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For When You Feel Stuck and Don’t Know What To Do with Your Longings in Your Normal Everyday Life

The ache for all the beauty...

Tuscany (picture by Seth Haines)

Two things followed by lots of questions.

First, I would read posts or hear proclamations about following our dreams. “Follow your dreams!” is the mantra of our day, it seems. But it confused me and if I’m being really honest it made me mad. And a bit resentful. Sure, maybe you can follow your dreams, I lamented in my mind, but I can’t. I have responsibilities; I have a family and I can’t just up and leave and follow my dreams. I was always particularly resentful when men said this. They didn’t understand the life of a woman. They didn’t understand my life.

Second, I watched through a screen the beautiful pictures of Tuscany coming from writer friends who were enjoying a retreat of sorts in one of the most beautiful places on earth. With every scroll through, my heart beat a little faster and I longed to be there with them. I wasn’t so much jealous as I was stuck. I felt stuck and sad and I didn’t know what to do with this intense pull towards the beauty I couldn’t have. My heart ached.

So this pain and these pulls and this resentment all collided into questions, as ache oftentimes does.

What do I do with these longings that beat hard in my chest?

What are dreams and what does it really mean to follow them, and is that even a biblical concept?

And as a woman particularly, what does it all mean? What am I here for? Is it just to be a wife and a mom, which is good and beautiful for sure, but what is this stuff in my soul that won’t go away?

I wrote a post about these aches and questions and it’s over at Ann Voskamp’s blog today. I’d love for you to join me there. Just head here: A Holy Experience – The Cry of a Woman’s Heart

Love, SM

P.S. Click HERE to read some of the quotes from the live chat with me and Sally last night. If you’d like to watch the recorded webinar (we had such a great time), just send your receipt of purchase of Longing for Paris to

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  • Katie Shannon

    I’ve had the same thoughts, I’ve had this longing for 10 years, a dream, and it seems like I just very slowly get closer and closer but the whole “go after your dreams” stuff over the past few years has driven me nuts. This was exactly what my heart needed. Especially since I was going to start something this fall & it got pushed back again. Thanks for writing this!

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