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The Hidden Years


Me with my Ella girl

A year for sure.

Maybe longer. Maybe 10.

My sweet Ella will turn 18 in 10 years.

My boy will be 16, and my Care will be nearly 15. I will be 43.

These are the years I have to teach, train, influence, and disciple my babies. And once these years are gone, they’re gone. I will never get them back.

See, I don’t just want to get by in mothering; I want to mother with clarity and intention, seeking to raise Kingdom-minded children who will, Lord willing, go into the world with strength, and courage, and integrity, and faithfulness and a resolve to be light wherever God leads them. This doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work and time. And I don’t want to miss my chance.

Here’s what I’m saying: I quit.

I quit the public life for awhile.

I had a dream this past weekend, and in it I was yelling at my children, and then crying out of guilt, and then my daughter walked away. And the feeling was that it was too late, and I felt the full weight of regret all over. And it hurt bad. I woke up terrified that that dream was a future feeling I would have if I didn’t change course.

And so this is about faith and obedience and the offer of a gift.

Over the weekend I heard Sally talk about the “hidden years” where she did the work and raised her kids before God used her publicly. Something about that phrase, “the hidden years” stuck with me.

I think hidden years are a gift from God where we can privately grow in faithfulness, integrity and wisdom in preparation for the years where we will have opportunity to teach and influence others. Sally said to me years ago, “We need women who are willing to do the work in their homes, raising their children now so they have something to say later.” This isn’t about working women or stay-at-home moms, it’s about doing the hard work of teaching and training and growing so that we have something of substance to say and teach later. I hear wisdom in that statement, and I want it.

I want to teach and influence and encourage moms one day, but I don’t just want to relate with them, I want to have something of substance to offer them that will help them practically. I want to be a woman of integrity who will speak from the experience of a mom who did the hard work of bringing up her children with intention and faithfulness.

I just don’t want to compromise.

There are so many voices out there that will give permission to compromise in motherhood, and it is alluring and it sounds really good, but I can’t. I am all in to go after my children’s hearts and their behavior. I want to love them practically; I want them to have me available.

I also see a wisdom principle for those who will teach found in 1 Timothy 3:4-5 –

“He must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity (but if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?)…”

Yes, this scripture is out of context as it’s about an overseer or elder in the church. But the principle as I see is that someone who will be influencing and teaching others should have their own home in order. It has to do with integrity and faithfulness.

My home is not in order. Oh, it’s not bad, but my kiddos are little and are in the training years and I have much work to do (plus I homeschool); I cannot be distracted. This is my life, and my kids lives, and how they will interact with the world (I want them to make an impact!). Raising my children well is really important to me. I know there are no guarantees on how they will turn out, but I don’t want to look back on my life one day and know that I didn’t give it my all.

Jesus discipled 12 men day in and day out; he taught them and loved them and did life with them. He has modeled for me what I can do for my children.

Also, this is my calling. I am 100% called to be a mom, and so I want to walk fully and faithfully into my calling. And when I do that, when I mother well (albeit quite imperfectly) I lay my head down at night and experience peace instead of regret or guilt. It is the best feeling ever.

Okay, so does that mean that I can’t write? I don’t think that’s what it means, and I’m not interested in telling others what they should or shouldn’t do. God has offered me, I believe, the opportunity to have the hidden years. I believe He has also asked me to stop writing publicly for a season, and so this is obedience.

That season is at least a year.

And that’s really hard for me, because I love being here and writing and encouraging you all as you encourage me in return. However, my hands are up and this is faith. I trust God with my life and my words and everything. Truth be told, I’m really looking forward to seeking His face more intimately this year as I pursue Him and His Word more diligently.

I will continue to write privately, and I do have a book coming out spring or summer of 2015 (published by Tyndale). It’s about waking up to your own life and really living it, and not regretting it (so fitting right now!). The book is about a journey I embarked on to get unstuck and enjoy my life. It has been a delight to write and I look forward to sharing it with you. If you want to be notified when the book is available, you can click HERE to subscribe to this blog as I will post about it when it is available. I’ll also be updating my Facebook page from to time.

Well ya’ll, I guess that’s it.

Thank you for being faithful readers and encouragers to me. You all are a gift.

See you in a year (or 10).


