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The Reboot Day 4 – Lazy Bones

My husband captured this gem. Flattering, eh?

I love to sleep.

Sometimes, when I lay down in my bed at night, I just smile and wiggle my toes and think how thankful I am for sleep. It is so good.

And warm baths, love those too.

Oh, and curling up in my white comfy chair, sipping tea (sometimes coffee), and just letting my bones relax.

Relax. Curl up. Sleep. I could live like this. But it’s not much of a life, and my home would fall apart and my children would raise themselves. You know, if I just lived comfortable. If I just let laziness have its way in me.

If I just choose to be selfish.

That’s right, selfish, because let’s face it, the root of laziness is selfishness (which we’ll talk about tomorrow). When I indulge in being lazy, I’m choosing to let chaos win. I’m choosing to turn my back on my responsibilities. I’m choosing to waste the moments and the gifts that add up to a life.

And my children are watching; they are becoming as they take in how their mama lives.

I don’t want to be a lazy person! I want to be diligent; I want to be wise and faithful with my time and the talents God has given me. I must push back, daily, on the curse (more of this next week), and choose to work. Work is good (more on this next week).

I’m going to choose (it is a choice), today, to be diligent. I’m going to choose to have authority over these lazy bones, and accept the fact that life is hard and it wasn’t meant to be easy. We live in a world wrapped in sin, and so we must fight; we must remain faithful. We press on, remembering the goal: to live with eternity in mind.

We work so there is order and so we can eat and live, but we also work so we can become like Jesus and to love others well.

We choose to let our work be caught up into heaven. We choose to let the Holy Spirit have His way in us, making us humble and willing to serve. We choose to create beauty out of chaos in order to love those who need a soft place to land.

It really is all a choice; the choice to surrender to the One who will work through us.

I’m surrendering.

I’m choosing to love.

Are you with me?

Today’s Challenges

Mary Challenge: Get your Bible out and look up as many references to the word “lazy” as you can find. Write down some key consequences of choosing a lifestyle of laziness. If you have time, also look up references to being diligent and write down the blessings of choosing a lifestyle of diligence.

Martha Challenge: Keep working on your bedroom! If you haven’t yet, clean out underneath your bed. If you’ve done that, move on to your night stand.

“Take us down and lay us low

Leave ashes in place of gold

Life-giver sustainer

Let nothing remain of our pride

From your mountain on high

Lay us low”

Christa Wells, Lay Us Low

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  • DianeShiffer

    Sarah, I am really loving this “reboot”.. really really a lot a lot. Thanks♥

    • Sarah Mae

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Sonja Maas

    Thanks! I so needed to read this this morning!

    • Sarah Mae

      I’m probably going to need to read it to myself every morning! 

  • Mandy Scarr

    Oh Mae, I needed this! I get up with J at 4:45 and lately I’ve been falling back asleep instead of being diligent about getting in my exercise, walking my pup, and most importantly getting in an extended quiet time with the Lord before heading to work (a place where I NEED my quiet time to have fixed my attitude before I cross the threshold!). Thank you for the encouragement! Have a blessed day with those little ones.

    • Beth Williams


      I am so like you!!  I drag my behind out of bed usually at 5:15AM M-F.  First off I get some tea & then off to listen to the Bible–I read through the Bible in a year every year.  Then off to do some exercise & housework.  I truly need that time before work just like you do.

      I need an attitude adjustment before crossing the threshold of work.  I will pray that God will help you to arise early & have a bit of quiet time before work!

      Beth Williams

  • Vanessa

    I’m really enjoying this thought-provoking series!  I was thinking of selfishness on Day 1 when you wrote about distractions.  Who wants to do housework when I could be reading or crocheting or sewing or blogging or….the list could go on forever. 🙂  All things that I want to do; that I like to do. 

    I’ve also noticed that if I sit down to watch the morning news I usually lose my motivation for the rest of the day.  Instead of turning on the news I’m going to try turning on worship music instead.

