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When You Give Up, and You Break, You’ve Made It

“I don’t want to be a servant, I want to be a Caroline.” So says the three year old wonder-child who humbles me as a parent and makes me think deeper about life.

I want to be a Caroline.

That’s confidence, isn’t it? And freedom? I love that about my girl; she hasn’t learned yet to try and be anything but who she is. She doesn’t know that one day she’ll feel the pressure to be good enough, to be holy enough, to be quiet enough, or wise enough or all the “enough’s” that fill our head and make us neurotic about who we are and how we should live.

The “enough’s” make me tired.

And I think they make a lot of us are real tired, because in all the enough’s we begin to lose ourselves in order to be something else…something better…something expected…so far from who we really are that when we  fall apart, we just give up.

We stop trying. We think, “why bother, I will never change.”

And the lie sinks deep and we believe it for so long, and man it hurts.

But here comes the upside, the so unbelievably bright side…

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  • Jane Babich

    Oh Sarah, I am new to reading your blog and I love it when you said “we stop trying to be kind and we become kind…. truth! It is so amzaing when we meet some one that has gone throught that experience of necoming kind. Thank you.

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