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You Were Made to Sparkle

Every time I see my friend Karen, I cry. (She also makes my husband cry.)

There is something about entering into the vulnerable places of your heart with another person that just breaks and releases you. Karen is the woman I talk to when God brings issues up in my life that need to be dealt with. I sit on her couch and I talk and we pray and we ask the Lord what it is I need to know or see or deal with.

Even though I go in willing, once I’m there I think I’m fine, until it’s clear I’m not fine, and then I cry.

I cry because the Lord reveals something in me that needs healing, and it hurts to uncover wounds, but it feels so good to acknowledge them so they can be healed.

And it’s because of this healing that I keep opening myself to this process. You see, I’ve decided that I want a healthy relationship with myself.

I believe the world is desperate for healthy people — people who are willing to have the dark places turned into light.

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