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Surprise! 31 Days to Clean Has Been REVISED & It’s Available NOW for Only .99 Cents!

epantrybanner 31 Days to Clean has been REVISED and it's only .99 cents for 7 days! WOOT!

It’s here.

The revised version of 31 Days to Clean is NOW available! I am just thrilled, mostly because I need to get my own home in order and it’s so much more fun cleaning with others. You are joining me, right? We begin tomorrow!

31 Days to Clean, written specifically with the “non-cleaner” types in mindwas originally released nearly four years ago, and has since inspired tens of thousands of women to get their homes and their hearts in a place of peace in order to love others well.

31 Days to Clean is about the “why” and the vision and the heart for taking care of your home, but it is also a practical resource that invites you and guides you in getting your home in order one day at a time.

What You Will Find in 31 Days to Clean

Each day has a short reading that is designed to motivate and encourage you in homemaking (which is for anyone who lives in a home). At the end of each reading you will find two challenges, a Martha challenge and a Mary challenge. The Mary challenges will engage your heart, and the Martha challenges will give you a specific cleaning task for that day.

What’s New in the Revised Version?

The biggest change is that I have completely redone ALL of the Martha challenges. They are so much more helpful and doable now. I also added some new content, and refreshed the daily readings. If you have the original version, you will also see I rearranged some of the readings to make them work in a more logical flow.

Basically, it’s better. So much better.

Go ahead and get your copy from Amazon or as a PDF for only $0.99!

After 7 days it will go back to its original price of $4.99. The paperback version should be available sometime next week.

Now listen, you MUST come back later today because I have MORE FUN AND SURPRISES FOR YOU! 🙂 Helpful surprises. Surprises that will help you during your 31 Days to Clean journey. Because you are joining me tomorrow. TELL ME I’M NOT ALONE!

See you in a bit!

Love, SM

P.S. In Amazon, the new cover and sample isn’t live yet, but rest assured, when you purchase it it comes through as the revised edition.

P.P.S. Want to help spread the word about 31 Days to Clean? Click HERE for some pretty graphics to share!

P.P.S. I’m over at Becoming Minimalist today talking about getting rid of my kids toys! Click HERE to read it!

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  • mariah

    I’m in. I have your original book. I didn’t get around to reading it yet, but I was planning on reading it Feb. 2015 as part of my yearly reading goals. Would it be possible to use it still? I’m trying to save every penny these days.

    • Sarah

      I’m in the same boat- only I planned to read it in March 2015 as part of my Spring Cleaning.

  • Dawn

    I opened my copy in my Kjndle this morning and it still appears to be the 2011 version. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Sarah Mae

      Hmmm…. strange. Try this, go to buy it on Kindle and see if they updated it then. That’s what I did and then it was updated with no charge.

      • Lezlie Ellis

        I’ve done this multiple times today and it still hasn’t updated. Still showing 2011.

    • Joanna Hise

      I had to do a chat with Amazon’s customer service and they fixed it really quick!

  • Natalie Cone

    I just bought your 31 Days book after reading your blog post on Becoming Minimalist. It must have been God, because for the past hour leading up to reading the blog post, I had been thinking about what else I can get rid of. A donation truck has been to my house 3 times in 6 weeks, and I already have 3 more boxes to release. It feels SO GREAT. Is your Martha and Mary methods in your book based on Martha and Mary from the Bible?
    I am a stay-at-home mom and writer, and I can’t wait to read more of your words. Thanks for your post, and for writing a book to help lighten the burden of “STUFF”!

    • Sarah Mae

      Yes, it is based on Mary and Martha in the Bible! 🙂 And such a cute picture! So glad we have connected now!

      • Natalie Cone

        Me too! I can’t wait to dig in. I went to your facebook page and noticed two similarities… I was a homeschooler, and my youngest son’s birthday is Feb 8! I hope you have a great week, and I’m prayin for success in your revised edition of 31 Days to Clean.

  • kati

    In my Kindle it’s still showing the old cover, and this pops up when i go to the Kindle store so does this mean it’s updated already? I haven’t started reading it this year so i don’t know if anything has changed 🙂 so excited to start this! Hope it’s updated.

    • Sarah Mae

      When you click the old cover the revised edition should show up! 🙂

  • Jessica Martens

    Hey Sarah, I am so excited to start this, I bought the book last fall after listening to a sermon from #allume. I had not started it yet. I am looking forward to doing this with the group and looking forward to seeing Christ in our home this year through this.

  • Mary Bonner

    Already read more than half the book last night and you inspired me to tackle some projects I’d been putting off!! Two MAJOR things accomplished today! Thank you!!

  • Evangelita Brown

    I’m in and very excited.

  • k

    Can you tell me how I get this as a pdf? Thanks! Can’t wait! It’s been on my list for years and just never got around to it! Guess I just needed that 99 cent push:)

  • disqus_rAtIi1RZxq

    I’m in!!! So excited to start this book! I bought it early today because I saw on instagram it was going on sale! Can’t wait!

  • Paige Y.

    I’m in! So excited for this new version!

  • Mariah Lynn Colburn

    I really need to get started on all of this. I’ve been so cluttered it’s really cutting into my productivity. I look forward to cleaning along with you!

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