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Question from a reader:

“I would love to start a group in my community, but who do I invite (young moms AND older women)? How many chapters are there (how many sessions do I schedule?)? I want to know more and want to get started planning.”

Great questions! Let me answer them for you…

There are 14 chapters plus an introduction (from me) and a conclusion (from Sally). There are also 20 pages of Q & A (readers asked, Sally answered). You can see what the chapters are by clicking here.

What we would love to see is YOU leading a small group of women, younger and older; a coming together to create something beautiful: friendship, mentorship, community, and support. The goal of this book is to create a movement, a no-more-desperate-moms movement. You can be a part of the movement by gathering women in your church and/or community to read the book with.

You could meet once a week and cover a chapter a week (16 weeks), or you could meet once a week and cover two chapters a week (8 weeks). Sally and I led a book study on our blogs you can check out HERE.

You can also get yourself a free Desperate small group guide HERE.

For those Leading a Desperate Book Study

We have made it easy for you to lead a study using Desperate. In the book you will find:

  • Study questions
  • “Your Turn” challenges
  • Links/QR codes at the end of each chapter to videos of Sally and I talking about the chapter (each around 2-4 minutes long)
  • DVD (this is just all the QR code videos in DVD form)

So, what are you waiting for?! Gather your groups now and get ready to be a part of the no-more-desperate-moms movement!!!!!!!

Psst…read our goal of the book here!

Print this!

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  • Martha

    Sounds awesome!! My son is grown — so I’m the older lady…..:)

  • Mindy

    I keep trying to see what the chapters are titled and everytime I visit the link, there’s an error. The chapters are not visible. Is this a common error?? Or just me? I tried different days and devices…

    • Martha

      Mindy, I can see the chapters just fine…. every time I go there.

  • Joy

    What if you have already pre-ordered the book from amazon. Would we still be able to receive a small group guide?

  • apheartsong

    Is this mainly for moms of young children? Is there anything for desperate moms of 7-13-year-olds?

  • Kristy A

    I would love to join a group if anyone has room in one??

  • Karri

    How do I sign up or join???? I need this, bad!

  • Czarina

    I need this also

  • April

    Are there any blogs out there that are going to follow along with the study on The Better Mom? I would love to be part of an online group or follow on a blog.

  • Leila Farber

    I am going to be leading a study starting April 9! Where do I get the companion DVD? Thanks! Leila Farber