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Savoring September – Letting Go and Beginning Again


This is different from my other Savoring September posts, but this idea of letting go and beginning again is on my mind today…

There was finally wind.

His face shone as he looked at me and said, “Please? Please can we fly my kite?” I thought about how comfy I was in my chair with my book, but his face, that pleading in his eyes…”Okay,” I said. We grabbed the kite and headed out to the sidewalk. There was just enough wind, but I was still cautious; I wasn’t sure it would fly.

I stood on the sidewalk looking at the little, dinky kite. “Here goes nothin.'”

I didn’t want the kite to drag on the ground and break, so I kept holding onto it, telling my son I would get it started for him. He kept shouting, “Let it go, mom, let it go!”

But I held on.

Back, back, back, I went, holding on, waiting for enough wind…

“Let it go, mom, LET IT GO!”

I cringed, worried the thing would drag and break, but I opened my hands anyway and the kite pulled up, but not high…not high enough…and then…

“It’s flying!”

His little hands wrapped around the string my hands held just a minute ago. He was glowing; all smiles.

And I start screaming, “It’s flying! Look at it go!”

It lasted about 30 seconds before it came crashing down, but no matter, we got it back up and we kept running, kept letting go, and kept watching it fly.

We wore that kite out. Literally. It fell apart. But it was such fun while it lasted.

And to think, I almost didn’t let that kite go for fear it wouldn’t fly.

It’s kind of silly when I think about it.

But I’ve been doing the same thing in my life. Holding on when it’s time to let go.

And not just let go, but begin again. This is a season of fresh starts, new paths, and endings leading to new beginnings.

If you’re like me,  in a place where maybe you’ve been holding onto something, or the approval of someone, or the friendship that isn’t going to happen, maybe it’s time to let go and move on.

Yea, it hurts, but it’s a good hurt. A motivating kind of hurt.

So head up! It’s a lovely season to begin again.

Here’s to an Autumn fresh start!

Love, Sarah Mae

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  • Britni Ewing

    I was just praying about this very thing this morning. Thank You! God works in amazing ways. 🙂

  • Rachel D.

    Thank for that. I am in the place of letting go and beginning again! (In my parenting that is!) Your words continue to be an encouragement to me!


    Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes it is hard to let go but it’s so worth it in the end.

  • Lis

    Even though I’m a summer girl all the way, I love what you wrote. I think the same way. Every autumn I read this article and look to start fresh.

  • Barbie

    Thank you for the encouragement today.

  • DittoAshley

    I watched the webinar, every night, desperately, Thank you for always being so true, honest and helpful. You are a rare gem, Sarah Mae. Bless you!!!

  • Beth W

    Wow! What an encouraging message! It is an interesting and unique way to look at Autumn. I have held a kind of “yucky” grudge about not liking my new boss or job and complaining a lot at home. I have decided to let go and pray about it.
    My motto is God is in CONTROL and He has me where He wants me! Letting go and making a fresh start and new attitude.

  • kaylam

    Thank you so much for this (even though I’m reading it late)…I guess I was brought here today for a reason beause I REALLY needed to read this today!

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