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The Day I Learned that Food is Not a Gift

~ savoring treats with my favorite people ~

For the first time in my life, I lost my sense of smell and taste.

It was the strangest thing not to be able to taste my morning coffee and bacon, or smell my children’s heads. At one point I tried to eat a banana, one of my favorite foods, only to be disgusted because apparently no taste and all texture makes bananas unbearable.

Food became pleasureless. I had no desire to eat anymore, except for the pure necessity of surviving. The silver lining, of course, was that since I couldn’t taste, I didn’t overeat, and I could drink green tea without any sugar or honey, and that has to be healthy. I even lost a few pounds.

Through my experience, I realized that food is not a gift. The taste of food is the gift, and the pleasure we receive from it.

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