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Sometimes You Just Need to Let Your Kids Eat Cheese Off the Floor

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There is cheese smushed on my kitchen floor.

Do you know why there is cheese smushed on my kitchen floor?

Because I let my kids eat shredded cheese on the kitchen floor…no plates, no silverware…just straight out of the bag.

Sometimes parenting is just that way.

And sometimes you just need to roll with it so you don’t have a freak out.

Which I almost had today.

But I didn’t.

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Love, SM

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  • Hollie

    Or let them lick a spoon the dog just licked… not that I’ve ever done that… maybe. 😉

  • sara

    i seriously could just cry for joy right now because of this post. it makes me feel so much better. there have been days where my kids walk around with a cereal box and i think to myself, the other mothers at church would never let their kids do this…they are such better mothers than me. i have been having a very difficult time connecting with the other mothers at our church. it def not for lack of effort. i feel like we have tried everything. your blog really lifts my spirit and encourages me. thank you!

  • Janelle Marie

    Oh girl, how I think we can all relate. I know I can. As someone in the healing process from a chronic disease, I know this all too well. Thank God for grace.

    Janelle Marie

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