Sarah Mae

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  • Jessica Hoover

    Hugs, prayers and blessings for your faithfulness to step away. You won’t regret it. I’ll be praying for you when those opposing voices try and tell you that this is a mistake. It isn’t. I believe your faithfulness will be a gift to your children, husband and in the long run any further ministry God gives you. Sally’s words are so wise. Glad that you are leaning into them and letting God do what He will with your sphere on influence. Blessings.

  • Chandra

    Loved this so much for so many reasons. My children are close in age to yours, so I completely understand. Hugs girlie! Your readers will be ready for your next book and next post, even if it’s a year away. Lots of love and respect!

  • Megan Nelson

    I am a new reader here. (Reading Desperate now and loving it.) I will miss you, but you are doing the right thing by your children. I also found this post really encouraging. I love the idea of “the hidden years.” Although I know I shouldn’t I read these amazing blogs, like yours, and see women who are the same age as me who have accomplished so much and are having such an impact on others’ lives and I compare myself and feel as though I better figure out how to make my contribution to society soon or I will die a nobody. And I KNOW what a lie that is and still I let it in. “The hidden years…” That’s going to stay with me. (Thanks, Sally! I lovvvvvve your wisdom and encouragement too!) Thank you, Sarah Mae, for this. P.S. I wish we could be friends. 🙂

  • Parenting Author

    I love that term, “The Hidden Years.” That describes well the years I spent growing and guiding and homeschooling and enjoying the first four of my six children. Now that I have two young adults, two teens, one second grader, and a toddler, my life has shifted in unexpected ways and opened the way for me to touch the lives of more families than I could ever imagine. I love this new, connected world and being able to reach into homes and lives and have a positive impact, but those ‘hidden years’ were a priceless treasure that I will never, ever regret. Blessings on your journey, mama! ~L.R.Knost

  • Melanie @ Carmel Moments

    Aww. Good for you! What a tough decision but I see where you are coming from. I’m truly struggling right now with decisions for what’s right for my family. I have one child at home doing home school and 2 others in school.
    I’ve been having these conversations with God like “I can’t do this anymore.” “Yes, I can do this by your strength.” “What’s the point?” “Wait, I’ve got this.” I pray God gives me clear direction as he has for you. Blessings on your ‘year away.’!

  • Megan Nelson

    I am a new reader here. (Reading Desperate now and loving it.) I will miss you, but you are doing the right thing. I also found this post really encouraging. I love the idea of “the hidden years.” Although I know I shouldn’t I read these amazing blogs, like yours, and see women who are the same age as me who have accomplished so much and are having such an impact on others’ lives and I compare myself and feel as though I better figure out how to make my contribution to society soon or I will die a nobody. And I KNOW what a lie that is and still I let it in. “The hidden years…” That’s going to stay with me. (Thanks, Sally! I lovvvvvve your wisdom and encouragement too!) So thank you for this. P.S. I wish we could be friends. 🙂

  • Carrie – Little Llamas

    So happy for you! I was nowhere near the public figure you were, but decided a few years ago that blogging/writing had to pause. Thankful for your faithful example and your commitment to godly motherhood.

  • HolisticHomemaking

    Bless you. Enjoy your hidden years! You made the best decision.

  • Alicia

    You are so right. I always tell brand-new mommas to remember in those early days to only do the things only they can do. Only they can mother their children, nurse them, snuggle momma love. Someone else can help with laundry, clean potties, etc. You are living that out and carrying it through into years…only you can mother-love your children. Only you. Lots of other people can do all the rest. And I’m speaking from right there with you in the hidden years with almost 5 who will be 9 and under. Consider yourself released ! (: Grace to you.

  • Katie

    What strength and courage you have! It was amazing hearing you speak this past weekend, and I am so excited about what God is doing through you and through your family! Your children are so incredibly blessed to have you as their mom!! Enjoy the hidden years…they are sacred and so precious.

  • Crystal

    This is so timely! My blog and writing ministry is taking off. I just released my first ebook. I keep going through the motions, and I know that God gave me these words. But yet sometimes it seems with every new level of “success,” there is less peace about all these things I’m doing. And I know that a part of it is just that I don’t manage my time well enough.

