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Savoring September – Week One


“Quietly, without flare or fanfare, God graciously moves upon our lives, taking us from summer to autumn, a season when He mysteriously writes His agenda on the tablets of our hearts. Patiently He waits for change to begin. Without exception, it does. And we reflect on that as well.” –Chuck Swindoll


Are you loving it already? This month, this glorious September? The month that gently eases us into fall while still providing the touch of summer? I am all warm fuzzies.

We’re already four days in. Four days gone, but 26 more to go. What will we do with those 26 days? I know. Let’s savor them.

Ideas to Savor The Days This Week

Here are some things you can do this week to savor the days:

Fallanize Your Home

I always begin the “fallanzing” by lighting some Yankee candles (my favorite). I may or may not have splurged on a few this year. I have a problem. But I had a coupon! Here are some of my favorite fall Yankee candle smells:

Apple Cider

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Wreath

Vanilla Cupcake

Farmer’s Market

See if you can find a yummy fall candle to light.

In addition to lighting candles, I’m throwing open my windows to let the fresh in air in, creating center pieces with items I find around the house (with the exception of the cinnamon pinecones I bought yesterday), and doing some cleaning and organizing. Like I said, fall for me is kind of like a fresh start, and so I want my home to get all fresh and clean for the fall “new year”.

This week, pull out a few fall-ish decorations and begin to prepare your home for a new season!

Pick Out a Fall Book

While in the mountains with Logan this past weekend, I stumbled upon a book called, of all things, September. You can imagine my excitement. I opened the book and in the dust jacket found these words, “September is a novel to be savored…” Well, that did it. Sold.

See if you can find a book this week that leans your thoughts towards fall.


Paint Your Nails

I will be painting my nails a fall-ish color this week. I’ve chosen Essie’s Sole Mate.

Find yourself some fall-ish nail color and enjoy the loveliness of freshly painted nails.



“Let’s think of Autumn as a season of reflection. Time to gain new perspective. To stroll along the back roads of our minds. To think about what. And where. And why. Such visits through the museum of memory never fail to assist us in evaluating the way we were and establishing the way we want to be.” -Chuck Swindoll, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life

I’ll be pulling out my favorite devotional, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life by Chuck Swindoll. It’s been a trustworthy friend for the past six years, and I always turn to it in the fall as I seek to reflect.


This week, take some time to think about your life. What are you hoping for this year? What are some areas that you’d like to see a maturing in your life? Your kids lives? Journal out one area you’d like to be intentional about this month – an area of strength that you’d like to improve, or perhaps a weakness you’d like to address. Just focus on one thing.

Come back Monday for Week Two of this series!

Enjoy your day!

Love, SM

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  • Adrienne Reina

    Awe…yay!! So excited for this, decorations up, yummy candle burning!! All warm fuzzies, all I need is the crisp fall weather lol. I loved the quotes you shared. Fall there is just something about it that creates this burst of excitement I think because it leads up to our Jesus. Seasons change, He changes us, bible studies begin…the drawing closer and closer to Him. All the other things are icing on the cake. Thanks for this and sharing a love of mine!!

    God bless you sis and all you do to encourage us!!
    Happy September!!

  • Anita Davis Sullivan

    I loved fall, and though I live in Florida and though Fall is technically still almost 3 weeks away, I started fallanzing this past weekend. A fall orange on my toes, and a redecorated mantle made me oh so happy. Pumpkin flavors and scents come next!

  • Kim

    I also live in FL, and I really miss the seasons! “Fallanizing” all season long is the way I enjoy fall down here. I’m really big on the fall candles, especially the old Pumpkin Pie from Yankee Candles. I’m so sad they don’t have it anymore! I’ll have to check out some of your recommendations. After the candles are lit, I go all out with decorating our house. I’ve decided each year to buy a few new decorations for both fall and Christmas.. so I’m due for a shopping trip! Later in the season I can finally open the windows and get some crisp air flowing. Looking forward to it! Happy fallanizing 🙂

  • Michelle Barrett

    Thanks for the ideas. Can’t open the windows around here yet….tooooo hot. LOL The candles and nail polish sound like great ideas. 🙂 My daughter and I were smelling the fall candles at Wal-Mart the other night.

  • Dena Evans

    I would love, love, love to try the Fireside Woodwick candle. Thanks SarahMae for all you do!!!

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