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My Year Off of Blogging is Coming to an End!

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Just a little something Crystal, Angela, Sally and I are working on for you…

Happy Tuesday!

First of all, I know that some of you might be thinking, “Well. It really wasn’t a COMPLETE year off because we saw you here from time to time.” Yes, this is true. But OVERALL I have been cuddled up at home enjoying my year off and it’s been GLORIOUS. Except for the book writing part. I didn’t get a year off from that. I am SO excited to share it with you by the way. New title, revamped, beautiful cover…SOON!

But I’m writing today to let you know that my dear friend and mentor Sally has a book coming out in January called Own Your Life that you can PRE-ORDER NOW! It’s so good! And, I’m going to be hosting a book club on it in January!!!! Also, if you pre-order it, she has goodies for you. Check that out HERE.

So go get it. 🙂

All the details for the book club will be HERE soon.

Love you all! Have a MERRY MERRY MERRY Christmas!!!


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