    I was just talking on the phone to a friend last night about this very thing. I, too, am feeling a strong pull for those “hidden” years and more focus solely on my family and what He has called me to.

  • DittoAshley

    Thinking of you and praying life into your life. Your a brave soul for Jesus Sarah Mae. Can’t wait for your book.

  • Ashley O

    This is such wonderful news! I mean not for us readers, but I totally get it. This is exactly what I’m after. You put my thoughts into words so well. 🙂 You’re a wonderful example of what it means to walk with integrity! Thank you so much for your wisdom in Denver, and for letting me pour my heart out to you! Isaac is already much happier and I feel like I have a direction to go in. You’re such a blessing, and your sweet babes are ridiculously lucky to have you as their mom! Thank you for your faithfulness!! <3 Ashley ( your conference stalker that had lots of tears, and Isaac that needs smiles!) PS…. I cannot wait for the book!!!!

  • Janiene

    Wow. I was sitting down today to write this EXACT post, on my own blog. I saw the title of your post and “decided to read it”, really the Holy Spirit led me to this. I linked this post in my post today and I echo everything you shared. This is my prayer, This is my call. This is my resolve. I will mother the precious ones given me, with all that is in me, empowered by the Lord. Thank you!

  • Evelyn

    Congratulations! My mom was a “housewife” as we were growing up….the first of us anyway. There were 8 children in 18 years. She taught us to read, write and do basic math before we started school…all of us! She taught us all to play games, follow rules, share, take care of each other, have empathy,have faith in God and to garden. She also taught us 3 girls to take care of a house, cooking, canning, cleaning, painting rooms, decorating, rearranging furniture,quilting, embroidering, altering and sewing clothing. We were so blessed! Have fun with your children! I am an old maid schoolteacher and I believe it is very important that children spend lots of ‘quality’ time with their parents and siblings. BTW, there are lots of first cousins whose moms sent them to our house to play and the kids felt that my parents were smarter and gave better advice than their parents. They tell me that they are as close to us as they are to their siblings. We were all so blessed!
    You will have so many opportunities to teach your children how to live a Godly life while having fun! May God bless you and your family! 🙂

  • Kathie Morrissey

    Wow, I loved this post! I’m a mom who is almost at the end of raising, training, and homeschooling my 8 kids. I totally agree that it is so important to keep our job of training and preparing our kids as our primary focus during those formative years; and then the teen years require a lot of time giving counsel, and a listening ear.

    I love hearing how God is working in your heart, and to see your willing response to Him. I know He is going to do a great work in your family, and bless you as you train those precious children for Him service!

  • Janelle

    I’m reading The Ministry of Motherhood right now, it’s amazing. I’ve had such a revelation of grace from it, so many ah ha moments, and even a few tears shed. Sally is something else!

    I’m so happy for you Sarah, for this hidden season you’re partaking. It’s going to be a wonderful season I’m sure.


  • Kristi

    Bravo! So proud of you for making this honorable decision. You’re sooo not alone either. It seems I keep running into people who are calling 2014 a year to REGROUP. To make the priority, a priority- once and for all. And to let go of the distractions, once and for all. This is very exciting & I’m 100% confident that many good things are to come for you & all of us who are regrouping!

  • Erin

    This spoke so directly to my heart today! Thank you so much Sarah; if I don’t see you for 10 more years, please know that Desperate (and all your writing since) has changed my life as a mom. That’s it- now I’m off to go do the hard work and putting my phone down!!

  • Katie

    I have and 8 year old Ella too and I get it! As she pouted last night because her 3 brothers were sitting on both sides of me and on my lap during family worship. I had to think that the heart issues will only get harder. May God richly bless this next year (and 10).

  • Sheri

    Enjoy this time with your kids! I see time going too fast and feel I haven’t made the impression for God on my kids as I would like to. You will be missed.

  • Shelly R

    The hidden years. Love that. Love that you are raising your hands and stepping out in faith. That’s courage my friend. And encouragement for all of us who have been reading your blog and books. It’s why we have been here in this space. Your honesty and integrity. And you have led by experience and are leading by experience. I will miss you in this space, but will be praying for your hidden years. Huge, huge hugs!

  • Becca

    I’m in this same phase of life right now with my 4! I’m bummed cause I wish I lived closer to you. Add me to the list of people to eat cake with! Thanks for doing this mom thing with me. Til you return….

