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For Those Who Still Have a Post-Christmas Post-New Year’s Mess {Ahem}



My house is still in vacation mode. My Christmas tree is still up because I refuse to believe Christmas is over.

Also, we had to rearrange the furniture in order to fit the tree, which meant moving our HUGE white comfy chair into my daughters small room. She loved it for a while but now is begging us to take the tree down so she can have her room back.

Also, I have snowflakes hanging from my ceiling.

Over Christmas, I wanted snow. I wanted a white Christmas. Instead, it was rainy and between 40 and 50 degrees. Not Christmas-y. I was lamenting to my daughter (the nine year old) about it all. I said we needed snowflakes. She proceeded, with her brother and sister to cut-out snowflakes and when I came upstairs to begin the day (it was a slow start) THERE WERE SNOWFLAKES HANGING ON MY CEILING ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM! They were also on the windows. I cannot even tell you the joy that befell me. I have amazing kids.


Now we have snow. And it’s freezing. My heart, by the way, loves cold and snow, but I feel for all the people who have to work in it. I know, it’s terrible.

Back to the Christmas tree. I also still have all my decorations up. And my big plans for getting my home clean and organized and ready for the new year didn’t happen because I was working on my book. Also, vacation. But now we’re back to school and somewhat normal life (my husbands been home a lot which I love but completely messes with my routine because I think it’s the weekend all the time) and I really need to put away the Christmas stuff. And organize the school stuff. And clean my kitchen floors and sink and bathrooms and bookshelves and oh-my-goodness I have so much to do!

I am living in some serious post-Christmas, post-New-Year’s, post-book-writing MESS. This will not do. I cannot function in chaos.

I mean, I can, because I have, but I don’t want to. Let’s just say we’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches (made with love!). But I need to get back to my normal routine. I miss it. I actually miss the structure, which is weird, because I’m not a structured person.

There is a point to all of this.

31 Days to Clean is Back!


Isn’t the cover so pretty?! Kyle Reid did it, and I love it!

I have dusted it off the proverbial shelf, revised it, put in ALL NEW Martha challenges, and am ready to KICK SOME CLEANING TAIL! Or something like that.

Anyway, I would love for you to join me! 🙂 I am going to work my way through the NEW and IMPROVED 31 Days to Clean right here on my blog! Accountability at its best.

The revised edition of 31 Days to Clean will be on sale MONDAY for only .99 cents via Kindle, B & N, and PDF! It will also be available in paperback!* WOOT!

So, want to join me? We will start Tuesday the 20th.


Love, SM

*I don’t know how much the paperback version will cost yet, but should be under $10!

Print this!

  • Katrina T

    Sounds like a great idea. I already have the previous version so I might have to use that one. Will it still be pretty compatible?

    • Sarah Mae

      Sure! But I have completely new Martha challenges, so those won’t be the same at all. I have also updated and added content, but the main readings are mostly the same. 🙂

    • Davonne Parks

      Katrina, I just tried to buy a copy of this version on Kindle but Amazon told me I already have a copy – I’d forgotten that Kindle books are automatically updated with revised versions!

      • Lezlie Ellis

        Davonnne, I did as well but it doesn’t appear the updated version is there. Mine still shows 2011. Were you able to get the updated version?

        • Davonne Parks

          Nope, apparently the updates aren’t finished publishing yet but they should be soon!

          • Sarah Mae

            Eek! Do you have it now?

          • Davonne Parks

            The update doesn’t seem to be loading on yet. I’m sure it will though – I’ll try again in the morning! I LOVE that book so much and can’t wait to read the revised edition! Your books have blessed me just when I’ve needed them the most <3

          • Katrina T

            I had the PDF but decided I could handle .99 cents and bought the Kindle version. However my cousin had an old Kindle version and it didn’t update so I searched and found out you have to go on Amazon to Manage Kindle and update older versions manually sometimes.

  • Cassie DeLapp

    Your post says you are starting on Tues the 19th. Monday is the 19. I’m trying to work through regaining routines and will be joining you in this adventure.

    • Sarah Mae

      Oops! Correcting that now! Glad you’re joining in!

