When Virginity is Sold, and Pedophiles are Captured, and There is Freedom - Sarah Mae
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When Virginity is Sold, and Pedophiles are Captured, and There is Freedom


“I was enslaved and now I’m free.”

Please watch this…

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and now get involved. Do something. Free someone.
Love, SM

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  • http://madesacred.com/ Elizabeth Giger

    OH. I have had human trafficking on my heart for quite some time now, but didn’t know what to do about it. I’d been praying about blogging about this issue, much as many other do for Compassion, but didn’t know what organization to get involved with. Are you blogging with this group? I respect you so much, from your writings, and would trust what you have to say. What would you say about this organization? How much do you know about them?

    • http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com Sarah Mae

      From what I know, I love them. I called Laura today, and am hoping to speak with her and her husband (founders) soon. I really think they are doing some good, good work here. I hope to join their blogger network, and I want to do whatever I can to further their mission. 🙂

      • http://www.lauraparkerblog.com/ Laura Parker

        Thanks, Sarah Mae! So fun to see that you posted this today. (er, 2 days ago.) I really appreciate the attention you’ve given to the work . . .I know it’s on your heart. Can’t wait to talk Monday. 🙂

  • SarahJean

    My husband’s cousin is a missionary in Napal. The biggest problem is that the people don’t have any idea. He has appointed himself guardian of his village’s children-they are his. He knows a man who is probably a pimp, and watches him closely. It’s dangerous, but worth it.

  • Carlyn

    Thank you so very much for posting this! I am not a blogger, but am a homeschool momma of 5. The Lord put it on my, and my 11 year old daughter’s heart to do something to help support victims of sexual trafficking. I was praying about what it was we could do as she (my daughter) had come to me saying that the Lord told her to save $400.00 for this purpose. Shortly after, the Lord started stirring something deep from within me. He laid it on my heart to do a garage sale – purging through every nook and cranny of our home with this purpose in mind – and having my kids involved at many levels. It is an initial step of faith in a much longer journey. I have complete confidence that the amount He laid on my daughter’s heart is to come from this. I have been praying that the Lord would lead me to a specific organization to support with the funds, as we will be researching it and advertising it (teaching my children, so they can pass out information etc.) on the day of the sale. Thank you again for posting. Thank you also for being such an encouragement. 🙂

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