Saying “Yes” to My Children

“Once I decided that my children were God’s best will for my life, I saw all of my life through this grid. So when I went through my day, in general, if an interruption came into my life, since my “grid” said, “My children are my decided and valued priority,” then I could say yes to my children and put the other non-essential things aside because it did not fit with my priorities. The other tasks and goals in my life are secondary to the plans I have made to keep the Lord, my children and my husband first.”

-Sally Clarkson, Cultivating Kindred Spirits and Choosing Priorities

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  • Diane Shiffer

    I remember hearing Sally talk about this at one of the break out sessions last year. Wise words from a wonderful woman.♥

  • TraciMLittle

    oh yes :-)

  • Beth WIlliams

    I agree@! Everyone needs priorities and to keep them in forcus. Don’t over do “good Christian tasks” if they detract from your priority of God, family, husband, etc.
    Wise words!