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Slow and Steady


If I let my house go for a few days, it becomes overwhelming to clean. I look around at the piles and the papers and I purpose in my heart that I am going to become a minimalist and just throw everything away.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed with my house and my to-do list, I think, “Slow and steady. One step at a time.” My friend Amy taught me that, and I’m learning…slow and steady. Pick that up. Put it away. Wash that dish, sweep, put on some music, fold clothes, do a little dance with my kids, keep on. Slow and steady.

And when my heart hurts and the waves of discouragement come full on, I have to slow and steady myself. Slow, seek Him in the still place. Steady, lean on the firm One. Slow and steady is how I make it through some days.

Whatever it is today, your home, your seemingly out-of-control child, your work, your marriage, your soul, think, “Slow and steady.

One step a time, one day at a time, slow and steady, you’ll make it.

Love, SM

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  • Lisa W Smith

    I enjoyed the post because I have been there. My mindset changed some years ago from trying to have my home/family/dress…all perfect – to focusing on the people. If company came over, I finally realized they weren’t the white glove patrol, just friends who came to spend time with us…I enjoyed child-raising a bit more, stressed less over entertaining and realized God will neither reward my spotless corners nor my organized pantry. He does have something for me to accomplish for His kingdom each day and I don’t won’t to miss it!

    Breathe in Him and breathe out praise. Works every time! (I can’t speak for the dishes. They never clean themselves at my house.)

  • Kristi Furrh Daughtrey

    Love this! I too tend to get overwhelmed when I let things pile up – whether it be laundry, clutter, reading, or EMOTIONS! Slow and steady – great words. Learning the discipline of “a little each day keeps the {procrastination} crazies away”.
    Also trying to start my day with the Lord each day. As soon as I wake up – some words of gratitude, and just speaking a memory verse or two as a prayer I find really makes a difference and gives me strength. May be small – no grand gestures needed – but it’s consistent and genuine. Thanks SM!

  • Sharon

    Thanks for sharing – just what I needed this morning! But I hope I don’t get stuck behind one of those buggies taking my kids to school! LOL

  • Nicole ‘Moulzolf’ Schroeder

    Slow and Steady! Exactly what I needed to hear. There have been some undesirable issues in my home lately and some days I just want them to end now. It’s really all about the process though right? If it ended immediately then how long would it take for us to be back in the same place? I’m going to write “slow and steady” on a post it and put it on my rearview mirror. Thanks so much for the reminder!

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