orderly, functional home and not one of chaos.  So, I think my why is to not only bring God glory but to also provide my family a place of rest.  A place they feel free to be themselves, to be able to enjoy their home and not just reside.

  • Kristenkill

    Ok girl, you asked for it! My WHY is because I want to create an atmosphere of peace, a place where all the life can happen without slipping in goo…the good stuff like dance parties and cuddles on the couch and interesting investigations at the kitchen table. I can’t roll like that if its a mess. Also, I want the peace of our home to be a place where the Holy Spirit RELISHES being…and where we are open to receiving him and soaking him in. The goo that can pile up honestly closes our hearts up to him when we are too busy wading through it.

  • Rosann

    Why do I want to clean?  I don’t.  But I know my mission in life is to glorify God and to do so, I need to take care of the gifts He has blessed me with, particularly the gift of my husband and children.  My role in taking care of them is to provide them with clean clothing and a warm, inviting, comfortable home.   Ahem…but I’ll work on that later today.  Lol!  🙂  Just kidding!

  • Sheena @ An Imperfect Life

    I want to keep my home clean , warm and inviting for my husband and sons. I love how my husband’s face lights up, when he finds the house clean..

  • Heather Apgar

    Why do I want to clean?  I don’t!! I have SO many things I’d rather be doing, and honestly I often choose to do them instead of cleaning!  
    Why do I clean?  because I know that if I don’t, it will continue to pile up, and become a monumental task that I hate even more!!  either that, or someone will come over, and won’t be able to open the door 🙂  
    Honestly, I often let it go long enough that it is a visible difference when I do it, just so I feel like I accomplish something before it gets messed up again by life  🙂

  • Vanilla Housewife

    My why – hmm,  it is more of an aim at the moment!  But I’d like to keep the house clean and tidy so it’s a comforting place for my family, a place of warmth and sanctuary to build memories.

    I did my ‘why’ as a Wordle recently, the scattered display suits my mind as I can just pick one item out when I need to!

  • Jessica Holmes

    My “why” is much like yours.  Growing up, it was always so stressful when we had people over.  We had to quickly clean the rooms people would see and the rooms that people wouldn’t see ended up with baskets or boxes of junk in them.  I see that same pattern happening in my adult life and I want so badly to break it.  I want to be able to invite a family over after church and not have to rush home and shove everything in a closet before they arrive.  I just want it to be clean so I can be hospitable.  

  • Jarmila V. Del Boccio

    I clean because I can’t stand to work around messes! I need a neat area to cook, sew, organize photos, or whatever I am doing at the time…

  • Dawn Acero

    I asked my husband how we can make our bedroom a romantic sanctuary.  His first response was to keep it clutter free.  That’s enough reason for me to enjoy the cleaning process.

  • Kristin

    Cleaning restores order to our lives and helps days be smoother, at least in our house. With kids, I’ve certainly learned some chores matter far less than they used to, but, still, the order that cleaning brings helps me focus on truly important relationships, like the ones with God, my husband, my kids, our extended families and our friends who are like family. Plus, if the house stays generally clean, we don’t hesitate to invite people over, even though they probably don’t care how clean the house is. 

  • Audra Michelle

    Why. Wow – that IS a tough one.  Here’s my list of why’s: society expects it and sees me as a bad wife and mother if I do not, I feel like a failure if I don’t, I want to bless my hubby with a clean home (not easy with 3 under 4), I want to easily spontaneously entertain guests without embarrassing my hubby or our family with a “scattered” home.

  • Ashley@ Stay-At-Home Daughter

    I want to clean because it will help me cultivate good habits and skills for when I have a family of my  own.

  • Dawn Schlienz

    Why? Hhhmmmm….because I hate cleaning???  And I know it’s not good to hate. Ha!
    But seriously, it’s because my day goes much more smoothly and my time is spent more efficiently when I can find what I’m looking for. That, in turn, leaves me more time and energy to spend with my son, and allows me to have visitors over and I can actually focus on them instead of worrying about keeping them out of view of the disorder and chaos.

  • nicole pope

    I feel SO much more calm and peaceful when all the clutter is gone.  I’m down right giddy when all the bathroom and kitchen is clean and disinfected!  I have the kids at Grandma’s today so I’m planning to get to business with cleaning!

  • Beth Yenca

    I want my house clean because it is stressful when I can’t find things.  Things I know we have but I have misplaced cause i am so disorganized and have things all over the house.

  • Candersonh

    I have to clean the house today because my husband will get so irritated at me if I don’t that it’s just not worth it.  This is my first day of ‘vacation’ while the kids are at their grandmother’s, but he doesn’t see it that way.  So, I’m going to sneak a nap in the morning and slave away this afternoon before he gets home so that that he won’t yell at me.  And that’s pretty much why I clean.

