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Parenting is My Kingdom Work

“Your greatest contribution to the kingdom you may be tucking in bed each night.” -Wes Stafford

Here is what I remember of my normal, every days as a child:

Bologna sandwhiches and Full House.

Having to play cars with my brother.

Picking up sticks.

Washing the bathtub.

Mac & Cheese or Beefaroni dinners.

Eating alone, while watching T.V.

Playing with friends.

Playing alone in my room.

I have no recollection of any intentional time being spent on me as a child. Time that involved teaching me, nurturing my soul, walking alongside me, explaining life in gentle, age-appropriate ways, engaging with my life and my thoughts and my troubles. This isn’t a slam on my parents so much as it is a commentary to how many families “raise” their children, not knowing how to parent intentionally, being tired or overwhelmed, or too busy, or who knows what.

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