Can Modesty Make a Comeback?

by SarahMae | June 18, 2013 9:15 am

showImage[1]This is an exceptional talk given on bikinis and modesty and dignity. A must watch: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT[2].

“Brain scans revealed that men who were shown pictures of scantily clad women…responding to the photographs as if they were responding to objects, not people.”

“When men viewed images of women in bikinis they often associated with first-person action verbs such as, “I push, I grab, I handle.” But when they saw pictures of women dressed modestly, they associated them with third-person action verbs such as, “She pushes, she grabs.” Analysts at the National Geographic concluded that bikinis really do inspire men to see women as objects, as something to be used rather than someone to connect with. So, it seems that wearing a bikini does give a woman power, the power to shut down a man’s ability to see her as a person, but rather as an object.”

“Modesty isn’t about covering up what’s bad, but about revealing dignity.”

Watch the video talk here[3].

Love, SM

A little aside: In sharing this video I am not advocating that men aren’t responsible for their thoughts and actions, of course they are, no matter what a woman chooses to wear. However, I believe it is a loving act to try and dress in a way that helps a man see a woman as a person rather than an object. I’m saying, how we choose to dress is certainly a worthy consideration.

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