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Day 13 – Bedroom Closet! #31DaysToClean

Today I’m cleaning out Care’s bedroom closet!

Whatever bedroom you’re working on, keep this in mind:

Get rid of everything you don’t use, or haven’t used in two years! Let it go, friend, just LET IT GO! Be ruthless. 



After Pics!


All clean!

The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

If you want to join the challenge using your social media channels, use the hashtag #31DaysToClean. I’ll be posting updates on my Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account! Also, if you are blogging through the challenge, feel free to leave the direct link to your blog post in the comments!

Love, SM

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  • SaraR

    So, I haven’t really been following along with what you’re doing but my house has been a little bit cleaner than normal. Something must be rubbing off. It was fun to hear you and Sally yesterday on Focus.
    Today I’m going to retackle our playroom/blackhole. It’s technically a bedroom so there’s that. I may just focus on the Lego part.

  • The How-to Guru

    Your posts are really helping me to be intentional with making the most of my time & cleaning efficiently when I can.
    blessings Sarah,

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