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A Little Girl Modesty Tip


Moms, I have a wee little tip for you regarding your sweet little girls and modesty.

Put shorts under their skirts and dresses.

Such a simple way to protect their little hineys from random eyes.

Little girls like to run and jump and roll on the floor, and their cute little dresses come right on up.  Sometimes, in their innocence, they hold up their dresses/skirts for all the world to see.

But you don’t want the world to see, right?

So grab some shorts and make it a habit.  It just might stick with them. 🙂

(I use biker type shorts that are tighter because loose shorts don’t cover well at all.)

Happy {almost} summer!

Love, SM

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  • http://www.jessiquawittman.com/ Jessiqua Wittman

    Yep… That’s a lot better and easier than constantly scolding her about keeping her skirt down. 🙂

  • mamabethy

    I’ve been doing this since my little girl was a baby. Little knit capris are great. Now when she dresses herself, she automatically puts on knit pants or shorts under her dresses. Also, she knows if her shirt is too short, she needs leggings with a little skirt. I tell her clothes are for covering. It’s a habit, and a good one!

  • Adrienne Falkena

    I have five daughters, and all of them, down to the six week old, wear shorts or leggings or tights under their dresses and skirts. When their leggings get holes in the knees – and they often do – I cut them off at the hole and they become under-dresses shorts. I’d so rather eliminate the issue than scold and see panties in their adventuring.If I’m seeing them, so are others. I cringe.

  • Amanda

    Yup, we do that too! =) She can now even wear her 6-9 month pants as shorts under her dresses, although they are far too short, they still fit her around the waist, and they are the perfect length ((just below the knee))

  • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

    And my mother let me and my little brother run around the yard in sandals and nothing else, because we were little kids, who got dirty, and it was hot outside. But then she was from Europe where the naked body of a child, was just a child who was easier to clean up at the end of the day.

    • http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com Sarah Mae

      Well, in a world without pedophiles, I would agree. Or, if you’re on a plot of land in the country…although I personally wouldn’t let my kids run around naked together. I wish it was simpler.

      • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

        Are you afraid you kids will be sexually attracted to each other?

      • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

        statistics consistently shows that most child rapists are connected by family. They are parents, siblings other blood relatives or close to the family somehow, being neighbours , friends of someone in the home, caregivers or clergy.

        What a child wears or not wears has nothing to do with these people raping children. In fact the girls must be pure and modest helps it along as a girl will feel shame and guilt because of her abuse and will not come forward.

        Sexual abuse is am epidemic in the church. It won’t get better until we stop telling our gils to be modest and start telling our boys to stop raping and to be accountable for their actions and mindsets towards the other gender.

        • Corinne2295

          If, as you say, a girl’s worth is more than her vagina, then why put it out there for all the world to see? Maybe if girls were taught a little more modesty when young we could help combat the teen pregnancy problem. And please don’t confuse modesty with self worth. One can have both. Finally, sex abuse is not epidemic in the church more than it is anywhere else (not sure I see the relevance of that comment). Do you suggest we should let our girls run around like harlots to solve the rape problem?

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            I have personally known only 2 pedophiles (that I’ve been aware of). Both were in our church, and in fact, both attended our small group for some time. Sexual abuse is indeed in the church.

            And you are equating a 5 year old running around without clothes on, to a woman who lets men have sex with her for money? That’s sick.

          • Corinne2295

            I was actually referring to teen pregnancy.

            It’s allegro who claimed that it “won’t get better until we stop telling our gils to be modest” so I was just trying to clarify that comment.

            Tell me what church you go to. I’ll make sure to stay far away!

          • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

            modesty is not apparel, its not about sex, its a mindset. Its not being prideful, or arrogant, or an attention getter.

            Telling girls what to wear that keeps everything covered that someone else may consider erogenous, doesn’t teach them modesty, it teaches them shame, it teaches them to be fearful of men, it teaches them to be leery of sex, which is a natural thing that occurs between to people, It fails to teach them to be assertive, to tell young men to just stuff it, nor to take pride in who they are as females.

            And it teaches boys and men nothing.

          • FMC

            There are sex offenders in every church. You won’t know because of the “forgiving” nature of church goers. Instead you demand little girls learn modesty at an early age while telling them to smile, be polite, and shake hands with their neighbor. You have your boys eat at church with strangers. It sends a confusing message.

          • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

            When one thinks what a girl wears make her look like a harlot then you’ve just reduces her worth to her vagina and blame her for her rape which is a lie.

