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10 Things My Allume Roomies Should Know About Me

I’m joining the “1o Things My Allume Roomies Should Know About Me” link-up! I will be rooming with Jessica (Allume co-host) and Amanda (my sweet friend who will be running the Desperate booth). Gals, be prepared…

  • I stay up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late…
  • which in turn makes me a wee bit loopy
  • I will drag you into the Smilebooth at all hours of the night
  • Also? I can’t sleep without moving my feet back and forth, back and forth…
  • I’m really sorry if the sheets make scratchy noises when I do this, I really can’t help it
  • Did I mention I get really loopy around 1am? If you have a camera, you could soooo… blackmail me
  • I’m a bed hog (I know I’m sharing that King size bed with one of you!)
  • I DO NOT snore…
  • I make up for this in drooling {bwhahahahahahaha}
  • I LOVE my roomies! Prepare for late night talks and CRAZINESS!
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Allume is October 25-27, 2012. And it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

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  • Jessica Heights

    You are so crazy!! Good thing I already know and love these things about you! 😀

    P.S. You’re ON for late night Smilebooth pics!

  • http://twitter.com/AtkinsonDrive Sam | Atkinson Drive

    This CRACKED me up…{especially the part about you not snoring…}!

  • QueenLos

    Ha you forget the mention the twisting of your hair while in deep convos lol I already know most of the things about you so I am prepared and sooo looking forward to it!

  • http://crystalstine.blogspot.com/ Crystal

    What a fun list :) Can’t wait to meet you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bowmania Stephanie Bailey Bowman

    wait.. what time did you write this? sounding a big loopy! ) See you soon

  • http://www.day2dayjoys.com Rachel @ day2day joys

    Haha, your funny! I am a bed hog too, I could have a king size to myself! Looking forward to Allume!

  • http://www.favored-one.blogspot.com/ Tobi Benton

    This is awesome! I could have totally gone this direction, but I didn’t want to scare my sweet roommate whom I’ve only phone chatted with once! But I DO NOT snore OR drool. Seriously. : ) Looking forward to meeting you!

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