  • Rébecca

    I have a question. What do your kids do while you work on getting your house back in shape ? I mean, after a difficult pregnancy and having a baby right before Christmas, practically every corner/drawer/cubbard of my house is in bad need of being purged and reorganized. However, this takes times (I think it will probably take me 1-2 hours a day for several weeks to get things back in good order), and my kids are all begging for my attention… They keep telling me they are bored, and not only is it driving me crazy, I also feel bad that I am not being more available for them. Doing homeschool, nursing my baby, changing diapers (2 kids in diapers), driving to outside appointments, shopping, laundry, meals, cleaning (just basic home management, and the 4 “big kids” do help with chores !), etc. all that takes time and if I’m using all my free time on reorganizing the house, there is no time left to play or do fun projects with the kids… Any ideas on how to involve them (without it meaning more work…) or ideas of fun things they could do on their own ?

    • Sarah Mae

      This is a great question, and one I’m sure SO many are dealing with. How many kids do you have and what are their ages, just out of curiosity? I do have ideas in the book about getting kids to help, but you’re asking for ideas to occupy them, correct? I have found that my five year old, for example, likes to help when she doesn’t realize she’s doing work. For example, it’s fun to her to wash dishes because she is playing house in her mind while she does it. Get back to me with their ages and I’ll offer some ideas (and have some in the book). 🙂

      • Rébecca

        I have 6, ages 10, 9, 7, 5, 2 and 1 month… and by the way, it’s the older ones that get bored and beg to do things/go places, I’ve found that the younger they are (even my 7 year old isn’t saying she’s bored very often yet) the less problems they have keeping themselves busy.

        • Sarah Mae

          Okay! 🙂 Well, I do think with all that work that needs done, they need to help, and they are obviously capable. As for fun, I tell my kids to paint, read, color, play games, etc. Why are they bored? When they tell you they are bored, what do you say? Do you have a yard they can play in without you outside? I think a plus of boredom is that kids come up with things to do; they use their imaginations. If you were talking about teens, that’s another I have no experience with, but the ages you’re talking about should be fine with imaginative play and/or reading. How about books on CD to listen to while they draw or do something with their hands? Or is it just that they want to do something with you? What if at night, when the little ones were asleep, you did something with the older ones, something as simple as taking them out for surprise milkshake at BurgerKing or watching a special movie with the 7, 9, and 10 year old? Lots of questions! 🙂

  • Sharla Orren

    I am in the middle of writing a book myself. I will not remember my name next week. 🙂 Are you sending out a Facebook message to remind us to start?

    • Sarah Mae

      Ha! Yes! I’ll update people through my posts (do you get my posts to your inbox?) and on my FB page: 🙂

      • Sharla Orren

        I made sure to click notifications because we know how crazy Facebook can be! 🙂 I will also sign up to get your posts in my inbox. Thank you!

  • Lauren Gillihan

    Oh fun, I am in! My poor house needs some attention too. I definitely prefer a clean, cozy, and organized environment! Homeschooling in Boston, we are inside A LOT this time of year.

    • Sarah Mae

      Yay! So glad you are joining in! And I get it about being inside, I’m in PA and it’s COLD!

  • Jill Gro

    You make me laugh 🙂
    And I think it is sweet how you take the time to respond and interact with the women in the comments (which I am not expecting, I just think it is pleasing to the Lord that you are intentional). Best to you, and yes…cold here in Idaho. Waaayy too much Wild Kratts up in my house.

    • Sarah Mae

      My kids LOVE Wild Kratts!!!! Thanks for popping in to leave a comment! 🙂

  • Hope

    I’m right there with you, sister! Excited (somewhat) 🙂 to begin 31 days to clean, and regain control of my schedule!

  • Bonnie

    I am so in!!! I am 5 months pregnant with number 4 and we have been battling a sickness around my house, so very low energy/motivation here. But, I am very ready to get my tail in gear and having a community to chug along with makes it fun! P.S. so stinkin’ cute about the snowflakes your babies made for you <3 my babies are sweet to me like that too. 🙂 mama-hood is a wonderful thing.

  • Lezlie Ellis

    Is anyone else having issues getting the updated version if you had the previous Kindle version? I have tried from my iPad and computer and having no luck. Of course it won’t let me buy the new version since I already have it but it’s not updating either. Trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong. Thanks!

    • Lezlie Ellis

      For anyone else having issues, I had to call Amazon directly. The technical person said it looked like the update got hung up. He was able to push the update to my kindle app.

      • Sarah Mae

        I am SO sorry that happened! But I’m glad it got worked out!

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