            . Most rape victims are women wearing business suits jogging wear jeans and a sweater a fast food uniform a dress appropriate for church or the office, sweats and a college hoodie.

            We have taught our girls. And its not helping. We need to reach our boys not
            To rape.

          • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

            It relevent because I know of three men, two pastors and a youth volunteer in my area who have been arrested within the past year. One had moved from another church after being registered as a sex offender and his abuse had been covered up.

            Its releventr because colleges have a big rape problem and if a woman. Is attending a Christian college she’s in as great a danger as at a secular one and her odds of justice are at rhe christian one are nil to poor
            In fact she’s risking expulsion at some Christian colleges if she reports her rape.

          • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

            You can’t display a vagina for the world to see. Its an internal part of her body. Yet it is what this “modesty/purity” mindset is seeking to over protect, putting all the responsibility and consequences on a girl’s shoulder, telling her that if she’s not virginal than her value is lessened, and that her body is somethig to be ashamed of because…..sex.

            That none of this is happening to boys, is a problem. No one tells boys they are less valued for not being virgins, no one is telling them to keep all covered up so they don’t tempt girls sexually

          • Chloe

            The states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy are also the most conservative and the ones yhat promote abstinence only sex ed. I don’t understand this mentality. Why do you thibk sexual assualt still happens in countries where women where nou dress girls in burquas?

      • fmc

        Pedophiles are going to prey on children no matter what they wear. They are more likely to find a victim in children whom have low self worth. The best way to protect your children from predators is to teach them that their body is their own and to over fill them with love and self worth while young. As well as teaching them boundaries.

  • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

    I also threw all three kids. one boy, two girls into one bathtub until the oldest started school. They ran around in their underwear in the house, when small. I refused to do tights or leggings on my girls under skirts, because I refused to wear hose on my own legs, so I wasn’t going to torture small children with unnecessary layers, just because the four year old was prone to do somersaults up the church aisle after worship, big frilly dress or not.

    They are children, let them be kids and stop teaching your daughters to protect against the nasty men in case they want to have sex with you,or that your worth is all in your vagina. Instead teach your sons to respect women, as human beings, friends, with brains and talents, not boobs and ass, and to not look at girls as potential sexual conquests….and for god’s sake let little kids go naked once in a while. It saves tons on laundry.

    By the way, my kids grew up normal.

  • Chels Riley

    all im thinkin is if these kids lived in the south, they would die quicker from the heat than anything else…..

    I hated tights and would always constantly poke holes in them….

    • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

      I live in the south. Here tights and hose are ebil,…ebil I tell ya. Plus wrestling them onto a squirming pre-schooler will drive a frazzled mom to raid daddy’s hidden moonshine stash

      • Chels Riley

        yeah. a ton of the kids around here don’t wear the shorts under their dresses. if they do wear anything, its probably a pair of undies over the pullups.

        what i don’t understand is the double standard for boys. Boys got nipples too. and they can lactate.

        • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

          Oddest thing – my 5 1/2 year old has no problem whipping out his penis in public, but is shy about showing his nipples. “MOM!! SOMEONE WILL SEE MY SU-SUS!!!: he says. I keep telling him that it’s ok for boys to show their chests, but it’s like he’s got some kind of mental block. A mental block that does not stop him from dropping trow and painting his wiener with mud when he and his best friend are playing in the hose. Smh.

      • http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com Sarah Mae

        Not a fan of tights here, either!

  • http://www.mamakautz.com Mama Kautz

    I used to buy the bike shorts from Gymboree, they were perfect! My now almost 17 yr old is not a dress wearer, but she is modest. I am so thankful!

  • Kylie

    My girls wear fairly short leggings. (We call them monkey bar knickers in Australia).

  • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

    My daughter ran around nekkid until she was about 5 1/2. My 5 1/2 year old son is the same – he’s just now starting to cover up, but it’s sporadic – just this morning he was out on the front lawn yelling, “Mom! I’m feeding the plant! With pee!!” My 2 year old son pretty much lives nekkid outside, now that the weather is nicer. It’s way easier for me, instead of having to wash everything he’s wearing because he’s a living breathing tornado.

    They are kids, and I encourage them discovering and enjoying their bodies. When else in their lives, after all, will they be able to walk around naked outside with impunity??

    I make my daughter wear bike shorts under her dresses when she goes to school and church, but not for ‘modesty’ reasons. She’s 7. She’s not a sex object, and I refuse to see her as one. A sex object needs to worry about ‘modesty’. I put shorts under my daughter’s dresses for cultural reasons. It’s no socially appropriate, in America, for school age girls to show their panties. If we lived in Europe, or in the third world, which is where I grew up, I wouldn’t make her do this, because the cultures are different.

