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Breaking Down the Walls

Here is an excerpt from my (in)courage post today:

The secrets that haunt us at night as we’re falling asleep. When we keep it in the dark, it’s power over us grows. But when we expose it to the light, and we let people into our ugly, and we trust people (even when it aches), sin loses it’s power. We let people love us. Grace-light banishes the dark.

And we can be free.

I want that kind of freedom with friends, with community.

So here’s a secret, my friends, my community…

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  • Valerie

    Sarah Mae, look how the Lord is using your brave honesty to bring hurting and healing women together in community! The comment thread is a testimony to His goodness. He meets us where we are at. Your words brought them and He can heal!

    Lord, breathe Your fresh life into these women’s lives and marriages. Gently remove the bricks in the walls and bring healing to their intimate lives with their beloved husbands. May they thrill at their beloveds’ touch and genuinely be one. Protect their minds and thoughts and hearts as they seek You in their lives and marriages. In Christ Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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