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One Way to Pray For Yourself

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I’m not very objective when I pray for myself.

God, I am so stuck, and I’m terrible at this or that and can you please help me, and take away the ugly and help me not be such a loser.”

Last night as I was reflecting on some sin issues I’m dealing with, I thought I would try praying for myself the way I might pray for someone else. Praying for “Sarah Mae” helped me to be able to separate myself from all the negative junk I see and feel and heap on myself, and instead pray for “her” as someone who is loved and beautiful and good enough and righteous because of Jesus, and made in the image of the living God. I could pray for “her” objectively. I felt encouraged by praying for myself in this way because it helped me to gain perspective in how easily it is to pray as though I’m unlovable and too much of a wreck and just pitiful (which I sometimes am). But we don’t pray for others that way, which is interesting, and enlightening.

Today, if you’re finding yourself beat up or feeling crummy or if you just need some objectivity, try praying for yourself as though you were a dear friend, or one of your children. Wrap yourself in prayers of love and light and intercession.

Grace to you today,

Sarah Mae

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  • TeriLynneU

    Love this idea. I have been struggling to pray well for myself lately. I think I will try this. Thank you.

  • Marleah

    I‘m not sure why, but this has me blinking back tears today. Maybe it‘s the lack of sleep from the 9-month-old keeping me up all night. Yet again. Anyway, I think today I qualify for the feeling crummy category, so thank you for this and I‘m off to go give it a try. (And attempt to nap while baby does…)

  • karyn


  • Janelle Marie

    Sarah, this is going to change many lives. That may sound dramatic but I honestly believe your words will open the spiritual eyes of many women who need to give themselves more grace in prayer.

  • Jessica Boniface

    An older Beth Moore book, “Praying God’s Word”, really helped me with this. Seeing the word of God rephrased as personal prayers was so very liberating in helping me in multiple areas of my life. Thank you, Sarah Mae, for this great perspective!

  • Leah

    Thank you for sharing this. What a simple, yet revolutionary idea! I will definitely be keeping this in mind the next time I pray for myself.

  • Mary Bonner

    Wise words from a wise woman! Thank you, Sarah Mae!

  • Barb Ward Dittrich


  • Debbie

    Such wisdom and such perfect timing for me Sarah Mae! Thank you.

  • Michelle Daugharthy

    GREAT insight and advice. Thanks so much for sharing this. I needed it!

  • Lis

    WOW. You are so right.

  • Christy Fitzwater

    Such a timely word of encouragement to me! I came to the computer all slumped over because of something I did yesterday, and this helps. I’m going to go get my quiet time stuff and practice this. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Clever Colleen

    Awesome strategy. Stinking Thinking is such a hard thing to combat. This method would allow you to be so aware of the choices of your words and thoughts. Excellent. Thank you for sharing.

  • Christine Malkemes

    Thank you, my friend and sister. You show your heart and it is a beautiful thing. Our lives are richer for having you in it.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for this post today, SM. I so appreciate your willingness to obey the Spirit and give us exactly what we needed to hear today. A little encouragement, and a hug from the Lord. I am having a crummy day, and was thankful for a new way to pray for myself. A little light from Jesus on this dreary day! Thanks so much for your ministry and love for all of us!

  • Beth Williams

    What an interesting way to think about prayer@! I truly need to pray for an attitude adjustment at work–it has been un Christ like lately!

    I just love your openness and willingness to share everyday struggles with
    other women! Thank you for being the mind, feet voice & heart of Christ!

  • Joelle Brinkley

    Agreed! What a powerful way to pray. We pray for others in a loving and caring light and then forget to show ourselves many times the same grace and compassion. Beautifully put.

  • Catherine

    God’s funny…today’s prayer from me as I’ve been wrestling with daily and long term fails: dead God, I suck. Make me not suck so much. Amen.

    Thank you for this reminder!! GRACE is what makes us not suck. 🙂 thank you!!

  • Mel Caldicott

    What a great idea! You are so right, we do ourselves down so much and it’s hard to see ourselves as God sees us. Thanks for a great suggestion and your honesty in sharing how so many of us feel.

  • Guest

    wonderful insight! I love this!!

  • sarah Rodriguez

    wonderful insight! I love this!

  • Jada Smith

    Loved this and it came right when I needed to hear it! 🙂

  • TraciMLittle

    what a great perspective Sarah! Love this. Love, Traci Michele @Ordinary Inspirations

  • Rachel

    Wow … this blows me away … thank you. I never really thought of it that way before, and this is just what I was needing to read today 🙂

    Yes, it is so easy to talk about ourselves (and think of ourselves) like trash, when in fact we are not (because of Christ!). We probably would never say (or think) those kind of negative things about other people, so why not pray for yourself as if you were another person? Splendid idea 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Sarah 🙂 You are a great, godly, Christian woman I hope to be like someday ::blush::

    Blessings & Grace in Christ alone,


  • Karen Hickey

    Wow! This is so true! Vey enlightening words and thoughts. Thank you and God bless you!!

  • Nicole

    Thank you.

  • Paige Y.

    Thank you for this!

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