  • Elisa Pulliam

    Yes, Sarah Mae. Yes and amen. This is the constant lesson of my motherhood journey — the tension between opportunity and the decision to say no, not now, for the sake of the children.

    Two weeks ago, my littlest daughter (8 1/2) crawled into our bed, crying in the morning. That hasn’t happened in years! She had a nightmare that she was on a mattress out in the water near the ferry with her big sisters and their friends. They were all talking and giggling when she fell off the mattress-raft. No one knew. No one saw. She was left behind.

    Oh my, the Lord spoke to my heart! “Lisa, this little one of yours feels left behind, overlooked. You need to remember she needs you as much as the others have needed you.” Ironically, I had just come back from chaperoning the older one’s youth retreat. I was doing a “good thing”…a “God thing.” It wasn’t even related to my ministry or business or lofty pursuits, so shouldn’t it be fine to do? Yes, well, even so, the Lord reminded me that my motherhood investment is still in high demand. That my littles need me as much as my bigs needed me. It’s not yet time to move into the next stage, even if I’ve been doing this mothering thing for 14 years and feel like it should be the next stage.

    And so, I’m in a season of releasing dreams…still. Waiting on God…still. Saying no…still. But really, the most important work is being down now as I sow into my children’s lives first and foremost. I’m certain that’s an unregrettable investment, and that’s how I want to know I lived 10 years from now.

    So press on, sister. You’re not alone in this life choice.

    • Jennifer George

      Elisa, your last paragraph is my life too as my eldest is only 15 yet my youngest is 5.

  • Stephanie

    Awesome Sarah Mae! I pretty much never comment on blog posts unless it is something really, really special. And this one was 🙂 I just went through the exact same decision process in my life! Well, not the exact same – I’m not a public figure or anything like that. But I was training to serve women in a way that is close to my heart – a volunteer service that doesn’t take up too much time, but the point was, it STILL took up time. Even though it wasn’t a lot of time physically, it took up a lot of time mentally. Just the thoughts of what I needed to do to work on training, the thoughts of how I’d juggle things at home once I was a certified leader – it was taking away from my girls. I have three sweet girls and I knew God wanted me, all of me, every bit of heart and soul put into serving them and raising them in my home. Of being 100% wife and caretaker of this home for my husband, and being 100% mommy and teacher to my little ones! Best.decision.EVER! The minute I put in my “resignation” (lol!), I felt so relieved and free! Now if I can just remember that feeling and my calling so I can keep saying “no” to everything that doesn’t directly serve my family in this time during our life. I don’t want my family having leftovers of me, and at this intense time with small children, I don’t have any leftovers to give to outside commitments. Thank you for this post – I will be keeping the term “the hidden years” to remind myself as the days and years go by!

  • Jenn

    Two of my favorite bloggers have had the same thought this year. I feel like God is speaking to me about this issue also. The Unplugged Family blog writer, Cassandra, has also unplugged from her blog and Facebook. So many distractions to tear us away from what is really important. Thank you so much for encouraging us to do what is right and not what is easy. Love to you and your littles.

  • Mandy

    I am feeling the Holy Spirit pulling me in an “all in” direction. This post is so encouraging. And a perspective change for me. I say often how lonely this season is…how rarely I get to see my mommy friends as we are all in the trenches. But it truly is how you perceive it. I’m not being forced to be “alone. I am being hidden. Hidden for a purpose. Where I am giving my all and He is becoming my all in all. Thank you for this light bulb moment. I’m praying I keep walking towards the cliff of “all in” and I have the grace to jump.

  • Joy

    Oh Sarah Mae! how I do love you. You have spoken my heart out loud. It’s so hard to do, but sooooo worth it. Proud of you and love you much!

  • Shannon Deterding

    “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” -John 15:13.
    Or children in your case. Way to go Sarah Mae! This is a post I will come back to for encouragement, in addition to Sally’s books.
    Best wishes for your “hidden years.”
    And remember He is the God who sees. (Genesis 16:13)

  • Jen

    I too have had the same message in my heart from The Lord. My New Years resolution Be Present. I struggle daily because I have two jobs, plus mommy hood, but this was the reminder I needed.

