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He is Faithful Even When I’m Not

My Ella is six years old.

Nearly every night she asks to listen to the Bible as she falls asleep. Her favorite story, currently, is the story of Queen Esther. When I’m with her and she listens to it, we pause here and there so I explain things to her (what’s a signet ring? What’s a decree?). Since Esther is at the forefront of my little ones mind right now, I decided to buy the movie, One Night With The King. Just another medium from which to grasp the story.

I have been observing that when I give her the access (iphone audio bible, movie) to God’s Word in a way that best suits her, she feasts on it.

And God fills the gaps and He is so good and so gracious.

I have not been diligent about tucking the Word into my children’s hearts. I don’t make them memorize scripture and I haven’t been reading it to them as much I want. Yet He finds a way. He hears my prayers. I cuddle up with my babies and I think how I haven’t done enough, and I pray that He would get a hold of their hearts, and that they would follow after Him with all of who they are and for all of their lives. I ask that where I fall short, would He fill the gaps.

It is not excuse for me to falter as I do, but He is so kind to me and my children, and He is faithful even when I’m not.

He is reaching my Ella’s heart through His story, and she brings me in and we have wonderful talks about God and His people and His story…and we tuck His Word into our hearts together. Her joy of His story pushes me to get back on track, and to remember to be intentional with filling their spirits with what truly gives them life.

How do you serve your children His life-giving Word?

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  • http://www.eileenknowles.com Eileen

    I love that reminder…that each of us (and our kids) respond and grow differently.  And this is so true “when I give her the access (iphone audio bible, movie) to God’s Word in a way that best suits her, she feasts on it.”   Love watching my son feast like this too.  Often, it’s when we are listening to Christian music.  The other day he was singing along in the back seat of the car to one of his favorites.  His eyes were closed as he sang along. It made my heart smile!

  • http://www.revivingmotherhood.wordpress.com/ Stephanie

    This is so beautiful and I can identify so much!  Too often, time in God’s Word with my littles gets lost in the urgency of daily life.  Lately I have been putting on audio Bible while I work around the house, or playing the Jesus Storybook Bible audio while they draw or do something quiet.  I have actually been reading and meditating on Esther too!  Mordecai is such a great example of fearless parenting–what an example!

  • http://www.writingstraight.com/ Holly Michael

    Very nice Sarah. With my children grown now, I can’t go back and do more, but I’m happy for encouraging the Word in their life, reading Scripture stories and doing my best to teach them to love and fear God. Whatever the future brings for your daughter, you are grounding her, helping her, and these things will stick with her forever. Great job. Keep it up! 

  • Jamie

    Sarah (or anyone reading), do you have a good recommendation for a Bible for kids on CD? Or just the stories? I listed to them as a good, and I still remember a man’s deep voice announcing, “The Greatest Story Ever Told…” I believe God uses any exposure to His Word to help build a foundation in our hearts…

    • http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com Sarah Mae

      We use this: http://www.dayspring.com/the_word_of_promise_nkjv_new_testament_cd_audio_bible/

      I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Songs for Saplings: http://www.songsforsaplings.com/cd_qavol1.php

  • Beth Williams

    Great way to teach the children and yourself the Bible.  I would try having her memorize some simple scripture like Psalm 150 or Psalm 23.

    I listen daily to the Bible on BibleGateway.  That way I listen through the Bible in a year.  They have various versions–now I’m using Today’s NIV.

  • Amanda McCusker

    That is beautiful! My daughter is young enough to still love Veggie Tales so that is our biggest Bible learning tool right now. We also have a children’s Bible we read several times a week before bed. But, I feel like I don’t do enough. This is the perfect word for me today. God will take care of the gaps. We are teaching our children how to learn and be open to God’s word and he will take care of the rest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004044079705 Dalynn Cordell

    Praise God!! AWESOME IS HE!!

  • bkasm5

    This spoke to my heart.  Today i sat my 3 kiddos down at the table after breakfast and did a bible study with them.  We went over some memory verses.  I have been soooo lazy with this this summer.  How ironic i read a post about the exact same thing that God convicted my heart on this very morning.  Thank you for sharing.  You are not alone. 

  • http://www.melissascornerbooknook.com/ Melissa

    Good post.  Whatever I do or don’t do as is the case sometimes, I look to God to give the increase.  I just started memorizing scriptures with my 7-year old twins this year…one scripture a month.    Sometimes I forget, but I just forgive myself and move on.   God does fill in the gap.  I pray that God will get a hold of their heart.   One thing I have used since they were 3 years old was listening to the Memory Bible by Stephen Elkins and narrated by Kirk Cameron.   It is a book with 52 Bible stories and original songs.  They loved listening to it a night.    As they got older they surprised me with what they knew about the Bible.     I saw an idea from Doorposts (www.doorposts.com) that has a book called Hidden Treasures.  It is a study of the book of Proverbs.   There are illustrations for some of those Proverbs.  I was thinking that I would ask my kids to represent a memory verse with a drawing, photos or Legos for fun and hoping that the scripture would start to bloom in their hearts.  

