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For When Your Child Feels Out-Of-Control (And You Do To)


The movie was almost over when my sweet little girl fell asleep in my arms.

I looked at my other children and gave them the “shhh…” lips as I attempted to gently lift myself and carry my girl to her bed. As I tugged gently on the blankets and pillows surrounding me, her eyes opened. I picked her up and carried her up the steps heading toward her room.

“No mama, I’m not tired, I don’t want to go to bed.”

“Yes honey, it’s bedtime, I’m going to carry you to bed and lie down with you.”

And then,


The wriggling began.

The screaming, the crying, the desperation in her body for me to let her go…she started acted crazy.

Read how I calmed her down by heading over to (in)courage.

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  • faigie

    This reminds me of all the times I would nurse my kids to sleep and they would wake up as I would try to put them down. My sister told me that she used to lay them down gently while still nursing so as not to wake them up abruptly. They are never tired when its time to go to sleep

  • Janelle

    This is so beautiful, Sarah.


  • Mai

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love your blog! I wanted to meet you at the last Mom Heart conference in Dallas, but never quite found the opportunity (you have lots of fans!) :))

    You know, I read this post with a tinge of regret because prior to her 6th birthday this summer, we faced so many crazy melt-downs with our daughter…and I really struggled in knowing how to handle them. It was weighing so heavily on me, especially when we went through periods where they occurred often. I can’t exactly recall when or how the lightbulb went on, but I began to respond with compassion and grace as you did… and it really made a difference in the trajectory of the “fit”. I could see that all she needed was love (and usually, sleep!) I wish so badly that I’d known this much earlier and could have helped us both cope in a healthier way. Nowadays she has really mellowed out, but I always keep in mind that if there’s another fit down the road, I’m armed with the right tools… grace & love.

    Thank you for inspiring us with your transparency and insights. I also have your UnWired eBook and it’s awesome. I, too, have been really challenged and convicted in this area…and your story and exhortation are such an encouragement. Thank you again for sharing God’s heart through your life. Blessings and may He continue to give you wisdom, strength and perfect love. 🙂

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