  • April

    This is the most encouraging of your posts that I’ve had the joy of reading. It takes FAITH to step away from something you enjoy and are gifted with to heed the still, small voice and obey. You will be SO BLESSED, and your children will have such a wonderful example to look to, I am looking forward to your stories of God’s faithfulness on the other side of this!

  • Janey Backer

    Amen! what a wonderful, centering topic for my heart. Thank you for being courageous and doing hard work. You and I will not regret all that we put into our children.

  • Sue

    Of course we will miss you but GOOD for you for following God’s prompting and taking this step of faith. Before I read this I had heard God speaking to me concerning the same things. Thank you for sharing this truth with us all. God is faithful!!

  • Jamie

    So encouraged by your post today…your decision will truly be “unregrettable.” Press on, Sarah Mae, press on!

  • Kendra Fletcher

    You won’t regret one minute! Love your heart.

  • Joy

    Sarah Mae,
    I’ve never commented on your posts before, but this time I feel compelled to jump in. I applaud you in this difficult decision. Yes, mothers of young children need to recognize that we have only one chance to do this right. That means making sacrifices, laying aside our own dreams & pursuits, and making deliberate choices. There will be time LATER for all the rest. And if, for some reason, our time runs out before we get it all done, won’t we rejoice for every deliberate moment we chose to be there for our children?

    I lived many active “ministry years” as a single. I got married at age 35, and now have two children: a 2 year old daughter, and 3 month old son. These “hidden years” really are quite in contrast to the ministry years. But I am tackling them with every bit as much energy & vision as I ever did in ministry. Your post was a great encouragement to my mama-heart. I wish everyone with young children could catch hold of that vision.

  • BeautifulCalling

    How beautiful. How wonderful. A little sad but it’s “see you later” and not “goodbye”. I love where you are going!

  • Amie

    I’m happy for you but I will miss your blog posts. I look forward to your next book.

  • Jaime Scharf

    Good for you for yielding the the call of the Spirit!

  • Angie

    Tears flowing on this one. Always an inspiration when someone chooses the yes to God when it means choosing humility and being out of the limelight. What a rich reward awaits you in the future for today’s choices. THIS, to me, is setting the BEST example for mom’s to follow. God bless you. Oh, and when your kids are those teen ages, you’ll still be very busy teaching them about life. Mom’s never stop and the pressure to ‘get it all in’ before they fly the coop only intensifies as they hurtle towards adulthood with lightening speed!!

  • Jessica Saltsgaver

    I love your heart for the Lord! Thank you for sharing this, you will be missed!

  • A Whole Buncha Stuff

    Beautiful and challenging post. Love it. “The Hidden Years”… those words are bouncing around my heart often. God help us live well in these Hidden Years. 🙂

  • Selina

    Good on you Sarah Mae! I understand what you are going through as I have 3 little ones and 1 teen and it is really hard for me to stay motivated. My husband and I have just made the decision to homeschool all of them which means I have to make a big sacrifice of my time. I will need all the help I can get from God to keep myself from plonking them in front of the TV.
    I think you have made a great choice and may God give you all you need for the task ahead!

  • steflayton

    Good for you! After the challenge you gave at Allume – God gave me the words ‘real’ and ‘growth’. I needed real time w/ my kids, real relationships, and I will see spiritual growth!
    So I quit my VA jobs, $ contributing writing & guest posts, plus deleted my twitter acct. After 5 weeks I feel free, completely engaged at home, and more peaceful (not rushing to/from computer or always distracted or forever interrupted)

    I know God will reward your obedience because I know this – this half disciplining / guiding our little ones isn’t His heart for “mommy bloggers” or our kids!!

  • Jennifer George

    Well done, girl! I find as a mum of 4 boys and being 40+ years old that it is hard to take advice on organising a household, keeping a marriage together, raising children and keeping a budget from people who have a few children less than 10 years old and believe it to be great wisdom. Not a poke only at you, you have offered some great thoughts, but I think they only become wisdom when you have used those thoughts for many years and refined them through time, mistakes and humility. JMO! Enjoy your journey, share your insights, but remember you are here in this place and this time for your God and your family, not your audience. I love hearing your ideas and I understand that this is a season for you to spend with your family. Praying for your wisdom to grow. Best wishes
    Jen in Australia

  • Shelly Roy

    SarahMae, How very brave you are in pulling back in obedience to God so you can be all in with your kiddos. I believe you will have a very influential voice in the later as God molds and makes you in the now. Cannot wait to see how He uses you! Excited about your new book! And looking forward with you, in faith.