  • Mindi

    So true, we do our best and God makes up the rest! 

    I struggled for the longest time getting upset with myself for not reading the scriptures as often as should with my children. Then one day I realized – why not just add it to a routine we already have in place. Every night our kid’s routine is put on pj’s, brush teeth, read stories,  say prayers. I decided to add in scripture reading before we read another story – I read them scripture stories from a children’s scripture book. My kids are 6 and 3 and it works really well for us. Even my 3 year old – who I thought could care less – got after me when I skipped over the scripture stories one night when we were late getting to bed. It’s only 5-10 extra minutes each night but I’m surprised all the time at what my 6 year old knows just from keeping this simple routine. Plus, I think as he grows it will continue as a habit and it will help instill the importance of daily scripture study. 

    One other thing our family does is have a weekly Family Home Evening. Every Monday evening we know is reserved for our family. We have a lesson and a game or activity and sometimes a treat too. Sometimes our lesson may be acting out a scripture story, watching a scripture story movie, reading a story or children’s sermon from the children’s magazine my church puts out, or just having a discussion about something that my husband and I feel like the kids need to learn more about. 

    Really, it has just come down to setting a routine that works with our schedule and sticking to it. We have times when we miss a day because of something or other, but I don’t sweat it – because the next day we just pick right back up on our routine. It has totally helped relieve the stress I was having before. 

    Love your blog Sarah Mae!

  • http://altarofheaven.wordpress.com/ arcelia

    God confirmed what He’s been teaching me through your post…thank you for sharing, I am encouraged!

    How do I serve my children His life-giving Word?

    As I am going.

    They see me fail, they hear me apologize to them after the conviction of the Holy Spirit and I share the Truth then and there. I also have plenty of ‘opportunities’ throughout the day to remind us all of the two greatest commandments. We have evening reading times with Daddy but really I feel they learn the most by watching…just this morning my daughter reminded me to roll off my bed to my face for prayer because she’s seen me do it many times before 😉 God reminds me the work of regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit.  I’m thankful I get to share the Gospel in DEED and Truth with my children, and I’m learning to put all my hope in Christ alone

  • http://callherblessed-angela.blogspot.com/ Angie

    This blog inspired me … touched me.  I think we can all relate to the feeling that we need to get more of the Word into our lives, our children’s lives.  I would love a recommendation though, if anyone has knowledge here, of an audio book suited for a high school student.  Point me in the right direction, anyone?

  • Jessica @ Muthering Heights

    Praise God for that!  His faithfulness and grace ever every weakness.  Love it.

  • Stacie Montella

    Veggie Tales also has the Queen Esther story. We don’t have the entire collection, but the Esther one is their favorite right now. Just another way to share the story with Miss Ella. Thank you for the reminder that our heavenly Father fills the gaps of our lacking with his graciousness!

    • Stacie Montella

      By the way, my oldest is 6 and she is the one who pulls out the Veggie Tales videos. That may not last much longer, but I am thankful for the resource while it still works!

  • arecoveringperfectionist

    And what a RELIEF it is that His faithfulness never ends. I seriously would have daily melt-downs if the reality was that it all came down to me. When we realize that our God is enough, we can carry on despite our mistakes.

  • http://www.LifeintheWhiteHouse.com/ Jess

    Thank God for that! If we were left to our own devices…oh boy, would there be trouble!

    We have the toddlers devotional that we read before nap time now…which has a short verse and a prayer, as well as veggie tales and reading at breakfast from the bible, when Mommy remembers to.

  • Laurenvnzl

    I am so grateful for a faithful God. My little girl loves music and dancing and I love listening to her sing “Jesus loves the little children” as she tucks in her teddy or draws. Our two littlies have the privilege of a Daddy who reads them bedtime Bible stories and prays with them. I need to be more faithful in tucking God’s Word into their hearts as we live out our daily lives. Music , stories and DVD’s are all great way of reinforcing what they hear each night.Thanks for a great post

  • LeighAnn

    what iphone audio bible do you use?  I stumbled across your blog from a friends site and I am so encouraged!! Blessings!

    • Beth Williams

      I use http://www.biblegateway.com.  They have several versions like NIV & Todays NIV that will allow you to listen to the Bible.

      I listen daily and hear through the Bible in a year!

  • http://www.facebook.com/charity.berwick Charity Berwick

    We turn on audio New Testament at breakfast, listen to and discuss beautiful praise music throughout the day and at night we read scripture story books and the Old Testament and draw pictures of what we are reading.

  • Andrea H

    Our little one is now three weeks old, but when he was just a day old as I was taking a refreshing shower, I heard my husband in the living room reading Genesis to our son 🙂  Starting him off right.  

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