The UnWired Mom Available Now for FREE! (Two Days Only) Plus, a FREE Journal!

by SarahMae | June 24, 2013 12:34 am

TheUnWired Mom300size[1]

Oh friends, it’s done.

The UnWired Mom – Choosing to Live Free in an Internet Addicted World [2]is my newest eBook, and for the next two days you can get it for FREE.

The UnWired Mom offers encouragement, vision, practicality, and a two-week challenge designed to equip you with healthy online habits so you can live fully present and purposeful in your real life.

I wrote this eBook because I needed it. It’s my story and my conviction to be present in my real life. It’s about pursuing purpose, and  living aware in the everyday.

The premise of The UnWired Mom [3]is not that the Internet is bad; it is that we can enjoy it and use it without losing our lives to it. The UnWired Mom[4] is about keeping our lives full and whole and allowing technology to be a healthy part of that life instead of an unhealthy, consuming one. The UnWired Mom[4] is, at its core, about freedom.

If you’d like, you read more about this eBook HERE [5]and take a look at the Table of Contents HERE[6]. Special thanks to What’s in the Bible[7] and the Sorta Southern Boutique[8] for sponsoring The UnWired Mom[4]. Make sure to come back tomorrow to learn more about them and be entered to win some wonderful gifts.

Get The UnWired Mom For FREE

If you’d like to get The UnWired Mom[4] for free, all you have to do is enter your email below.

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By entering, you’ll not only receive my eBook tomorrow morning by 7am, but you will also be signed up to receive articles from my blog (if you’re already a subscriber, you have the eBook at the bottom of today’s email). If you’d like to pass on becoming a subscriber, you can still get the eBook for only $4.99 by clicking HERE[9].

Take the Challenge, Get a Free Journal

All the Journals have been given away!  (Wow, you all are fast!)

The super wonderful folks at DaySpring[10] have decided to be a part of The UnWired Mom[4] release. There is a two-week challenge in the eBook on creating healthy online habits that I encourage readers to journal through. DaySpring has partnered with me and offered 50 of these lovely journals[11] ($16.99 value) to the first 50 readers who would like to get the eBook and take the challenge.

DaySpring journal[12]

To get your journal, just head HERE [13]and enter the code: UNWMFREE. Since there are only 50 journals available, so it’s a first come, first serve kinda thing. One thing to note, while the journals are free, you still must pay shipping and handling. If you’d like a different journal, or you want to stock up, all DaySpring journals[14] are buy two get one free this month.

I so hope you find this eBook encouraging and helpful.

Here’s to freedom.

Love, SM

P.S. The UnWired Mom will be available on Kindle for only $4.99 [15]tomorrow around noon!

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