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MORE Gifts for You because PRE-ORDER LOOOOOOVE!

Happy Tuesday!

As you are reading this, I am in the BACK WOODS (some serious back woods) of West Virginia on a vacation with my husband’s side of the family. Think, cabin in the woods but with TEN KIDS RUNNING AROUND! 🙂

However, I’m taking a break from my break to tell you about some fun pre-order love we have for you when you order Longing for Paris! (Wait, you don’t know about Longing for Paris? Well my friend, CLICK HERE to read the first chapter and learn all about it!) You know how I’ve been telling you to save your receipts? Well, TIME TO CASH IN! I am so excited to share with you about these amazing, fun gifts for YOU (oh, and there might be even more goodness coming, so keep checking back)! So, without further adieu…

Pre-Order Love!

Okay sweet friends, if you are wanting to get your hands on this book, now is the time. All these pre-order gifts go away on July 28th, 2015. Each of these gifts will help you as you walk out your life, as a woman, in motherhood, and with your longings. I am thrilled to be able to offer them to you (with many thanks to Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, DaySpring, Sally Clarkson, Carey Bailey, Emily Rose Brookshire, and Josh Hamer).

Let’s get this party started!

Purchase One or More Books

You get…

UPDATE! You now get the PDF of Longing for Paris RIGHT AWAY (or, as soon as I send out the email to you)! WOOT!

Longings Webinar

An invitite to a discussion with me and Sally Clarkson on longings and motherhood and filling our souls right where we are (Webinar)

Friends, this is going to be good. We are going to have a live chat where we all talk about what to do with our longings in the different seasons of our lives. We’ll also be gleaning wisdom from my dear friend Sally Clarkson.


The Joy for Everyday Journal (limited to 100) Gone!

I mean, who doesn’t want a pretty journal?!

Discipleship & Discipline with Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson

The Discipleship and Discipline Course

SO SO helpful for every mom out there!

The first 30 minutes of the Longing for Paris audiobook!!!

Get your book at Amazon (only $8.37!), Barnes & Noble (signed copy!) or your favorite retailer!

See below for details on how to retrieve your free gifts.

Purchase Five or More Books

You get…

One Year Bible!

The Compact One-year bible (limited to 100)

I LOVE the One Year Bible! In the book I have a section where I talk about seeking the face of God, and this Bible is a wonderful help in reading through the Word and getting “face-to-face” with God.

Desperate 6-15

Paperback copy of Desperate (limited to the first 150)!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.04.05 PM

The first four chapters of the audiobook of Desperate

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 9.48.04 PM

Signed Print designed by my friend Joshua Hamer! (Exclusive to this pre-order promotion!)

Get your book at Amazon (only $8.37!), Barnes & Noble (signed copy!) or your favorite retailer!

See below for details on how to retrieve your free gifts.

Purchase Ten or More Books (book study!)

You get…

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.11.16 AM

TWO signed prints, this one (designed by my sweet designer Emily) and the one above!


A 15 minute Skype session with me into your book club

All of the above mentioned gifts

AND a life-coach session w/ the AMAZING Carey Bailey (limited to 10)!!!

K. Let’s talk about Carey. She is a LIFE-CHANGER. For real. She has literally changed the trajectory of my life and I am FOREVER grateful. In the book I talk about my own struggles with longings and dreams and women and God and…well, I had stuff. Anyway, Carey can help you! We even set up a specific package JUST FOR YOU!

The Longing For Paris Coaching Package:

Do you feel trapped in a life that doesn’t match the one you dreamed of? Are you wishing for something more? In four 45 minute life coaching sessions Carey Bailey will support you in rediscovering the joy and abundant life that God has waiting for you. You will dust the cobwebs off your dreams and create a plan to bring them into reality. You will have access to all the resources and coaching tools available such as the Life Balance Survey, Values Inventory, Personal Identity Worksheet, and more. Schedule your free introductory session here.

Hold up! What is Life Coaching anyway?

Life Coaching is looking ahead at your ideal life and creating a strategy to realize that vision. The coaching process gives you a safe place to:

  • Set forth the hopes and dreams you have for all areas of your life.
  • Assess your current circumstances, paint a vision for the future and breakthrough obstacles in your life.
  • Find biblical freedom from the lies that have made themselves at home in your mind.
  • Develop a strategy that will allow you to live life to the fullest and walk with purpose.

Discount Code!

20% discount on coaching packing till 9/1/2015! Just go here and use code: LONGINGFORPARIS

Okay, now go and connect with Carey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Get your book at Amazon (only $8.37!), Barnes & Noble (signed copy!) or your favorite retailer!


Very Important if You Want to Receive Your Gifts!

*Physical products Open to U.S. Only*

In order to receive these free gifts, please email a copy of your receipt (screen shot is fine) and your mailing address to  This “Pre-Order Promotion” runs on all book pre-orders until 11:59pm EST on July 28th, 2015.  Your receipt must show the purchase of the number of copies of the book during this time period to receive your free gift.  Once your receipt has been reviewed, you will be sent an email confirmation and further details on the delivery of your gift. WOOT!

Buy Le Book!
With love, SM

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  • Amy

    Does this offer apply to purchasing a kindle book? I pre-ordered one last week 🙂

    • Sarah Mae

      Yes! Just send your receipt to the email above! 🙂

      • Amy

        Hooray! Thanks for your help 🙂

  • Angel R. Cole

    I sent my receipt twice over the last week and I haven’t heard back. I’m wondering if it arrived or if I did something wrong. I’m going out of town this week and would LOVE the PDF for the flight!

  • Misty Bailey

    I sent my receipt and never heard anything. Is there a way to confirm you got it?

  • Sarah Mae

    I think everyone should have everything by now – let me know? 🙂

    • Margaret

      I got the email for tomorrow nights webinar…will access to the discipline course come separately? Im SO excited about this book, cant WAIT till it gets here!

      • Laura Lee Ellis

        I also got to enjoy the webinar but didn’t see anything about the discipline course yet. So enjoyed the webinar and can’t wait for the course. Keep up the great work, Sarah Mae!

  • Jennifer Ross


    I sent in the receipt and I didn’t get the pdf copy of the book. I did receive an email with the webinar information though.

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