5 Tips for Getting Through the First Few Years of Motherhood


I was checking out of the grocery store the other day, with my children, and the only thing going through my mind was the song, “I Will Survive.”

I couldn’t shake the song, so I finally looked at the woman standing behind me in line and said, “I will survive, that song? Should be every moms anthem.”

I smiled.

She didn’t.

I was sweating, because, well, checking out with my three kids and it was that kind of grocery trip.

We made it to car and all was well. But I still decided that day that “I Will Survive” is a mom’s anthem. At least those three words, because I’m pretty sure the rest is about love gone wrong. Or something like that.


What I’m saying is: Moms, you will survive.

Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Click on over to (in)courage to read my 5 tips for getting through those tired years! I’m also giving away some goodies there!

Love, SM

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  • faigie

    You most definitely will survive, but it helps to have a sense of humor while surviving:)