  • Audrey

    I’ve never commented on your posts, but I must say i am so proud of you! You can do this! Thank you for being obedient to the call. It is so easy to say great words without having the character or experience to live out those words. Your decision has been a confirmation to my own heart and an encouragement to me to make hard decisions based on those things I say I want and believe. I know God will open many doors for you to use the gifts He has given you when the time is right. He honors those who honor Him.

  • Melanie

    As a fellow homeschool mom I am so proud of you SarahMae! I’ve felt the desire to encourage moms and wives through writing and speaking but every time I try to move in that direction, the Lord stops me and reminds me that now is not the time. Even though my son is 18 and my daughter 12, I am still living the “hidden” life.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  • LindseyBell

    I applaud you for making this difficult decision. I’ll still be exciting to read whatever you write…even if I don’t hear from you as often.

  • Kara @ The Chuppies

    So proud of you (as weird as that may sound) and thankful… beautiful, God-honoring post dear Sarah Mae.

  • ryananddebra .

    I am so proud of you! i am also a homeschooling mom:) my four kids are four years apart, so i know what its like to have hands full. And giving those hands to your kids is the best choice ever! While you are following the Holy Spirits leading in your life, i felt led to mention a book to you. I also love the Clarkson family, and have read enough of your blog to feel so like minded. The book ‘loving our kids on purpose’ by Danny Silk has changed my life forever. I hope you will read this comment one day and look into it. I would love to hear your admirable thoughts. Bless You!

  • Sharon@HikingTowardHome

    I pray it is a personally productive time for you. We should meet for coffee. Maybe meet at a park in spring and the kids can play.

  • CMc

    Sara Mae, Just want to say I am so proud of you and so encouraged by your selfless decision! Our culture does not celebrate the women who choose to stay home and dedicate a season of life to the intentional training and character development of their children. But let me tell you, the dividends are priceless! Obviously, there are no guarantees but, God promises, “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Pro. 22:6 We must be with our kids if we want to influence them..( Deut.6:6-9) I am a mother of four, spent the last 25 years at home taking care of my family, and now am on staff at our church. With a whole new ministry ahead of me, I draw on the years of experience and blessings from the Lord. There is no greater joy than to know your children are walking with the Lord and sharing His goodness with others! Enjoy your time at home! There is ministry all around you:)
    Blessings, Cmc

  • Rachel Anne Ridge

    I wanted to comment the moment I saw your tweet about this, but was out of town with only my phone…..but I just want to encourage you, as a mom of big kids – all grown up. My baby is in college and the “hidden years” are behind me. I can hardly believe how fast they went, or how amazing they were. Hard, wonderful, exhausting, precious. I have often been so grateful that blogging and social media came after my kids were much older…the distraction earlier would have done me in. Also, there is so much that cannot be blogged about as you must hold these future adult people with care and respect and privacy. But that is a whole nother subject.

    I want you to know that I cheer you on – for however long your sabbatical may be – so that you can honor your calling. Your “hidden years” may be your very best years…because you will be focused on what matters and truly savor this time that will only come around once before it vanishes. When I see my beautiful grown children who love Jesus and who are so grounded, I am so. very. grateful. I have few regrets, no “if onlys.” When you can say that you did your best with what you had, that feels pretty good. And it’s not an easy thing, any way you slice it…but I know God is going to bless the work of your hands and your family will truly be blessed. I love your heart and your joy. Would love to reach through the screen and hug you. So here….{hug}

  • Katy

    Joining the voices cheering you on for having the wisdom and courage to follow the Lord’s leading. I, too, have been pondering and working through the idea of being fully present, and what it means for me right now. I haven’t arrived at a conclusion yet, but the Lord and I are talking it out, and your obedience is an inspiration to me.

  • Christine Wood

    I am so proud of you. You are showing such character and commitment to the LORD. He is going to reward you so fully and I look forward to hearing what He is going to do in your life and in your family’s life. Go Mom!