  • Savannah

    I clean my house so Child Services don’t take my kids away…just kidding! I’m not the best at keeping up with housework, but clutter — especially in the kitchen — stresses me out. Also, it’s just embarrassing if you get behind in the cleaning and someone happens to drop in! I want to teach my kids to be more diligent with housework than I am, but to do that I need to lead by example.

  • Lacy Winchester

    My “whys” are many…

    1. It serves God because of the capacity He has called me to. (Around the time of my marriage, almost 2 years ago now, I felt He was leading me to stay home. I struggled with this decision because of the loss of income but He has provided in His great goodness and has revealed it in many capacities. By far, I believe it was a way to bring me closer to Him and my husband, thus, keeping our marriage centered on Christ)

    2. It allows me to serve my husband and our marriage. Cleaning allows my husband to come home to a calm, quieted, and relaxed environment – allowing us to focus on other priorities without the distractions of the dish avalanche or the Mt. Washmore of laundry.

    3. It keeps our hearts open to random (otherwise planned) hospitality. While we don’t get many visitors, 99% of them are random and spontaneous. It allows us to focus on them, the visitor, and invite them in without hesitation because our home is prepared to receive them warmly.

    4. It opens my heart to worship. Cleaning can become so mindless that sometimes I can come away feeling numb. I have discovered over time to combat the drone I can become – to put on some worship music or even a sermon or 2. Most times I come away feeling not just accomplished at a completed task but almost refreshed at times because I fed on “soul food” – something to “chew” on, think on, throughout my day.

  • Beth Williams

    My whys are simple…I can’t stand chaos.  I want everything in its place–neat & tidy. 

    I feel that cleanliness is next to Godliness & that I am pleasing God by keeping my/His house clean–everything we have is essentially His.

  • Chasity Galyon

    My home is my sanctuary and I want it to reflect peace and comfort. A made bed feels better getting in to than a messy bed with the pillows and covers everywhere. I can find things when the house is clean. My husband has less stress when he comes home and things are in order. The world is chaotic. There needs to be a place where my family can come and relax and feel at ease. Our home should be that place.

  • Sharon

    My motivation for cleaning house is because clutter and messes stress me out and leave me feeling overwhelmed.  I want our home to be a space that is relaxing and not stressful.  I also know it stresses my husband out to come home to a messy home.  I don’t want him to dread walking in the door after a long day at work.

  • SusanK

    I want to be able to enjoy our home together as a family. I don’t just want my house to be clean for company I want our home to be clean for our family. I’m in the process of  de-cluttering it so it still looks messy. Plus it helps me feel less stressed if someone stops by.

  • Sassiecassie59

    In the past 3 yrs I have realized that my cleaning is in vain. I had become so stressed out about it and was so. Unhappy doing it that it was not God honoring at all. I still clean because I like the cleanliness but it is a huge struggle to have a good attitude about it. I want to teach my kids to do it with a happy joyful attitude.

  • Shelly @ Frugal Family Home

    I clean because I have grown to not like a mess or clutter. I really can’t stand to see things out of place or messy or dusty.  It really drives me crazy. So for peace of mind I clean.  My husband is also the same way. He really needs order in the home to have peace of mind.

  • Stacie

    I hate how dirt feels under foot. And I get tense when clutter interrupts my line of sight (it makes me feel claustrophobic). But I’m not good at keeping it clean. Every few days I get grouchy and realize it’s because things aren’t clean (again!) and then I get busy.

  • Lenorediviney

    I like a clean house. if my house is dirty is stresses me out. Now my house is still sometimes messy (three kids will do that) but everything (bathrooms,kitchen,etc) gets scrubbed at least once a week.  the most important thing is realizing its a never ending process, nothing can get you down like the constant laundry a family makes. It’s just not a job with an end unfortunately so its easy to feel that you’re not accomplishing anything. that’s why its even more important to stay on top of cleaning with little step
    so that no part of it becomes overwhelming.

  • rhonda

    The answer to my why, is No, I don’t want to. 

  • Pamela

    I wrote down my reasons in a note book around a week ago when I started the challenge.  I am doing the original challenge also.  
    This is my Why?
    I want God and my Husband to know I am thankful for what they haven supplied me with.  I am thankful for my home.  You take care of the things that you are thankful for.  I am not going to have a perfectly clean house with five little ones and I am starting to understand that. 
    Also when my house is a total mess it stresses me out.  I like things clean and organized.  With each child your life changes a little, you have to adjust and tweek things a little.  

  • JackieS

    Why do I clean?  (for me – it’s more like “organize”) – when things are organized, it makes me feel more calm, more relaxed, like something is accomplished and i now can sit down and do something that is “extra.”