    In teaching your daughter to cover up, you’re teaching her to be ashamed of her body. Then she will grow up with this internalized feeling that her body is shameful, and when she’s 26 and married, won’t be able to enjoy sex with her husband because of over two decades of repression and shame associated with her OWN body (speaking from personal experience here. I have friends who have never orgasmed, and connect that with the way their parents raised them to view their own bodies and sex).

    Instead of making it about modesty, why not just say, “It’s not polite to show your panties in public”??? Because that’s the truth.

    • Corinne2295

      I’m teaching my daughter that her body is such a magnificent creation that she should not share it with just anyone or put it out there for all to see.

      Do you think people in the sex trade or exotic dancers have healthy attitudes about sex?

      As I’ve said previously, I’m not sure why you think that modesty and self respect are mutually exclusive. If my daughter knows her worth, then she doesn’t need to flaunt her sexuality for attention when she gets older.

      • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

        So what do you tell boys about their sexuality? Where is the modesty lesson s for them?

        • Corinne2295

          I tell my boys exactly the same. Respect yourself and respect others.

      • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

        You said, “If my daughter knows her worth, then she doesn’t need to flaunt her sexuality for attention ”

        Are you saying that a 7 year old girl with a dress on, and no shorts underneath, is flaunting her sexuality for attention?

        And no, I don’t think that people in the sex trade or erotic dancers have healthy attitudes about sex. Is a little girl who does not wear shorts under her dress acting like a sex slave or a stripper?

        Please answer my questions. I am very interested in how you think about this.

        • Corinne2295

          I am saying that a girl who is taught modesty and self worth at a young age will not become a woman who feels the need to flaunt her sexuality for attention.

          You said “In teaching your daughter to cover up, you’re teaching her to be ashamed of her body. Then she will grow up with this internalized feeling that her body is shameful” to which I pointed out that those who do not cover their bodies (prostitutes, strippers, porn stars, whatever) do not have healthy attitudes about sex.

          What else do you want to know?

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            You’re linking covering up your body with having a healthy attitude about sex. I grew up as a missionary kid in the third world, where I was naked until puberty, as were all of my peers (boys and girls). We did not all grow up to be an entire village of whores, strippers and porn stars. But you are saying because we all grew up being naked, then we SHOULD have logically become prostitutes, strippers, porn stars and whatever. By that logic, everyone in the world who lives in a culture where children are naked, would grow up to have these professions.

            This makes no sense.

            Please respond.

          • Corinne2295

            You have issues that have nothing to do with little shorts under dresses.

            I am saying no such thing. I’m saying that girls with self respect, self worth and modesty will have a healthy attitude about sex and other ares in life in general.

            By your logic, all girls who are modest have sex issues and are ashamed of their bodies. It’s ludicrous.

            I won’t respond further. This has become a waste of my time.

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            I personally have friends who were raised in very strict Christian homes, and cannot orgasm because they were raised to always cover up and be ashamed of their bodies. We actually talked about this at our weekly mommy play date last week.

            I think that girls with self respect and self worth do have a healthy attitude about sex and other areas of life in general. I just don’t agree with you about modesty because ‘modesty’, as I’ve been trying to point out to you, is a culturally determined term. It means different things in different cultures. In the island culture I grew up in, a woman’s thighs needed to be covered but breasts could be, and were, bared. In America, we show our thighs in shorts, but cover our breasts. NEITHER way is ‘bad’, but each one is determined by the culture. Modesty is relative to cultural context.

            You have completely ignored my point about culture,

          • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

            Your story reminds me of the family in The Poisonwood Bible. What was considered obscene to display to the family, was considered odd to the people they went to mission to…and vice versa.

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            We lived pretty fluid – dressing to the cultural norms in the islands, then changing to accommodate what was considered as modest in the States. I wrote about it after an interaction like this one a while ago:


          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            My comments keep getting deleted. SM, I really am sorry I keep stepping over the line. I”m not sure what your ground rules are on your blog?

          • FlyOnTheWall

            Some of what you said is true, but as an American living in America, I’m going by predominant American attitudes, and if a Christian, primarily by biblical commentary on the topic, no matter what natives in Nation Z do.

            There was a movie about a Christian missionary (it was based on a true story, I think it was called “End of the Spear”), who went to a nation where it was normal for one tribe to murder another in anger or revenge.

