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Day 24 – The Entry Way! #31DaysToClean


This is our entry way and it’s ALWAYS  a mess. With three kids and playing in the snow, it gets crazy every day. Usually there are snow pants, hats and gloves all over the floor as well!

Today we are cleaning the entryway into our homes. Here’s the plan:

  • Get all the shoes, trash, junk and whatever else you have scattered in your entry way and put it away. Set aside one pair of shoes per person to put back after you’ve cleaned.
  • Now sweep up the area and wash or vacuum it. Put the shoes back nicely lined up.
  • If you have a coat rack, tidy that up as well, only keeping what you need.
  • Mail and keys area? Yep, take care of that to!

After Pics!


The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

If you want to join the challenge using your social media channels, use the hashtag #31DaysToClean. I’ll be posting updates on my Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account! Also, if you are blogging through the challenge, feel free to leave the direct link to your blog post in the comments!

Love, SM

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  • KimQuinn

    I’m cleaning the entryway this week too. I clean on Thursdays. Go ‘head on Sarah! Clean that house! You’re doing amazing 🙂

    • Sarah Mae

      Thank you! Trying!!!

  • Shari

    Hi!!! I LOVE you inspiring us to clean!!!! And I totally feel better that I’m not alone!!!!

    Where are your “after” pics? I’d love to see!!

    • Sarah Mae

      I will upload them soon! 🙂

  • Barb F.

    I have the same style house, even the same tile on the landing till 8 years ago. My question: do you count the stuff hiding behind the couch to be living room clutter, or landing, since it’s visible from there?? 🙂 We took out the metal railing doing a kitchen makeover, wall from landing all the way to ceiling upstairs. Still miss that railing on days when my sheets don’t dry sufficiently outside.

    • Sarah Mae

      I count it as the entryway, but you could do either. 🙂

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