  • Kristen

    My whys are because I know it is what I should do… all things decently and in order, my trying will honor God; because my husband would like it clean;  I am more joyful and content when it’s clean; it’s easier to think about having others over when my home can be cleaned up quickly. After my fourth child came (oldest was 4) I kinda gave up on cleaning, but I need to persevere!

  • Amy Hale

    1. I want to take good care of something God has graciously given me.
    2. My husband is happier when he walks into a tidy home.
    3. I want to be able to entertain without apologizing or feeling ashamed.
    4. I want my family to live in a home where they feel comfortable and at peace…a refuge from the cares of the world!

    P.S. Thank you SO much for doing this! It is helping a LOT because homekeeping does NOT come naturally for me!

  • Liz

    Having a clean house makes me feel accomplished.  It is something I can do well, with immediate results.  When my house is disorderly I feel like my life gets disorderly and messy.  I have noticed to that my hubby enjoys it and also my kids play and engage better when there is less clutter 🙂

  • Jasmyne F

    For me I personally chose to participate in this challenge because in 2 months or so my first child will be born and I want not only my home but spiritual life to be in order. This has been something God has been dealing with me with a daily basis, how I live now most people would never believe it. I am no hoarder by any means but super organized and now I have gotten to the point of just throwing things on the floor and walking by it. So for me this was not just a cleaning challenge but purging of material things and things I should have gotten rid of a long time ago whether it be foods, drinks, movies, drinks or even people…this made me realize it needed to be done.

  • Jessica

    I choose to clean, because I think much more clearly and don’t get as frazzled when my house is clean and not cluttered.  I also clean because our house is a blessing from the Lord, and as a thanks to Him for providing for us, I like our house to be clean.  I also think to teach my children to be clean, that I need to lead by example.  I just think things run much more smoothly with a clean house.

  • Jennifer

    I clean my house because it stresses me out and makes me not want to be home when it is messy (like it is right now).  While cleaning up this summer, we are also working on decluttering, hopefully A LOT, so that it will be easier to maintain.  Our biggest obstacle right now are my son’s toys.  Especially the ones he gets from my mom.  She doesn’t get to see us often so she likes to buy BIG toys for him.  So we have  a huge fire truck pedal car and a huge bean bag chair, neither of which fit in his room anymore.  So the fire truck in taking up as much space as an occasional chair in our living room and his bean bag is stuffed in a closet that we can’t open right now (for fear of being tackled by a ginormous bean bag) 🙂  Did I mention that we have no garage so we can’t store the fire truck outside?  In my mom’s defense, she bought the fire truck online and thought it was going to be half the size it is.  But it is one of those toys my son loves and uses often, especially with it being in the living room, so we are having trouble letting it go.

  • Sheila

    I clean my house because it’s a way to take care of the material possessions God’s blessed me with, and by extension take care of the other blessings I’ve received (my husband & children. I also clean because I want to set a good example to my children. And on a shallower note, I clean so that I’m not embarrassed by the state of my house if anyone were to see it. 

  • Sheree G.

    Well, part of it, the part I always tell my children, is that chaos around me leads to chaos between my ears; and I have enough chaos between my ears, let me tell ya, lol. And it is true, however, at the “heart” of my fuel, ’cause the heart is really what this is all about, right?, is that I feel judged if my house is not immaculate. I feel that other ladies that come into my home will think less of me, or how will I ever find a husband if I can’t even take care of my home properly. I am more at peace when everything is neat and tidy, but I am still overcoming my obsession that I am not worthy if I’m not Martha whats-her-name.

  • Lori

    I feel so much better when my house is clean.  It stresses me out to have a dirty house.  I feel so overwhelmed with it being messy.  My family deserves to live in a clean house.

  • skottydog

    My why is so I can teach by example. How can we tell our four year old that his room is a mess when we have dishes piling up out of the sink? We can tell them how to behave, but it won’t mean anything if they see us behaving differently.

  • Tina

    Do I don’t feel depressed, overwhelmed and discouraged every time I look around. And so my husband will be pleased. And to give my four children a decent role model.

  • Gail

    I need the order of a clean home. I’m happier when my home is  reasonably clean and tidy. The house work never is completed but if I keep on top of it then there is peace. My problem is too much stuff and that weighs me down. I want to rid my home of more clutter and the why there, is that I can then enjoy what I really want to do and achieve without the guilt.

  • Jennifer

    Why? Or more like WHY, GOD, WHY!?!?! Why do I do this day in and day out over and over again? 

    Why? My answer is love. Because I love my God who gave me this house and everything that fills it from the cobwebs, dirty laundry, growing children and the memories. Oh the beautiful memories. I love Him and He desires to see me succeed and be a good steward of this house. Speaking of this house, I grew up knowing very well what it was like to have a haven for a home. It cast out all the fears of the world as soon as you enter in the doors, it unifies all who enter. In community, fellowship and yes, work. Doing the dishes together, playing together. It all is a part of making a house a haven.  