  • Christine Wood

    I am so proud of you. You are showing such character and commitment to the LORD. He is going to reward you so fully and I look forward to hearing what He is going to do in your life and in your family’s life. Go Mom!

  • Amanda

    Figures I finally catch up on your blog only to read that you are taking a hiatus. =) But Sarah you have made a wise decision. I still think back on our college days and laugh about those crazy crazy times, but I am constantly amazed at the woman you have become. I admire you, respect you, and have learned a great deal from you. =) I just bought “Desperate” in a local bookstore. (Lo laughed when I told her). But FANTASTIC book. I recommend it all the time. Looking forward to the next one. BLESSINGS on your “hidden years”. Blessings on ALL our “hidden years”!! Hit me up if you come to VB. Love you Sarah!!!

  • traceymomlifetoday

    yes !

  • Summer Wallaert

    Thanks for being so authentic and for being an example of a mama who is willing to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading and put first things first. I look forward to hearing your heart a year from now, as you’ve been “full in” invested in your little ones. I have enjoyed reading your blog and book (Desperate) and am inspired to be in the “ranks” of mamas of littles like you. May we all put our families first in whatever ways God calls this to look in our seasons, and may He do Great Things with our love and obedience. Keep the joy!

  • Lis

    Thank you for your openness, honesty, and transparency always. I appreciate this even though I do not have as large of a platform as you do and have been slowing putting less and less of my time, energy, efforts into blogging and social media as I try to protect my son’s privacy and our time together.

    Selfishly though, I will state that is saddens me when women such as yourself step away (however long the season) because you encourage so many who are currently right there with you in the trenches. So while many in the future will benefit from the wisdom you gained, I want to continue gleaming from it as well. See, selfish. 🙂

    Glad I still see you updating periodically on Facebook. Cannot wait to hear more from you in other forms.

  • Adrienne

    The thoughts you’ve shared in your blogs over the past few years have made a huge impact on me and my life. I am so thankful for the gifts you’ve shared with us readers and am tearing up as I’m typing this, as so many times I’ve come to your blog and thought over for days what you’ve written, or been stunned that the words you wrote were so similar to the words going over and over again my head in the previous weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words. All of them.

  • Cameron Von St. James

    Hi Sarah! My name is Cameron and I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog. I can be reached at cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com – Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  • Amy Ruth Petersen

    Way to go! I cheer you on, Sarah Mae. I always struggle with what is priority. All comes down to the simple: my God, my family. Mom Guilt can sit heavy on me- worried I’m not good enough, not doing enough! But there is a difference between guilt and shame. Most often, I wear shame like by favorite hoody hot around my neck. I’m in the midst of a week long blog series called “How to OFFload the MoM GUiLT.” So many of us share in this struggle that we really don’t need to! Glad we are all in this together!

  • Heather

    This is just awesome! God has been speaking the same thing to me. His timing is amazing. Your post brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the calling of motherhood. In my quiet time the other day, God was reminding me how important my role as a mom is and how limited these formative years are. I pray that He richly blesses you through your obedience and mama’s heart. xoxo

  • kort

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  • Brandi

    I am so thankful I found this post! I struggle with a desire to write, but I’m a stay at home mom to three under 5 and about to embark on homeschooling. It’s just not my time yet. I have fear that if I don’t write I’ll lose my gift. But I know that God is using me in my ministry as a mother first, to disciple my children first. My time to write and influence the world will come later. 🙂 Thank you for your dedication to your family! God bless!

  • Natural Cottage Mama

    Sarah, thank you so much for this. I hadn’t thought of it in the terms “the hidden years”, but I’ve been feeling the same nudge from the Lord.

  • Sharon Piatt

    100% called to be a mom. Yes! This post so blessed my heart! My children are grown and married and I now (finally) have time to write. I wouldn’t give up those hidden years for anything. It is what God wanted for me at that time in my life. I often felt like I was sitting at a red light with my foot on the accelerator ready to go, but He just wanted me to wait. To grow. To teach those young hearts in my care. And so I did. Sally is right, we need women who are willing to do the hard work in their homes so they have something to share with the next generation of moms.
    Thank you for being an encouragement and inspiration to moms! And thank you for putting your calling as a mom first and doing the hard work. The next generation of moms will be blessed through you.

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