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Details on the Upcoming Christian Classics Book Club (Fellowship of the Burning Hearts)





Oh friends.

I can hardly wait to dig into these great books WITH YOU. I’m just going to jump right into what I’m reading, and then I have FAQ below that will give you all the details of the club!

What I Will Be Reading

I have picked six books, one per month, that I am committed to reading. After six months is up, I will pick more classics for the rest of the year. Below is what I’m reading, a bit about that book, and my note on why I’m reading it.

First up (of course)…


About: This book contains rare, never before published material of selected, transcribed, edited sermons delivered by A.W. Tozer.

BONUS: Contains In Pursuit of God, Christianity Today “Readers’ Choice Award” winning biography of A. W. Tozer by James L. Snyder.

My note: If you know anything about me, you know I love Tozer. That’s why this book. Also, this: “I am looking for the fellowship of the burning heart – for men and women of all generations everywhere who love the Savior until adoration becomes the music of their soul…”


About: The Holy Spirit & Power contains ten Spirit-empowered, original sermons of John Wesley from John Wesley’s “Standard Sermons,” excerpts from John Wesley’s testimony, material from “The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley,” and portions from his letter to Dr. Conyers Middleton.

My note: I read the beginning of this to see what it was about and I was completely sucked in. It pretty much had to do with this quote: “I became a missionary to convert the heathens; but oh who shall convert me? Who, what, is He who will deliver me from this evil heart of unbelief? I have a fair summer religion. I can talk well, and believe myself while no danger is near. But let death look me in the face, and my spirit is troubled.”


About: Who’s in control of this world—God or the devil? In this best-selling classic, A.W. Pink answers such profound questions in a language the average Christian layperson will find not only understandable but totally engaging.

Pink, one of the most influential evangelical authors of the last century, writes with fiery passion and brilliant clarity, giving Biblical answers to our deepest questions regarding the “sadly neglected and little understood” doctrine of the sovereignty of God.

My Note: I have always heard of A.W. Pink but I have never read anything he has written. Time to change that!


About: Time after time, when Jonathan Edwards read his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” both sinners and sinning saints in his audience would weep, cry out, fall down in repentance, and plead for God’s forgiveness.

For more than two centuries, Jonathan Edwards’ messages have brought conversion, hope, and spiritual awakening to thousands of Christians. Updated and revised, these eleven classic messages will bring a fresh awakening to today’s Christians.

My Note: This is probably Edwards most famous sermon, and the title makes me wince. But I want to know what it says and why it has captivated people throughout the years.


About: God’s names reveal not only different dimensions of His character but also point to their fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. This insightful little book is a study of the twelve most common Hebrew names for God—and their significance and fulfillment in Christ.

Names of God accurately and clearly works through the many names of God throughout the Old Testament.

My Note: I want to know they names of God and, as the description says, understand their fulfillment in Christ. Fascinating.


About: George Mueller was a truly great man of God, but he wasn’t always so. As a youth, he was a thief, a liar, and a gambler, but God’s grace brought about a 180-degree turnaround in his life. After that happened, Mueller learned about the power of prayer, which taught him that: God is real, God is completely trustworthy, and God answers prayer.

As you read the bountiful and miraculous answers to prayer in this book, don’t be surprised if you feel a stirring within your spirit that becomes a desire to pray and ask God to use your life for His glory.

My Note: George Mueller was the director of an orphanage in England, and he cared for thousands of orphans. You might remember him as the man who, when 300 children had no food to eat, he sat at the table and thanked God for the food. Within minutes, food and milk was provided. Wow. I want to know more about that man and about that kind of faith and prayer.


Why are you doing a Christian Classics book club?

I have decided to do a Christian Classics book club because I have long wanted to spend more time reading Christian classics, but I have never made the time or effort. This year, I am going to dig into the words of the saints of the past, as I know there is such richness to be unearthed. Also, some the books I’ve chosen are just extremely famous (if that’s the right word) and I want to know about them. For example, “Sinners in the Hands of Angry God” is not exactly something I would pick up, but because it’s a well-known and revered classic, I’m going to read it.

