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Allume Tickets Go on Sale Thursday Night!

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Okay, technically they go on sale Friday at midnight, EST, but every year people get confused and ask me, “Friday at midnight, or Thursday night?” It all feels confusing, I know, so have your fingers ready to pounce at 11:59pm Thursday night, because there are only 50 early bird tickets and those babies go FAST. Like, gone in 2 seconds fast. At least that’s what’s happened the last three years.


Drink your coffee, have your crab dip or chocolate cake ready, and have some fun on Twitter with us allume gals as we hangout and have some fun during the ticket launch. There may even be prizes. 😉

See you there! #allume



Meet the Speakers!

What in the world is Allume????


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  • Jessica

    finally finally finally I’m not pregnant and due the same day as this conference…… anyone want to sponsor me??? Sarah – I’ll even drive to your house to ride along with you 😉

    • Sarah Mae

      Woo hoo! Hoping you can get there!

  • Jessica

    So…any idea when tickets will sell out (not just the early birds). I missed last year’s and I know I won’t have the funds in March for a ticket.

  • Michelle

    Love that my babe made it into the collage. 🙂

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