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Desperate, Chapter 12 – Living on Purpose

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So here’s the thing, I’m having a really hard time writing today.

I just got back from Texas yesterday and it’s already 7:04am and I need to wake my babies and get the day going but I feel so bad that I didn’t do a Desperate book club post. Mind you, I’ve been up since 5:30am trying to write one, and for whatever reason, I’m out of words. I’m so sorry. So today I’m going to let Andrea take it. Here is an excerpt from her post on this chapter:

“When our children were all pre-school aged, Ken & I spent time working on intentional parenting.  We met so many parents who had elaborate systems of discipline in place for their children. Consequences. Charts. Escalating punishment.  These things aren’t wrong, but they felt one-sided.

We went in search of parents who had elaborate systems in place for what they wanted to teach their children. Instead of focusing on the discipline (what we don’t want) we wanted systems for teaching and training in righteousness (what we do want).

We came up with 5 Pitcher Family Values.”

Click HERE to head on over to Andrea’s blog and read the rest, including her 5 family values! Also, my friend Jessica posted about this chapter; you can find her post here.

Thank you for your grace.

Love, SM

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  • Jessica

    I did mine!!! Kept waiting for yours…. it’s all about the legacy we leave for our children! Hugs!

  • Bonni Greiner

    Congratulations on the success that you are having in helping moms understand the tremendous honor and influence that we have in raising the next generation to be mighty warriors for Jesus Christ!

  • Annette Honeycutt
  • Donna

    You are a totally amazing lady in Jesus. We all have days when it just doesn’t happen. I just love your honesty and I learn each and every day from you. Thank you. Even my husband has noticed the change. I pray that you have an fantastic rest and that next week you will be refreshed and ready to go. Bless you mighty warrior of God’!!

  • Charise

    Keep resting in him in ALL this craziness! What a blessing. May your time with your babies be refreshing now in its own way. Praying for you!

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