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The True Beauty of a Woman is Reflected in Her Soul


Me with my dear Sally at the Colorado Mom Heart Conference.

This is an Own Your Life Book Club post. Even if you’re not reading through the book with us, please read on and be encouraged!

I am so sorry the book club post is late, but I was with Sally at the Colorado Mom Heart conference, and it was just too delightful and busy and fun and to pull away and have time to write. Please forgive me?

It was such a lovely conference, and yet again, Sally inspired all of us to live holy and gracious and by faith. I can’t stop thanking God for her.

One of things I’ve been able to observe in Sally over the years as I’ve talked with her, spent time in her home, and gotten to know her children, is that she is a woman who is full of integrity behind closed doors. She doesn’t just speak her messages, she lives them.

“The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.” -Aubrey Hepburn quoting Sam Levenson

This week’s chapters were four through ten, and while they were all good, I was personally drawn to chapter 10, which was on tending your heart and investing in your soul. It spoke deeply to me. I want to fill my soul and my mind with beautiful, good things so that I can reflect them to those around me. I want to nurture my soul and my mind so I can be excellent and lovely and filled up with the truth of scripture. I want to be a wise woman who lives fully alive so that I can call out goodness and beauty and potential in others, but to do that I must choose to take care of myself and treat my soul and mind like a garden. I will till the soil of my inner person, planting good seeds, watering them, pulling out the weeds, and submitting to the sun and the rain, which of course is the Holy Spirit, to nurture my growth.

Sally, says, “Investing in your soul is the secret to becoming elegant, distinguished, gracious, refined and spiritually captivating.” (P. 129)

To help us as we ponder filing our souls and minds with good and beautiful things in order to reflect the goodness and beauty of the Lord, she asks us some poignant questions:

  • If I were to see what lined the shelves of your mind and soul, what would I find there?
  • How have you owned the stewardship of spending time with inspiring people and feeding on life-giving ideas, profound books, and beautiful art or music so that grace overflows from within you?

“What we feed our inner begins will determine what we can give to those in our spheres of influence.” (Tweet this)

Here is another statement that really struck me because I want to be a woman of joy and excellence: “I meet very few women who seem exemplary of character and soul, whose lives challenge me to be more excellent. I’m not talking about perfect performance in life but about devotion and contagious passion-not behavior, but heart.”

Contagious passion. Do you have that? Oh, that’s the woman I want to be. I want the light and beauty of Jesus to so shine out of me that is is contagious to others so that they may see and want to know His love and kindness.

Each chapter this week was so good, but 10 was it for me. I look forward to hearing what stood out to you.

Wisdom Gems

“If we are not careful, the sands of our lives will slip away, and our excuses will leave only empty echoes in the wind.” Chapter 4 (Tweet this)

“It is natural to quarrel, to be selfish, to live a small-minded life. It is supernatural to love unconditionally, to serve others, to live a life of vision and faith.” Chapter 4

“God created us to soar, to dance, to fly – to live with gusto as we enjoy and discover the magnificence of the mysteries He has strewn through creation.” Chapter 7

“When we are preoccupied with our work, we almost always exclude the person right in our midst who is hoping for relationship.” Chapter 8

“Our souls reflect our true selves.” Chapter 10

Choosing to Own My Life

Some ways that I’m going to own my life are to invest more in reading biographies and stories of heroic people, and I’m going to do this alongside my children so that they can be inspired to live and dream in the power of the Holy Spirit for their lives and how God might use them one day. I’m also going to take some time this week to dream for God and make a plan (by faith) for how I’m going to live over the next few years.

Your Turn!

What stood out to you this week? What did you learn? How will you apply it to your life?

Love, SM

P.S. The winners of the Own Your Life book giveaway are: Trina Wilhelm, Kali Smith, Tiffany Jones, Kelly Kortright! Congrats! You’ll be getting an email from me soon!


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  • Rebecca Peet

    I agree. I was so challenged by chapter 10. I was also really convicted by the faith and taking risks chapter. Risk taking
    goes against every fiber of my being. I am a planner and an avid risk avoider. I attempt to plan my life in such a way that I’m always in control and always prepared for what will happen next. But, I don’t believe that’s how the Christian life was meant to be lived. I’m not saying that planning and preparing are wrong, to the contrary those practices are very prudent, but when all that planning takes the place of living by faith, we are headed down the wrong path.

    “Faith, I’ve learned, is a mysterious process of following the voice of God, accompanied by hard work and wisdom. We step out in faith with engaged hearts as we pursue God’s wisdom and ideals, which He whispers to us as we seek Him.” (pg. 115-116)

  • Janice

    I especially loved Chapter 6. It helped me recognize how limited my view of God actually is. He is so much bigger than anything I could comprehend, and I find so much comfort in that. “Owning a sense of wonder at God’s transcendence, acknowledging that He is above and beyond anything we can imagine will inevitably increase the magnitude of our faith.” The truths in this chapter changed the way I look at trials and the way I pray. Previously I would have just prayed for things that though difficult, were still logical to be accomplished. God wants so much more for me if I’ll only ask Him and have faith that He can do it!

  • Mariah

    “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

    There are times when I’m the dancer and times when I’m ignorant to the tune.

    I love this quote. This book is the first one I’ve read of Sally’s. It’s unbelievable how much God is speaking to me through her words.

    I’m realizing through this book that:

    A…God has a song specifically for me to dance to.
    B… I have a struggle with cooking, teaching, and bedtime, because my kids complain with all of those areas and it drains me so much.

    I’m determined to work on those and take in moments of soul nourishment to help me keep a love for my kids and teach then how to live differently with a thankful heart and not a grumbling heart.

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