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Five Keys to Success for a Type-B Homeschooling Mom


I was done.

I thought, “Why am I homeschooling?! I am no good at it, I’m undisciplined, and I’m not one of those crafty, awesome, Type-A moms. Maybe I should just put my kids in school.”

Done, I tell you. I had had it, and I had decided that I was not fit to be my kids teacher. I wasn’t made for it. I should be doing something else with my time.

So why did I feel so crummy about letting go of homeschooling? I decided to call a dear friend who would understand, a friend who had homeschooled her children, then put her daughter in school, then took her out again.

I dialed. She answered. “I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure I should still be homeschooling. Help?” 

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  • Little Oak Table

    Hey Sarah Mae, I can’t purchase the PDF file? When I click on the link from Money Saving Mom it takes me to e-junkie and says my cart is empty. Wandering if anyone else has mentioned this? Hugs, Anna

  • Marya Mesa

    I am having the same problem.

  • Zan Turner

    Thank you so much for this post. I truly need it this morning!!

  • Krista

    Hi Sarah-I’ve been devouring all of your homeschooling posts and have realized that I’m definitely a Type-B homeschooler! I started with the Konos curriculum this year (for my kindergartner) and while it’s full of great ideas it is totally overwhelming to this “not so great at planning” mama. I noticed that you posted your curriculum choices about a year ago and I was wondering if you could do another post just updating readers on what you’re using this year. I could use all of the help I can get! Thanks so much for the encouraging blog– I’m putting this planner on my birthday wish list! xoxo

  • Little Oak Table

    Your “Panicking and getting rid of the TV” post came to my inbox this morning. I was curious if you are still TV free and what the results have been. I love the idea!

    • Sarah Mae

      It’s funny, I have no idea why that post went out seeing as it’s an old one! Feedburner is wonky. We are still without a T.V., but we use the iPad for movie night and an occasional show here and there. My husband and I use it when we binge watch at night, but we’re working on knocking that off! 🙂 Must.Stay.Away.

      • Little Oak Table

        It was cool that it came through my email when it did. My hubby and I are taking sabbatical in October and I’ve been asking God to show us what we need to change in our lives. You posted it on my hubby’s bday which caught my attention. I’ve wandered if we should get rid of our tv…the Holy Spirit works in really cool ways sometimes! Definitely praying about this for our family as well.

  • Anne Gregor

    Homeschooling may be difficult in the beginning. You will definitely encounter a lot of issues as you go with it. But as your children grow, it will actually make the job of teaching them easier, because they will begin to realize what it takes to teach themselves.


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