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The First Pay-Off in Parenting and Feeling Like You’ve Lost Yourself in Motherhood


I’m bouncing around today…

The First Pay-Off {on Parenting} Over at (in)courage

Excerpt: I feel like we’re in this cocoon stage for a while before they burst out and want to fly while I balance keeping them on the ground awhile longer and letting them shake their colors and soar. The teen years. Which I don’t fear at all. I like teenagers, and I think that if I can just hold on tight and make it through, we’ll get to the other side, when their sane, and in their mid-twenties.

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For When You Wake Up and Feel You’ve Lost Yourself to Motherhood over at The Big Mama Blog

Excerpt: So that oxygen-filled space where you were becoming, that spirit which filled-out your un-stretch-marked skin – where is she? Does she exist anymore or do you make room for a hybrid you?

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  • Nadia Gadson-Moses

    I’m so glad to know that my first “pay off” will come. Thanks Ms. Sarah Mae.

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