            Are you saying it would then be inappropriate for Americans to teach their kids in America not to murder out of revenge, or that it’s really okay to do so, since some tribe in Nation X practices this?

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            No, I”m not saying this.

            Let’s take your example of murder – it’s something that is specifically addressed in the bible as being wrong. Modesty is not – it’s mentioned, but if you study the context and actual Greek in the passages that talk about modesty, it’s clear that that word ‘modesty’ refers to a heart condition.

            I’m saying that it’s fine for American parents to teach their kids to cover up because it’s culturally appropriate. What I take issue with is this teaching that we need to cover young bodies because if their bodies are exposed, they would sexually attract others. *This* is what teaches young girls that their worth lies in their sexuality – either it lies in their purity, or it lies in the attention they get. This causes lots more issues, like discussed elsewhere on this thread. But at its root, it’s the teaching that “you need to cover up because bad men see you and want to take your body” (which when you break it down, THIS is the message that’s being relayed in the OP).

            Instead, can we leave ‘holiness’ and ‘modesty’ out of the equation, and just say, “It’s not polite to show your panties in public”?

          • FlyOnTheWall

            But (assuming you are in the USA now), a lot of Americans have a different set of standards in regards to nudity, including nudity for children. The fact that Tribe X in the wilds of the Amazon let their kids run about naked has little to no relevance to American culture.

          • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

            Absolutely 100% agree with you. Which is why I put shorts on under my daughter’s dresses – because it’s culturally appropriate, not because she needs to be ‘modest’ and cover her parts so that people won’t see her 7 year old body as ‘overly sexual’.

            The ONLY point I’m trying to make, is that the modesty thing is a cultural issue, not a spiritual one.

          • My Username..needs a new one

            How about shifting the focus onto teaching boys that a girl’s worth isn’t connected to her vagina?

          • FlyOnTheWall

            You can certainly teach males that concept if you want to, and I’m not opposed to that idea, but the sad fact is that some males are child molestors and rapists, and they do not give a fig about feminist arguments about women’s rights and value.

    • FlyOnTheWall

      While I appreciate the some people with very traditional morals and many Christians put too much of the onus on females to restrain sexual sin, in part by “dressing modestly” (my position is that males are responsible for their sexual failings, and women should not be blamed for them), I am never the less perplexed and even turned off by the view that females bear no responsibility at all for things like this. (“Responsibility” may not be the right word, exactly.)

      This debate reminds me of the far left, secular feminists who scream bloody murder when female journalists put forth the reasonable idea that if young college women want to lessen their chances of being raped, they should refrain from drinking alcohol around men (at parties, bars, etc), as many studies show that a lot of women get raped while they are inebriated (and hence easier for a male to take advantage of).

      Feminists, though, insist only that males should be taught that rape is wrong. They are against the idea of women being taught tips to prevent rape. This makes no sense to me.

      While I have no problem with males being taught rape is wrong, how many rapists do you really think would care? Potential rapists can sit through three hundred feminist lectures of the wrongness of rape, and it’s not going to stop the determined, sick ones from doing so anyway.

      When I was a young woman, I avoided bars and drinking precisely to lessen my chances of being raped.

      It’s sort of the same issue with the clothing and modesty thing, IMO.

      There are, unfortunately, perverted men out there who prey on children who most assuredly do view your daughter as a sex object.

      I’m not sure how much more such a man would be tempted to prey on a child on the basis of how much skin is showing, though. I do not know if such a man would be more tempted to kidnap and fondle a little girl who is more covered than one whose undergarments are visible.

      I do not think that teaching a woman while she is young is necessarily tantamount to teaching her to be ashamed of her body. And believe me, I am not a full supporter of Christian modesty teachings for ladies, but, at the same time, I cannot support the other, extreme position that it does not matter at all how women (and men) dress.

      • FlyOnTheWall

        I meant, “I do not think that teaching a woman while she is young to dress modestly is necessarily tantamount to teaching her to be ashamed of her body…”

        • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

          I think it’s a fine line. I think, like you said, that the focus needs to be on self-worth and self-respect.

          It’s a hard tightrope to walk as a parent, teaching your kids to not be ashamed of their bodies, but still enforcing boundaries that will help keep them safe. My kids are still little, so right now the talks are, “Your private parts are for you, and you can touch yourself, but not in public. And nobody else can touch your private parts because they are YOURS.”

          I also avoided the bars and the drinking in college, for the same reasons. Plus, I just wasn’t comfortable in a situation where I felt I couldn’t let my guard down. That doesn’t mix well with alcohol.