Why wait until February?

I’m waiting until February for two reasons:

1.) I’m technically still on my year-off break. 🙂

2.) I’m doing a book study of Sally Clarkson’s new book, Own Your Life, in January.

When will we officially begin?

I will begin reading my first classic book at the beginning of February. On Friday, February 27th I will post my thoughts on the book. I will have a link-up where others can share what they’ve read and what they’ve learned.

How will this club go down?

Here’s the plan: You pick six Christian classics to read, and so will I (see the books above). At the end of each month I will write my thoughts/what I’ve learned on the book for that month. I will include a link-up for those who want to share what they’ve learned. You are welcome to read the same books as I am reading, or choose your own.

Will there be any interaction other than link-ups?

Maybe. I might do a Google hangout or something like that so we can actually discuss what we’re reading at the end of the month. I’ll figure this out in the coming months.

Can I do a real-life book club?

Yes! If you want to get some friends together and read a classic, I say GO FOR IT! I think it’s a fantastic idea!


Let me know in the comments if you plan on joining in! (If you’re reading this in an email, just click here to come on over to the blog!) Here’s to February and learning and FELLOWSHIP of the burning hearts! You know, I may just rename this the Burning Hearts Club…what do you think?

Have a great day!

Love, SM

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post.

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  • Beth Hamstra

    I’m considering joining you!! I enjoy reading but sometimes need the accountability of a group like this to dig in. And I LOVE the name “Fellowship of the Burning Hearts”! I was in a speaking mentorship group named that once. Makes my heart burn for Jesus just thinking about it!

    • Deyanira Roque

      Yes! Isn’t it an awesome name? 🙂

  • Jamie H

    I am planning to join in! I don’t know if I will do every month but I hope to.

  • Gretchen R

    Duh, you’re starting with Tozer. Sorry, I had a mom-brain moment.

  • Diane Shiffer

    I am planning on joining in as well… although I do have a question. I’m wondering if there might be another way of sharing our thoughts other than linking up… even something as simple as a Facebook group or the comment section of your blog? I haven’t blogged in ages and I’m not sure about resurrecting my blog at this point.

    • Sarah Mae

      Yes, I’m sure we can do something like this! 🙂 Great idea!

  • Carol White

    I plan on participating. I like the idea of a FB group. 🙂

  • Jill

    I love this idea! I took a break from Facebook a while back (a year ago) and haven’t gone back on. So if we could post comments on here every month that would be great! I know..can’t please everyone. Just a thought 🙂

  • Ruth L. Snyder

    Sounds like a great idea. I’ll participate as I’m able 🙂

  • Brenda Morales

    I would love to participate. It would help keep me on track with my reading.

  • Deyanira Roque

    I would love to join. Need the accountability to push me to finish the books I start. Love the themes.

    • Carol Arnold

      Try I think they must have every book ever published!!! Lots of times you can get them in the new/used section for next to nothing.

      • Deyanira Roque

        Will do! I tried kindle but was surprised not to find them there. Thanks. 🙂

        • Sarah Mae

          They should all be linked above to Amazon for Kindle, just click on the cover 🙂

  • Jason

    I’m in.

  • TrinityzMom

    I would love to do this as an alternative to FB? If there are other options to create conversation that would be great!

  • Carol Arnold

    Would love to join!

  • Summer Wallaert

    How fun…glad to “see” you again and so glad you were able to enjoy some extra time with your littles while taking a sabbatical from blogging. Looking forward to (perhaps) joining you in this classical Christian literature endeavor! 🙂

  • Julie Filter

    I’m sure that I am a little insane at this moment, but I am totally in! I will be starting my Master’s program in January, so February actually looks like a great idea, since I can get a feel for how intense things will be in the mean time. I love that you are doing a Christian Classics book study! So fantastic! =0)

  • Carol Arnold

    I am running late, and just picked out my books. I cannot find where we are to share though. I went to your FB page, but found nothing there. It was a good read though!

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