    Thanks for “telling it like it is”. 🙂

  • Arabahjoy

    Sarah Mae, this actually is profound! We tend to think that we *deserve* certain things {and our culture is very helpful along those lines} when really it is a choice to live according to the flesh or according to the Spirit. Thank you for these words today, I’m choosing the Spirit too!

  • Kristine McGuire

    Wow, you really hit me with this one today—but in a good way. Thank you. 🙂

  • Pamela

    I love to sleep also.  I have no problem sleeping at night.  When I was a teenager and in college, I took a nap everyday.   I took naps until my second child was born.   I also love to curl up with a good book  and just be lazy.   Just like you said it is a daily battle.  We all have to die to self each and every day.  
    This morning I got up and read my Bible drank some coffee.  I just got my 9 mnth old back to sleep.  I am going to get started on today’s challenge and my “six list”.   

  • Sonya McCllough

    The night stand? Really Sarah Mae … it has three drawers too. A flat surface is so sweet when neat.

  • Sonya McCllough

    I wonder if Christa will sing this tomorrow … in the ville.

  • jennirust

    Good heavens, who are you and why are you inside my brain??  I have been overwhelmingly challenged each day so far – you are really hitting me hard. =)  Thanks for the encouragement and showing us the real you.  I work full time and have a foster baby plus my own hubs and 11 yo son to take care of, but these articles (esp day 1!!) have already lead me to close out all my Facebook games.  YIKES!  Hubs didn’t know what to think!  All the hours I spent each day on such temporal silliness – wasted!  The Lord has really been impressing on me to live with eternity in mind and love others more than myself.  

    Thanks for the kick in the pants.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

  • Accidental Baby Maker

    oh. my. goodness. I had to laugh because each and every night when my tushie hits the sheets I do this little wiggle, kick my feet around and say “i love my bed” it’s always been my “safe place” and now even with little man, when our days are long, sad, or chaotic, I bring him to our bed to snuggle and watch a little t.v.

    It’s so easy to choose lazy over everything else in our lives. Especially housework!

    Today, I’m blasting KLOVE and busting it out, getting in done, and hopefully by the time nap time rolls around, we’ll be spic and span :o)

  • Eileen

    I love that picture.  Our kids are definitely watching and soaking it all in.  

  • Beth Williams


    Im enjoying the reboot~  I love the Mary & Martha challenges.  I work on the Martha ones daily–!
    Great post!  You are a good writer!

  • Kim Hall

    Yes, I will be more intentional today and make sure I get out and walk, even if I don’t feel like it. Thank you for the boot.

    I just want to know your secret magic to getting little girls to sleep vertically in bed rather than crosswise. I didn’t think it was possible for kids to sleep in their parent’s bed that way!

  • Carole Smith

    Beautifully and honestly said. 

  • Vanilla Housewife

    I read this after returning home from a long day out – I enforced some authority on my bones to do a bit of tidying up, ran the dishwasher and set the washing machine to run tomorrow morning on a timer.  Not perfect by a long way, but a lot better than it would have been if I’d just fallen into bed.  Thanks for the direction.

  • Trina Holden

    Have I mentioned lately that I love your hybrid combination of inspiring and practical writing? Totally loved this post as I was dealing with laziness this week, as well.
    I’m happy to say I bit the bullet and got to work, and the clean house is so worth it. 🙂

    • Sarah Mae

      Thank you, Trina. You are always such an encouragement! 

  • chloe.

    I had myself a lazy day today. I got things done, but really slowly and begrudgingly, and I feel lethargic as a result. God knew I needed this post today. Thanks for letting Him work through you.

  • Christin

    I wrote a post on this not long ago called “Glorifying the Mess”

  • Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    I’m a bit behind on my email reading so I am just now getting to this a few days late.

    I just had to say, this hit me between the eyes:
    “When I indulge in being lazy, I’m choosing [to] let chaos win.”

    And right now? My house is in chaos and the kids have only been home from school for one afternoon and there is a whole summer stretching out before me. Looking at one day’s chaos is making me dread the rest of the summer.

    I cannot afford to be lazy.

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