          And the angry feminist stereotype also bothers me. 🙂

  • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

    More on the cultural vein …

    You equate a little girl wearing shorts under her dress as being modest, and the subtext is that the modesty is then equated with godliness.

    It logically follows that a little girl who shows her panties in public, or worse her private parts in public, is not modest, and therefore not godly?

    How do you reconcile this with the Believers who live in third world countries where children are naked until they reach puberty? Is the 7 year old girl on the Pacific island, or the 8 year old boy in Namibia, not as pleasing to God because they are not modest, and therefore not godly?

    Honest question.

    • FlyOnTheWall

      But perhaps males in those nations do not view nude children as sexual objects as some would be prone to do in the United States. Adult female breasts are considered by both males and females in the USA to be sexual, but in some other parts of the world, the men do not regard them as such. There is one group I read about in sociology courses where the women of the tribe walk around topless because breasts are not viewed as sexual, but face paint is…. so the women paint their faces in elaborate designs.

      • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

        Yeah, exactly! It’s a cultural thing. Not a spiritual thing. Nothing wrong with telling little girls to not show their panties in public, but it is damaging if you say, “Because mean men will see your hiney”, or “Because God said” (which He definitely doesn’t)

  • dningle49

    Yes you should teach your boys to respect women. However, not all parents do. As a parent I will cover my daughters body modestly because of those boys and men who want to try and get a peek at my daughter’s privates. I will teach my daughter that there are males out there that want nothing but to take them away and make them a sex slave. If you think not, do research on sex slaves. Unfortunately, in the world we live in we have to guard and educate our children.

    • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

      So you are teaching your daughter to fear men because of her body? Why not teach her to tell a guy “my eyes…. they are up here.”

    • Chloe

      Putting shorts on your daughter won’t protect her from becoming a sex slave or the victim or abuse or rape. There is no fool proof way to protect your daughter (or sons) from sexual abuse but the best you can do us teach them to love and respect their own bodies. Teaching them shame and self-loathing or that parts of them are dirty and wrong will only make things worse. No child abductor ever stopped what he was doing cause the five year old he was stalking had long sleeves. Just ridiculous if you think about it.

  • Corinne2295

    I do this always also. Too many little boys yelling “I can see your underpants!” We call them cartwheel shorts. I also do it in reverse; if she’s wearing leggings and her top isn’t tunic length, I throw one of many little skirts over them to cover her butt.

    I was sitting in a parking lot when I saw a father walking with his little daughter – maybe 6 years old – when I spotted a creep staring at this little girl like a raptor spotting a mouse. It was so disturbing to me that I swore I’d never let my kids be fodder. I completely agree that I would rather err on the side of modesty than not.

    • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

      What we perceive how another is looking at someone or something is not necessarily
      How the the person is looking . He may have looked at thEm thinking of happier times

      • Corinne2295

        Maybe…but maybe not…

  • http://www.handandtheheart.com/ Andrea Laughery

    Yikes. I don’t know why all these women are attacking this post. Clearly you meant it as a good intentioned tip (one that I would fully agree with!) I wouldn’t want my child’s private areas being exposed accidentally to strangers. I don’t have any daughters (yet), but when I walk through the stores I am appalled at the kind of clothes being marketed toward young girls. Modesty would do everyone a little good. 🙂 What a beautiful family you have!

    • http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com Sarah Mae

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Connie dykiel

    I think this is a great idea. This sweet innocent time is so short. When my daughter was little she wore very comfortable leggings under her dresses. She never minded as long as they matched her dress!

  • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

    walking away from this, while I strip down to my skin, just because this topic has given me an overwhelming desire to return to my toddlerhood, when clothing was optional.

  • http://preschoolinspirations.com/ Katie

    As a preschool teacher, I cannot agree more!!! These sweet lovelies are so busy playing that it is hard to remember this. Bike shorts are for sure the way to go. My own five year old has a handful as she LOVES her dresses.

  • fmc

    The little girl baby clothes come with adorable bloomers. I think bloomers are precious and so cute.

    I don’t understand why people won’t admit that it makes them cringe when they can see small childrens’ underwear. They are only covering up their girls to make themselves feel good. No amount of clothing will keep a predator from preying on your children.

    It happens no matter what. Just because you follow all The Rules and Do Everything Right, bad things can still happen. There is no rhyme and reason and parents aren’t to blame. Neither are the children.

    The ones to blame are the predators in our churches and areas where children congregate. Lets out them.

    • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

      Wish I could upvote this more. YES!

  • http://www.ramblingsofanundercovertck.blogspot.com/ Danica Newton

    Also want to say to Sarah Mae – I understand all of this criticism has got to be difficult to read. If this many people came on my blog telling me I was wrong, I’d probably spend a while curled up on my bed. Your heart seems to be in the right place (tried for a long time to figure out how to say that without coming off as weird, and just decided to write it anyway – words aren’t cooperating with me), and I’ve gone over your blog, and liked a lot of what you say. I do think that in this instance, you’re unknowingly feeding rape culture, but we’ve all done that. It’s difficult not to living in the society we live in.

    All the love (I say that honestly), and please don’t see my criticism, at least, as being anything other than good-hearted debate about a topic that I am passionate about.

  • Sara

    You know, thinking back to my own childhood, I used to run around completely naked as a child all the time and literally no one seemed to care. Maybe it’s because I did not grow up in a uber religious environment where everyone was super paranoid and overly concerned with modesty, but I was just allowed to be a kid, and sometimes kids like to be naked. My parents allowed this, they allowed me to express myself. Of course once I reached a certain age I had to start putting on clothes because you’re not allowed to go to pre-school and kindergarden naked but when I was at home and in my own yard/neighborhood I pretty much lived in my birthday suit. I guess someone should have called CPS on my mother for allowing such things. Oh well. I grew up being comfortable in my own skin and I also learned how to stand up for myself against people who may have wanted to take advantage of me instead of being afraid. I’ll always thank my mother for that.

  • Ebby

    We as adults take the innocence away from our kids. It’s not our kids that think this way it’s adults. Not allowing your children to be children does more harm than just letting them be kids and not worry about the problems we parents take on for them. Stop being ridiculous! They are kids! I actually think you are putting up a perception for them, ruining their self esteem and setting them up for failure for what fragile their self esteem already is. You are entitled to do whatever you want to do with your child, but just be prepared for the consequences when she is old enough to make decisions on her own…

  • Annie

    I buy those boy’s boxer briefs for under my toddler’s dress because they’re comfy and cheap. I totally agree about protecting their hineys from prying eyes, but I wouldn’t call it a modesty tip, I’d call it a protecting them from creepers tip.

  • Annie

    Wow- wrote my first comment before I read the other comments. What can I say except “that escalated quickly”.

    As Danica says, in our culture it’s not cool for little girls to show their panties (squicky word). However- I have no problem letting my kids see each other naked and even play naked in our house or at the beach or whatever. My little girl is welcome to run around without a shirt on or whatever.

    Corinne- are you serious that if we teach little girls to wear shorts under their dresses hey won’t be promiscuous teen harlots? Literally those two things are unrelated. Wearing a dress without shorts != sexualized, which is what MIGHT contribute to risky sexual behavior as a teen. Not to mention the creepiness of how quickly you went from a post about protecting young girls to slut shaming nasty teen hos.

    PS- Slut and hos used ironically.

  • Sandy

    Woah. When did modesty become equated with “being ashamed of your body”?? Some of these comments make me sad for my sons and my daughters. I teach them to dress modestly, but not out of fear of pedophiles or primarily b/c of the opposite gender. I teach them to dress modestly b/c God did give us amazing and beautiful bodies, but they aren’t for everyone to see. Some things are private and should just be kept that way, not because we are ashamed of them, but because they are personal. I grew up in a “conservative” home, but have none of the problems others have suggested. I also know that sex is a wonderful gift that is to be ENJOYED inside of marriage. I feel bad for those who were taught a skewed view of their bodies that then skews their view of sex. Now, my dad did have frank conversations with me about how God did make men and women different and guy (some more than others) just plain struggle with keeping their thoughts pure. That is not my fault and he never made me feel guilty about my body, etc. In fact, it is a GOOD thing that God wired us differently. But, knowing that, I shouldn’t purposely dress in such a way that is going to make that more challenging for them. We both have responsibility of our own. Kind of like if you have someone over for dinner and you know they are a recovering alcoholic, you are not going to serve wine with your dinner.

  • Debbie Wenger

    I feel silly even saying this but I never even though of doing that for the summer. I keep telling my almost-4-year-old daughter, on warm days, she can’t wear a dress or a skirt when she’s going to be outside playing, riding her bike, etc. Yet I put leggings/pants under her dresses in the winter. Mommy brain in action! Thanks for the tip–both me and my daughter will now be happier this summer 🙂

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