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Here is the Interview I Did With Cornerstone Television…


This past week I had the pleasure of getting interviewed by the super kind and generous hosts of the CTVN show Focus 4. I loved being interviewed by Tom and Michele, they were so gracious and fun, and all-around great people. If you have some time, check out the interview, they really gave me the time to explain the motivation behind Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, and I had the opportunity to answer some wonderful questions. Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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  • Donna

    Sarah Mae, i know your ministry is to moms. They need you and you do a beautiful job. But i heard you saying that moms and even young women need mentors. Thank you for including all young ladies. It will help them grow into a wise mom or into a godly single woman

  • KM Logan

    I know I should probably comment on the interview itself, but I just gotta say, I love your hair here : )

  • AngelaSmithRD

    Sarah Mae, you are AWESOME in this interview! What you share about “little sinners” and constantly taking them back to Jesus is TRUTH!! You truly make me feel like you are my friend! I have been excited to share this book with a few of my friends & we are using this to re-invent our ministry to moms at our church as more of an outreach than anything. MOMS NEED NURTURING!! But thank you so much for being so real & encouraging & know that my prayers are with you often as you do the hard work of promoting this book!!

  • ldroll

    Great job! I enjoyed the interview! You are doing a great calling!

  • Cassandra Dorman

    Sarah, I thought this interview was so fantastic. 🙂 So warm and and easy to relate to. Congrats! 🙂 xo Cass @

  • Mrs. C

    Oh Sarah Mae, God has raised you up and He is using you to be a voice for your sister’s in Christ. I am so ashamed to say, that a few years back, a young mama asked if I would mentor her. And in my foolishness, all I could say was, “I don’t think I have anything valuable to pass on” God forgive me! I wasn’t saying no, but that was my first reaction, and she took it as no and never brought the subject up again. I am praying for grace, that if she is still in need of someone she will allow me to pour into her. She is expecting #4 blessing, her husband is working long hours, making a very long commute to provide for his family. Your interview pricked my heart, and I know I need to contact this sweet, young sister. Thanks for being brave and honest about the need. There is a disconnect between women my age and the next generation of moms. We need to fix that. Thankfully this young mom wasn’t afraid to ask, too bad I was such a coward and answered the way I did. I pray for grace.

  • Ashley@ Stay-At-Home Daughter

    Sarah Mae, I just watched your video interview and I was really blessed. I’m not a mother yet but I’m trying to learn all I can now about motherhood. I so appreciate your biblical, Christ-centered perspective. That is so rare these day. Thank you for being a mentor to me through your blogging!

  • anuradha

    dear sarah mae, already within the past weeks i’ve called women aquaintances from school and the neighbourhood to drink coffee with, and every one was a success! 🙂 i can’t believe it, especially since last year i felt i couldn’t take the lonliness anymore. My kids notice how happy it makes me. and we say sorry a lot more for messing up, i speak more gently and hug lots and we forgive and forget when things go wrong. i don’t know how to express my gratitude, it is all god’s blessing that I met sally and you and the great mom heart encouragers.

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