    Oh man, I can feel my heart ready to pour out. Please forgive the length that probably will occur next…

    I also love my husband. If it was solely up to me the standard of “excellence” in house cleaning, it would be somewhere around “just barely keeping your head above water “(or as I call it, the STRESSED OUT STAGE!). Though I wouldn’t be thriving there, it would appeal to my lazy self a lot more. My husband however can not function in much disfunction and that keeps me plugging on. My love for him, to give him a haven that blesses him even more than it stinks to not be up to date on the latest TV shows. I must bring him good (proverbs 31) all the days of my life and this is one of the key ways to do it for him, for me and for all who enter. 

    For me on a very personal level though, it’s to battle against my own sin. Like I said, naturally I’m a pretty lazy, unmotivated and selfish person when you get right down to it. If I’d let myself, I’d be one grouchy mama every time if you disrupted me and made me feel like I should get up while reading that news story about nothing to important at all. It’s pretty gross, I know. But cleaning, organizing, cooking and raising a family with excellence? It battles against that laziness ALL DAY LONG every day. 

    Boy, oh boy, do I feel it. 

    I can FEEL God sharpening me over and over again. I can hear His voice in every decision saying “selflessness or selfishness? What will you choose this time?” Not condemning, it’s more like calling. He’s showing me that He cares, He seeks to make me shine, He seeks to make me stand out for HIS glory (let me tell you what…a calm, mostly joyful mother at barely 24 years old with a set of not even 2 year old twins and a 6 month old with a clean house, a cooked meal and happy, doting husband in the city of Philadelphia stands WAY WAY WAY out people. If standing out and giving God glory in mere milliseconds after stepping out of your car is what you want, take that route! Even when you don’t want to be watched and have people ask you a million questions while staring at you in disbelief so you can ultimately point them to Jesus and give Him ALL the glory because that’s where it all needs to go.) 

    And lets face it, we are to seek God’s peace and rest and I’ve yet to meet someone who can get there when they are tripping over clothes, toys and piles of papers. 

  • Momma Jen

    After six months of being in bed, and a body that is “too slowly” healing – and a new baby to boot –  cleaning my house is overwhelming (have I mentioned my DH’s bedside table had silverfish ON it?) and the mess to pick up after my now FIVE children doesn’t make it easier. 

    Why do I want a clean house? Mostly, because I want other people to like me and think I have it all together. That is the honest answer. It’s not a good answer. 

    I’m trying to learn that it doesn’t have to be perfect (I want it to be that way, I remember a day BEFORE children when it was). There is something about being able to COMPLETE a TASK once in awhile in the midst of building stronger relationships with my children, and TEACHING them via a model that isn’t a task master – but adoring, loving and learning from them as well. I don’t think of my children as Jesus, but they are gifts from God and I am trying to learn to NOT treat them like “little devils” even though sometimes I feel the craisins ground into the carpet that I just cleaned and the mouldy apple cores under the couch may make me think they ARE. ;D

    Thank you for the reboot. My Master bedroom, thus far, is staying fairly clean (except for the birthday presents I’m needing to wrap). And I’m feeling less stressed (and hoping that I can keep up – not perfectly – but enough to make the rest of my house feel like my master bedroom does.  Thanks Sarah Mae!!!

  • Misty Krasawski

    Why … well, for me it’s a double-edged thing. I do consider what others would think if they saw how messy things would get were I to leave it alone, first of all! But I often tell my children, who love to say, “Why are we cleaning? Is someone coming over?” even though they do it every day–and people certainly don’t come every day!– That we’re cleaning because *we live here!* 

  • Cheryl S

     My home tends to reflect my emotional state. When my emotions are stable my housecleaning is also. When I’m down the housework doesn’t get done in fullness and messes and clutter pile up. My husband doesn’t mind the messes because he knows I’m trying, and my kids are too young to know the difference yet. But I know, and I care. I clean to satisfy my desire for rest in my heart. When my environment is clean I feel like a burden has been lifted and I can have some soul relaxation.

  • Mitzi

    I clean because I am more relaxed in an organized, tidy house.  My house never gets to the “sparkly” state, but I strive for tidy and comfortable.  I also clean because I feel it is my responsibility to take care of what god has given me.

  • kat

    I like to clean because I find it hard to concentrate on anything else if there is all this “clutter” around me. I’ll start thinking on all the things I’ve got to do and can’t concentrate on spending time with my husband, children or grandchildren when all this other stuff is staring me in the face. Also, I don’t like a dirty house. I’ve always been like that. Always kept my bedroom clean as a child and can’t stand stuff in the floors and not put where it’s supposed to be.  🙂

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