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Day 8 – Second Bathroom Closet (And a Poo Story)

Today we are organizing the second bathroom closet! Or in my case, playing catch-up. Because…

I spent the afternoon into the evening at the ER. With my son. Who was SCREAMING in pain and begging me to get him a doctor, so I finally took him to the ER because I had no idea what was going on. He kept saying it felt like a needle was pushing into his stomach. The pain was on his left, not right side, so I was pretty certain it wasn’t appendicitis, but my doctor told me to take him to the ER just in case. The poor kid was in so much pain.

We get there, check in, a nurse talks to him a bit, then we wait and wait and wait (you know how it is). Finally a doc comes in and tells us they’re going to X-ray him. We get X-rays.

$1000 later (I’m guessing but hoping not), the cause is revealed…


My son had so much poop sitting in his intestines.

You can imagine the delight of my son when he found this out. He thought it was so cool. We even got to take home the X-ray so he could show his friends.

The long story short, if your child is screaming because of a pain in the lower left side of their tummy, get them some juice and load up on fiber and they’ll be just fine.


The kid is alright.

(He wanted me to tell you that.)

 All to say, I did not clean the bathroom yesterday.

Today, I will get it clean. Fortunately, I don’t have a second bathroom closet, just a nook, and it’s not so bad. Whew!


Here’s to a, Lord willing, productive day! 🙂

UPDATE: To see the after pics of the second bathroom, click HERE!

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  • Christin

    Oh my that happened to my 6 year old daughter last year! She kept complaining of her belly hurting and after a couple hours I took her to urgent care. She was constipated.

    A couple weeks ago my 4-year old complained he couldn’t hear out of one of his ears and he kept pulling on it. Not wanting to allow a potential ear infection go too far, I took him to urgent care. Ear wax. They flushed his ear, good as new. LOL!

    • Sarah Mae

      I’m telling you, CRAZY.

  • SaraR

    Not everyone has an X-ray of their poop.
    I’m kinda sorta following along. I ended up with an involuntary colon cleanse (ie stomach bug) at the end of last week and it brought my cleaning prowess to a screeching halt. My kids do a homeschool drop off thingy once a week for 3 hours so I had planned on using those 3 hours this morning to attack my post sickness worse than usual so messy it’s driving me crazy house. However, I only ended up with about 45 minutes after a Target and Big Lots trip. (I’m not sure why I’m going on so much about my day, I think I am in need of some adult interaction!).
    Long story long, I’m getting back on board with the smaller steps. Today I did end up organizing our hall closet and under one sink in one bathroom. (New bins from Big Lots woot). I also need to make some serious dents in the laundry situation or I’ll be wearing what I’ve got on for the next week. Oh and I dusted my bedroom a bit while talking to my mom on the phone (She lives in Carlisle so that makes us like neighbors, only not really b/c we live in MO, but it’s something). Overall today was productive, however, we don’t have dinner so there’s that.
    Yes well, I shall stop the ramble now and see about dinner! Thanks for the motivation!

    • Sarah Mae

      I love the rambling! No worries! 🙂 And hey, just follow along as you can!

  • Amy

    I had this SAME exact situation happen with my oldest last year. She had to miss a whole week of school while we flushed out her out! Lol.

    • Sarah Mae


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